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This site is dedicated to the proclamation of the truth of Scripture!
and by no means is meant to be a shrine to ANY man!

Man is fallible and given to error and in fact scripture says that “All men are liars” (Psalm 116:11). For that reason I implore you to do as Scripture exhorts and try all things (by Scripture – “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” – II Peter 1:20 KJV) No matter who has written it! If there is truth there, hold on to that truth even if it breaks with tradition. (I’m not saying it is easy to do, because a lot of times it isn’t easy breaking with tradition but if tradition is not based on truth then it is worth it in the long run.) There are so many teachings that have been proclaimed throughout the years, and continue to be proclaimed, that do not have scriptural backing and most hearers have never truly looked into them. Most just take these teachings in as truth because either it is what the Preacher has spewed (and you don’t dare question him) or it is what they have always been taught. Yet the “Berean’s” in Acts chapter 17 are called “noble” in the fact that they “received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” I can’t help but believe that the believers in Berea would have definitely asked questions if what they heard did not line up with scripture. – Tom




Tom Adams

Updated: 10/08/2019



Thank you for your comments!! I extremely appreciate any and all that I receive. If you are requesting a response, please make sure that you don’t have outside emails blocked and please double check that your email is correct. I can’t send a response to an invalid email. Also please note that this is a generic form and does not link to any articles that are on the site. If you have a question about a specific article, please specify. Thank you again!

I am willing to discuss ANYTHING that the Lord has put on your heart. But I ask that if a question is posed or a comment made that you set aside the traditions of men and the question or comment be kept STRICTLY to what Scripture has to say. By that, I mean that if you pose a question or share your thoughts that you please don’t send me a 45 page diatribe of what this elder has to say or that elder has to say about the topic. Share what the Lord has given YOU to believe and back it up with Scripture. – Tom

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