Well, I done did it again! Didn’t I? As you can see there has a been a major cosmetic overhaul with the web-site and I hope that in the long run it will prove to be a good change and that you will like it. My reasoning behind this major change is to attempt to make the site more accessible to different mediums. What I mean by that is I am aware that there is a brother in the Philippines who pretty much only uses his phone for accessing the internet. I am also aware of another brother here in the states who uses his iPad in the same fashion. Not to mention I am sure that there are numerous more out there in similar circumstances. With this new format all will have an easier time viewing the information on the site. This new format is called “Responsive” which simply means that it changes with the width of the screen and makes it readable for any size screen. With the old format there would be a scroll bar on the bottom for those with smaller screens and therefore in order for them to read anything they would have to scroll back and forth. With this new format that will not be the case. (If you are currently on a laptop or desktop computer and make the browser smaller you can see how the screen changes.) The green navigation bar will remain at the top of every page. There are four links on the navigation bar that when clicked on will give a drop-down menu with more links on it and there should be access to all of the main pages through them. The Search feature wil now only be available on the home page though.

All of the pages listed in the ribbon to the right have updates on them. Some might just be one writing and some might have more. The new writings are noted with a NEW!  label to the far right of the new entry (Except for the Audio page and The Bible page).

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As I have said many times before, if you find something that is not working or goes to the wrong page, please let me know.– Tom



This site is dedicated to the proclamation of the truth of Scripture!
and by no means is meant to be a shrine to ANY man!

Man is fallible and given to error and in fact scripture says that “All men are liars” (Psalm 116:11). For that reason I implore you to do as Scripture exhorts and try all things (by Scripture – “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” – II Peter 1:20 KJV) No matter who has written it! If there is truth there, hold on to that truth even if it breaks with tradition. (I’m not saying it is easy to do, because a lot of times it isn’t easy breaking with tradition but if tradition is not based on truth then it is worth it in the long run.) There are so many teachings that have been proclaimed throughout the years, and continue to be proclaimed, that do not have scriptural backing and most hearers have never truly looked into them. Most just take these teachings in as truth because either it is what the Preacher has spewed (and you don’t dare question him) or it is what they have always been taught. Yet the “Berean’s” in Acts chapter 17 are called “noble” in the fact that they “received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” I can’t help but believe that the believers in Berea would have definitely asked questions if what they heard did not line up with scripture. – Tom




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Writings to hopefully make you think!

Standard Articles

While the popular religionists of our day may boast of and rely upon the doctrines taught and theories held by ancient and modern writers, which they have adopted as their standard authors, the church of God are not to regard any uninspired men, however learned they may be, however popular, pious, or even correct, their teachings may be, as standards to the people of God. ... We do not know that there has been any period in the history of the church since the apostles were here in the flesh, in which the church of Christ in all her members were perfectly free from error in some form, or to some extent, either in doctrine or practice...

Church Order

Perhaps, when difficulties arise, we are too prone to inquire, what is best under the circumstances of the case; whereas the only proper inquiry should be, What is right? What does the word teach? What does the rule require? By the divine rule we are to know what God approves, that do, and leave the result with God. And if any man lacketh wisdom to understand the rule in its application to trying cases, let him ask of God who giveth to every man liberally and upbraideth not...


One subject of vital importance to the child of God is prayer. True prayer is a sincere desire of the heart prompted by the Holy Spirit. One prays sincerely for that to be done for him that he has learned by sad experience that he cannot perform himself. When you are brought down to feel your dependence and inability and you are sinking in despair, and God reveals himself to you as being willing to save to the uttermost; you are then blessed to pray. Hypocritical prayer would be an attempt to ask God to do something for you that you feel able to perform of your own strength, or to ask for something you do not believe he will perform...