hese writings are bound in seven hardback volumes which span the years of 1832 to 1869 and include the editorials that Elder Beebe wrote for the “Signs of the Times” periodical of which he founded. The books are hard-cover bound in F grade library Buckram cloth. We are asking $10.00 a book plus shipping and handling if bought separately or there is a price reduction if purchased as a deal. (We do not have any more copies of Volume 1 available. Though thanks to Jim North a version of Volume 1 has been posted to Lulu Press where anyone can order a copy of it. To access the page please Click Here)

“It is not claimed that all the supporters of the “Signs of the Times” are pledged to endorse all the articles which have been published, and are herein re-published, for such is not the fact. Some of the articles may set forth the peculiar view of but a minority of the Baptists of our faith and order, and for whatever of error any of them contain, only the Editor is responsible. But inasmuch as the “Signs of the Times” was the first periodical paper devoted to the Old School or Primitive Baptist cause, and the only one of some twenty periodicals which have subsequently been started that has been sustained by the Baptists of our order, it must be inferred that it has faithfully reflected the general sentiments of that people, to the support of whose cause it has been humbly devoted.” (A portion of the Preface by Elder Beebe.)

Volume 2 - 768 pages   |   Volume 3 - 480 pages   |   Volume 4 - 512 pages
Volume 5 - 480 pages   |   Volume 6 - 480 pages   |   Volume 7 - 528 pages

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