his is one of the best books on the book of Job that I have ever read! It is hard-cover bound in F grade library Buckram cloth. It is not very big, only 248 pages. Expect to want to read it several times! We are asking $5.00 a book plus shipping and handling if you are buying it separately. There is a slight reduction in price if you purchase it as a package deal.


Durand has given considerable thought to the case of Job. It shows in every chapter. He has written of Job and his associates in a manner far different from the general treatment dished up by those with shallow thought and hasty conclusions. He views Job as a type of the church in her afflictions, both collectively and individually. Durand has not carried the types to excess, as some in his day accused him. Rather, after suggesting the typology in the book of Job, he infrequently addressed the thought. His theme is the one we might expect from any commentator who has tasted the Lord is gracious. Durand explored with dignity and depth the sovereignty of God in the afflictions of Job as representative of the church. (A portion of the Publisher’s Note – 1997.)

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