“Select Writings of an Old School Baptist Elder”

his book contains two series that he wrote for a periodical* that he started. It is a 314 page paper-back book. The two series are: “Predestination from Genesis to Revelation” and, “Jesus Seen in the Life of Joseph”.

The chapters contained in this booklet were originally published in “THE REMNANT” as articles. They spanned several years and volumes of the periodical. (Volume 8, No. 2; March-April, 1994 – Volumes 15, No. 2; March-April 2001) most of which was when Elder Poole and Elder Lackey were the editors but some after. (A portion of the Preface.)

We are asking $10.00 a piece if bought separately or there is a price reduction if purchased as a package deal.

Below is an image of a cut-out of a page. If you click on the image of the page it will open up a new screen which will give you a view of 2 pages in the book.


* Elder Poole is no longer affiliated with the periodical called “The Remnant.”


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