hese writings were originally submitted by Elder Trott to Elder Beebe for the “Signs of the Times”. What I like and appreciate about Elder Trott is his candidness in the fact that he says it like it is. This is a full size hard-cover book bound in F grade library buckram cloth. We are asking $10.00 a book plus shipping and handling if bought separately or there is a price reduction if purchased as a deal.

“Few Baptists today have heard of Elder Samuel Trott. Of these few, some are aware he was the author of the Black Rock Address and was pastor of Welsh Tract Church. Regrettably, little is known about his writings or his labors among the churches. It seems amazing that so capable a gift as was Trott could be long forgotten; nearly buried in obscurity. But such is the case. With this volume of Trott's writings, selected from the Signs of the Times, we hope, under the blessing of God, to resurrect his contribution to the history of the Old School....” (A portion of the Introductory comments from the Publishers - 1999)

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