Archived mp3 Audio Files

Below is a list of links that contain messages in MP3 format that can be listened to online or downloaded to listen to later. If you have any problems or questions don’t hesitate to ask and if you attempt to listen to a message and it doesn’t come through please let me know. If a book is missing from the list below it is because I don’t have a copy of a message that was given from that particular book.

As of September 16, 2016 there will be no more messages uploaded that were given by Elder Jim Poole. He is no longer attempting to preach, hasn't recorded any of the messages for the last few years and all that were made available to me have been converted from audio cassette and were legible have been uploaded and are contained in the list below. I hope that you will be edified and blessed by what the Lord has provided. – Tom

These messages are stored on one of three different storage sites:

With some browsers you are given an option of “downloading” or “opening” the message. Either way the message needs to download completely to your computer. The difference is that if you choose to “Open” it then once it is done downloading it will automatically open and start playing but once you close it then you won’t have access to the message unless you do this again. If you “download” it to your computer then you will have a copy of the message to listen to at your leisure. You just need to remember where you downloaded it to so that you can find it.

And just like the writings contained on this site, I implore you to do as scripture says to “Try all things” and only “Hold on to the truth” no matter who the speaker is! – Tom

( ** I ask that none of these messages be posted anywhere else unless permission is granted by the Elder in question. Thanks – Tom ** )


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