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Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 15, 1905.

Dear Brother Chick: – We hoped during the first part of the week that we might be given opportunity to visit you on Wednesday (yesterday), but circumstances prevented, and the disappointment was ours of course. The gathering together of the Lord’s people (when they are gathered together in love) is always delightful, and a time of rejoicing, whatever the occasion may be. Naturally, it is a pleasure to bestow that which is pleasing to others, but with the children of our heavenly King there is a voice within them from the excellent glory, which tills their heart with a sweetly blended combination of love, praise and christian fellowship. Much of my time is spent in looking forward to the next time of our appointment for meeting together. There must have been in the heart of Moses as he grew to manhood many allurements and enticements in his Egyptian surroundings leading his natural inclinations to the possession of riches, honor and glory, for it was a time when Egypt was at its height of national glory, (their advance in civilization, in literature and the arts, was a wonder to the surrounding nations,) but how precious are the words of his heart’s desire to us, “Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt,” &c. The companionship of the saints excels in nearness and sweetness all other companionships which have their origin from natural sources, and the reason of its peculiar sweetness is because it comes through suffering. The bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus means crosses and afflictions, the cud of which is exaltation in the manifestation of the life of Jesus, therefore our companionship is not propagated on lines which lead to selfish ends, but the humility wrought in us by the Spirit of Christ maketh us to esteem our companions in Christ as better than ourselves. Jesus while in the flesh was a pattern of humility, and he is our Standard, if so be we are followers of him. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ exalts our heavenly Father, exalts our gracious Redeemer, and all things which appertain unto holiness and righteousness in our minds and hearts, while on the other hand it abases the creature, which is but an earthen vessel containing the treasure, Christ in us the hope of glory. When I am low down and discouraged, feeling that I am but an empty earthen vessel, my mind will sometimes go out to some precious, godly brother who has in time past comforted me with the comfort wherewith be has also been comforted of the Lord; then do I take courage, my hope revives, yet still I go halting and limping along as before. Each member of the body of Christ depends upon every other member of the same body, and necessarily so, because all of the gifts which God has given to the church are in the body, and each member has his or her own particular gift, while all the gifts are necessary to each one. May the dear Lord continue to preserve you as a bright particular star in the gospel firmament to the upbuilding of his church, and to the comfort of the brethren.

Affectionately your brother in gospel bonds,

Signs Of The Times
Volume 74., No. 3.
FEBRUARY 1, 1906.