Updated 6/26/2014

Below is a list of some of the books that are on the site that I have taken them and reformatted them to work on an e-Book reader like Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or iPad to name just a few. I have them in just three formats right now. (mobi for the Kindle Reader, epub for the iPad, Nook and Sony Reader, etc., and pdf for the computer and some mobile readers.) If you would like another format, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

I currently have an android tablet with the ‘Kindle’ applet and these work great on it. When I first got it, I was fearful that it would be hard to read but actually it reads very nice and easy. It really isn’t hard on the eyes, at least from my experience so far. If you download any of these and have any problems please let me know. - Tom

Adams, T. F. Meditations on: Joseph; Solomon's Temple; The book of Ruth. mobi epub pdf
Bartley, David Christ-Man in Type, The mobi epub pdf
  Early Religious Life of Elder David Bartley mobi epub pdf
  Priesthood of the Son of God, The mobi epub pdf
Beebe, Gilbert Absolute Predestination. mobi epub pdf
  1 Corinthians & 2 Corinthians Articles. mobi epub pdf
  Means - Five Articles on this subject. mobi epub pdf
Berry, W. J. A Cloud of Witnesses - Quotes from Old School Men mobi epub pdf
  A Reply To Arminians mobi epub pdf
  Articles of Faith - Overview of the 1689 Baptist Confession mobi epub pdf
  Doctrine of Election, The mobi epub pdf
  God Forbid mobi epub pdf
Boaz, R. H. Conditional Time Salvation - Is It The Truth? mobi epub pdf
Brantley, Cleve Tie That Binds, The mobi epub pdf
Corder, Semma E. A Sketch of the Life of Joshua Simmons Corder (Advertised in early 1900's SIGNS) mobi epub pdf
Dodson, R. Lester Resurrection of the Dead, The mobi epub pdf
Durand, Silas Trial of Job mobi epub pdf
Faber, George Stanley History of the Ancient Vallenses and Albigenses, The mobi epub pdf
Gadsby, William A Memoir of the Late Mr. William Gadsby mobi epub pdf
Hart, Joseph Harts Hymns pdf
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Celestial Railroad, The mobi epub pdf
Headley, J. T. History of the Persecutions and Battles of the Waldenses mobi epub
Keene, Frederick W. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth - Isaiah 55:1-3 mobi epub
  In Places of Drawing Water - A semi-allegorical story. mobi epub pdf
Lambert, E. J. Tried In The Furnace: Autobiography, Editorials and Articles mobi epub pdf
Moore, J. Taylor Biography of Elder Thomas Dudley. mobi epub pdf
Parker, Daniel The Two Seeds mobi epub pdf
Poole, James F Jesus Seen In The Life Of Joseph mobi epub pdf
  Predestination from Genesis to Revelation mobi epub pdf
Smoot, William The Contest of 1886-89: Eternal Vital Unity, Election in Christ; The Spiritual Birth. mobi epub pdf
Spangler, D. V. History of the Welsh Tract Baptist Church mobi epub pdf
Thompson, Wilson Elder Wilson Thompson’s Autobiography mobi epub pdf
  Simple Truth mobi epub pdf
  Triumphs of Truth, The mobi epub pdf
Trott, Samuel Absolute Predestination of All Things, The mobi epub pdf
  Calm Reply to a Communication of Eld. John Clark mobi epub pdf
  Godhead, The mobi epub pdf
  On The Fourth Chapter of Isaiah mobi epub pdf
Various Authors Black Rock Address of 1842, The mobi epub
  Feast of Fat Things mobi epub
  A Second Feast - “The Doctrine of the Old Order of Baptists.” mobi epub
  1587 Geneva Bible - New Testament (In paragraph format - no verses) mobi epub pdf
DEBATES 5 Days Debate - Hardy & Wallace - Upon Church Identity mobi epub
  Elder Hardy and Elder Thompson - Predestination and Obedience mobi epub pdf