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I Chronicles 13 & 15

Our thoughts today began in I Chronicles 13 with a comparison to chapter 15. David the man begins by seeking the counsel and approval from the governmental body of the leaders and the military to support his notion to bring forth the ‘Ark of the Covenant”. This is in no wise a bad idea or a corrupt notion for the “ark’ was not in the midst of the people and “we inquired not about it in the days of Saul”. The nation of Israel under the rule of Saul did not seek after the wisdom of God nor present the sacrifices as required in the law. Now David sought to return it to its rightful place and re-establish the proper usage. This is indeed a noble undertaking. But first the man seeks confirmation and help from the arm of the flesh. Then he solicits a popularity census to see if the people support his endeavor: “and David said unto the all the congregation of Israel, IF it seems good unto you...” A noble idea, good intentions, support of the leaders, the military and the people, surely this is from the Lord.

David gathers all the people from the darkness of Egypt (Shihor) to the entrance of the walls (Hemath) to bring the Ark from the city of the forest (Kiriath-jearim) and when they came to the owner (Baalah - mistress) of the city, which belonged to Judah, they put it on a new cart and paraded it down the street. All of Israel played, danced, sang with harps, psalteries, timbrels, cymbals and with trumpets, with all their might before the Lord. What could possibly be amiss with this adventure? Come one come all and whosoever will let him bring his praise and join in with this most glorious display of religious fervor before God. David the man demonstrated the theory behind the modern evangelical movement and had accomplished more than anyone could today.

“And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzza and he smote him because he put his hand to the Ark and he died before God”. God did not respect the work of the hands of the man or his good intentions and the Ark came not to the city of David but abode in the house of the servant of man, Obed-edom.

However, when David the beloved of the Lord, Jesus the Messiah purposed to bring forth the ark of the covenant, first He fulfilled the law by saying, NO MAN ought to carry the ark but those ordained of God to do so. These who have forever been joined to Him (Levites) had been assigned by God the service of the sanctuary. They have been sanctified and cleansed for this work and NO MAN has any right or place to try to usurp their position or their authority. The Messiah had prepared a place for the ark and it was in the city of peace, Jerusalem, just as He has prepared a place for His people in His Father’s house. He gathered all of Israel by the blowing of the trumpets by the sons of Aaron and the Levites and all those who had ears to hear came to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation (Num. 10). The trumpet is the Word of God and it gives a sure sound and when all those who have been given ears to hear, hear the certain sound of this trumpet they are gathered by the Spirit to their Lord and Redeemer; “The time is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they that hear shall live” (John 5:25).

There are two types of trumpets spoken of in the scripture. The first is the ‘Shophar’ or the ram’s horn. It gives an very distinct dole some sound and was to be sounded on the day of atonement. The other was fashioned from a single piece of silver without slide or valves and was blown for the purposes of gathering the people, assembling the leaders or sounding an alarm to move the tabernacle and the camp of Israel. Neither of these trumpets, which represent the Word of God, were to be handled or played by any but the sons of the bringer of light of the house of the joined (Aaron, Levites) and only the Spirit of God was given to those assigned to this service to enable them to properly perform this duty. The trumpets gave a sure sound and no alteration, deviation or derivation was permitted. Only those ordained of God could blow them and all His people were given ear to hear that sure sound.

This is the word of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His purpose stands in the election of grace for all those chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. This is because of the everlasting love wherewith He loved them and redeemed them back to Himself and according to His abundant mercy they have been begotten AGAIN unto a living hope by the resurrection of Christ from the dead. They are kept by the power of His will through faith. The loins of their minds (imaginations and everything which exalts itself against the knowledge of God) have been girded about and they are sober. Therefore they hope to the end for the grace that shall be brought unto them at the revelation of Jesus Christ. They have been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb of God and have been made kings and priest unto their God. Their souls have been purified through the Spirit in obeying the truth and they love one another. (I Peter 1:2-25). No one who does not have the Spirit within can understand this beautiful message. No one who has not been born from above of that incorruptible seed delights in the unity of the children with the Father, everyone who has been taught of the Spirit find peace and joy in these ‘glad tidings of great joy’ and anyone who brings anything other than this word of good news, let him be accursed.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
March 6, 2011