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I Chronicles 16

The thoughts were drawn out after the conduct of David the Beloved. He brought the ark of the covenant out of the house of the servant to Adam (Obed-edom) because by the deeds of the law no flesh can be justified. He brought it to the city of the Beloved and placed it in the tent he had pitched for it. But notice that the scripture record states that “all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the Lord with shouting” (15:28). From the natural point of view it is incomprehensible that every person in the entire nation of Israel came to the threshing floor of Obed-edom and brought the ark into the midst of the tent. Yet the work which David performed is accounted as the work of all the people. Once again the unity of Christ and His people is demonstrated. The Beloved fulfilled the law in bringing forth the covenant and it is accounted as righteousness unto all His house. And when they offered up the burnt offering and the peace offering sacrifices, David the King/priest completed them. He did not stop the proceedings by waiving his hands and telling everyone that it was time to go home, he finished them. “And when David had finished the offerings, he blessed the people in the name of Jehovah” When the time had come and all the elements were in the precise and exact place, David the Beloved Messiah, after the sacrifices were finished and the law had been fulfilled, confirmed the covenant with many and in the midst of the week He made the sacrifice and oblation to cease (Dan. 9:27). No longer were the beginning of the principles needed as the fulfillment had come and when He said, “it is finished” He blessed His people in the name of Jehovah. The entire house of His chosen people were present and none were left out as He demonstrated His approval for the people as He presented them before the Father saying, “Behold I and the children whom, thou hast given Me”.

These began in the eternal Godhead as the seed that should serve Him and be accounted for a generation. They were given to Him by the Father and now after He had entered once into the sanctuary not made with hands and offered His precious blood, He presented His children to the Father as the redeemed house of Israel. “And he dealt to every man and woman, to every one (particularly) a loaf of bread, a good piece of flesh and a flagon.” David did not set up a bread line in which he was easing the burdens of society attending to the poor and homeless and the man King David was not giving out communion wafers, a piece of fish and a glass of wine to the whole nation of Israel. Rather as the type of Messiah, He as the King and priest appointed unto each and every one of His people a measured portion (good piece) of the bread of life (loaf of bread), His body, in the foundation (flagon), which is Christ Jesus our Lord. This is the foundation of the apostles and prophets, which is the Word of God, with Jesus Christ as the chief of the head, the corner stone. And each member of His body is fitly framed together in a particular place with an exact assignment, being perfectly equipped and made willing in the day of His power, growing up to Emanuel, the habitation of God.

Then David set before the ark of Jehovah attendants joined unto Him to celebrate, to thank and to give praise to Jehovah the God of Israel (16:4). He did not accept resumes or conduct auditions to select the best candidates for the job openings for none would fit the bill save those who have been eternally joined unto Him and assigned the work. They did not need to have celebration practice or thanks giving training cessions to learn how to perform these tasks or to learn how to instruct others in these proficiencies because the Spirit, which God has placed in all of His children, caused them to walk according to these privileges and therefore in everything to give thanks unto the God of Israel. The praise of God came not from the heart and mouth of man with great swelling words or lengthy dissertation but was sounded forth in the words which man cannot hear, the glad tidings of great joy which is the gospel of peace. Man has no place here for this is the work of the Beloved for and unto His people and the chief of those appointed unto this station is the gatherer (Asaph). He came forth to seek and to save that which was lost and He gathered them from every kindred, tribe, nation and tongue as an innumerable host called the redeemed of the Lord. He leads them as the author and finisher of their faith and the champion of their warfare because (Zechariah) ‘Jehovah remembers’ His covenant and He knows His sheep. He swept them out (Jeiel) of the house of bondage and bought them back to Himself and has given them a name above every name, an exalted name (Shemiramoth), the name of the living God (Jehiel). This gift of Jehovah (Matthiah) is from my God the Father (Eliab) and is that which Jehovah has built (Benaiah). But it also includes the time of the habitation when the children as in the house of the servant (Obed) of Edom or Adam. That struggle within, that warfare between that which is carnal sold unto sin and the Spirit of the Living God within, which is Christ in you the hope of glory. All of this has been appointed of the Beloved for the praise, celebration and thank giving unto the Father.

David then ON THAT DAY and not two thousand years plus later, gave a song of deliverance to His gatherer and his people. Again the inseparable nature of Christ and His children is demonstrated as the song of thanks before the throne of God is from Him, to Him and for His people and man has NOTHING to do with it. He gives thanks unto the Father and calls upon His name declaring His wondrous works in the land of the living and in the assembly of His people. To the natural man it is foolishness and to the wicked it is death but to the child of grace it praise unto our God which can only be understood from faith to faith as the sure sound of the trumpet of the everlasting gospel. All glory, all honour and all praise is unto His name and as He does not share His glory with another since He is a jealous God, so He accepts no worship, praise or glory from any but His people by His Spirit.
David has finished all these things. We are His workmanship and He has performed and completed all our works in us. The natural man is dull of hearing, the carnal mind is death, the arm of the flesh is devoid of power and the flesh profits nothing but because our Beloved has finished the work and is set down by the right hand of the Father, therefore His children are seated together with Him in the heavenlies. May the Spirit gives us understanding and peace.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
March 20, 2011