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I Kings 11:1.

Solomon’s heart had been turned by the hand of God to the lusts and desires of the flesh. No, not the new heart that was born from above for he that is born from above cannot sin. This is the heart that is drawn about by the lust of the flesh and when that lust has conceived it brings forth sin. Paul said that in him, that is in his flesh, dwells no good thing and it is this fleshly heart that loves the things of this world. Yet God had turned it away from walking in His ways and like the rivers of water, (Prov. 21:1), He gave Solomon a love for strange women. These women were enabled to lead him to follow after the gods of the land and the heavens. Solomon worshiped the ‘star’ a goddess of the hunting eagle (Zidonian & Phoenicians), the ‘subduer’ represented by the constellations and planets Mars and Saturn of the Moabites, the great king ruler of the Ammonites, and the gods of terror (Hittites), all of which are abomination unto the Lord. He did not loose his salvation. He did not fall from grace. He was led this way by the hand of God that no flesh, not even one who represents a type of Christ as the King of Peace, should glory in His sight. God had ordered these events and His anger against Solomon to fulfill His purpose but that is no excuse for Solomon. Nay but Oh man who are you that answers God, shall not the potter have power over the clay to fashion it for His purpose? God began to bring rebellion against the kingdom so that the kingdom would never have the expanse that it did under Solomon. He had brought His promises to fulfillment and shown forth His blessings now it was time to take the earthly representation away just like the glow from the face of Moses faded away. First Hadad the Edomite (imagine that Esau had a contention with Jacob!). Then God stirred up a prince from the north, Rezin, and finally He raised up Jereboam, Solomon’s servant. There is no logical reason for Jereboam to be mad with Solomon. He rebuilt the fort (Millo) and repaired the breaches in the walls of Jerusalem, but God turned Jereboam’s heart against Solomon. He was a man of valour and industrious and God gave Solomon a tender heart towards him to make him ruler over the house of Joseph. Now along comes a prophet, Ahijah, and meets this fine young man, who was wearing a new garment, in a field alone. Ahijah caught the new garment and tore it into twelve pieces. God withheld any emotion or retaliation on the part of Jereboam as he watched this crazed man tear his new garment. Then he only gives Jereboam ten of the pieces back as an indication of the Word of the Lord. Now Solomon seeks to kill him just like King Saul sought to kill David.

We know the text, the kingdom is rent, as God said it would be, and the hearts of the people of the northern tribes state, ‘we have no portion with David!’. No portion in the ‘Beloved’. This is just like what they said at the cross when they shouted ‘we have no king but Ceasar’ and ‘His blood be upon us and our children’. In their ignorance they proclaimed the truth. They have no right, no portion and no memorial.

Jereboam’s heart is again ordered by God to take counsel and reason in himself, that if the people go back to Jerusalem and worship in truth, he would be killed. So, like Israel in the wilderness, he forms a molten calf and places it in judgment (Dan) and the house of god (Bethel). He appoints vain fellows of the baser sort to be priests and dresses them in cheap mock garments to perform false sacrifices at feasts which he establishes. He fabricates a lie and the people follow him just like the beast and the image of the beast in John’s revelation. He then constructs a temple in the mountains of Samaria for all of Israel to worship at.

One thousand years later, Jesus is sitting beside a well in Samaria and a woman comes to Him and He asks her for water. She says, ‘Our father worship in this mountain but you say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship’. They had been living the sin of Jereboam for 1000 years, yet God turned her heart to proclaim, come see a man who told me all things whatsoever I have done, Is this not the Christ?’. And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on Him for the saying of the woman which testified. (John 4:20 &39)

There are no isolated events or independent thoughts. God has ordained all things to come to pass for His glory and although we cannot see the forest for the trees yet He has interwoven all the threads of the tapestry of creation to His praise According to His will. “Not by might nor by strength but by My Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts”.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes