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II Peter 1:12

“Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though you know them, and be established in the present truth.”

Three times in this section, Peter makes a reference about remembrance of things. There must be a propensity to forgetfulness if he is calling to remembrance, there must be a reason to recall the events referred to and there must be a profitableness in the remembrance. The natural man cannot know the things of the Spirit and even when the power and love of God is made manifest, the natural man, as beholding himself in a mirror, quickly forgets what was just revealed. This was most evident when the power of God divided the red Sea for His children to cross, showing His love in their deliverance, and then not a few days hence, they were complaining and wishing to be back in Egypt. Though God clearly demonstrated His power continually through the months after the exodus from Egypt, yet they forgot His goodness and love after the natural man. So it is when trials and tribulations beset the child of grace. We see the wind and the waves and, as we begin to sink, we forget who controls them by His will and thus we fear and doubt. We need a constant reminder that this world is not our home and this tabernacle shall be dissolved that we do not look to the arm of this flesh for strength and hope.

It would also be useless to remind someone of something that they know nothing about. A remembrance is based upon an experience and a common point of reference. The event or ‘these things’ must have been experienced by all in the same manner and they all must have a similar comprehension of the events in order for there to be an ‘at large’ call to remembrance. Therefore Peter writes to those who, “have obtained like precious faith through the righteousness of God”. He does not address anyone who has climbed over the wall or who is cavalier towards the faith that was once delivered. This is a sincerely precious faith that can only come as a gift from God when one of His children has been ‘born from above’. No room here for the works of the flesh or the will of man for it is not by might, nor by strength but by My Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts, not of him that runs or of him that wills but of God. This faith is the same to all of the children because it is of the same Spirit since faith is a fruit of the Spirit. Are there different Spirits or is He one with the Father and the Word? Therefore since they are One, there can be only one faith and that by the righteousness of our immutable God, which is Jesus Christ our Lord.

He continues, “grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord”. This is not a pedantic head knowledge that is available at any library or through any media source but it the knowledge which can only come by experience and that of God and our Lord. This again is a common point of reference to call to remembrance for it is the same for and to each of His children. Anyone who was not ‘in Him’, from before the foundation of the world, does not have that experience and cannot be reminded of it or spoken to about it. There must be life in Him before there can be an existence in the earthen vessels afore prepared unto glory.

“According as His divine power hath given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue”. No one can have like precious faith but it was given to them by the ‘power of God’ and anyone who has this faith has had the experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. They may not know it after the flesh, as Saul of Tarsus was ignorant to the presence of the Son of God within him from his mother’s womb, but in the fullness of time, it was revealed to him as it is to all HIs children.

This power of God is alive and effective and by it we are given “exceeding great and precious promises” by a God that keeps covenants. Not according to the covenant in the wilderness, which covenant was broken before it was delivered, but the covenant of the Godhead in which He cannot lie or deny Himself. He came to redeem His people and to give them everlasting life. They were given to Him by the Father, He lost none of them and He raised them up in that last day when He arose from the grave that they might have the ‘divine nature’ (nature of God) common between them all. Therefore are they NOW the sons of God. One stated a while back very facetiously, ‘what are you all little gods’? To this we affirm by the testimony of the Spirit of God, all His children have the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in them bodily and that which has been born from above is of the same nature and power of God as was the One who was born of the virgin. “Beloved now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when He shall appear we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is” (1 John 3:2).

‘But also in this very thing himself bringing in all diligence having supply in the faith of your moral excellence’. There can be no provision here for one to infer that now it is time for us to be up and to add to our faith. It did not come from us, it is not sustained by us and it is not diminished in any capacity whatsoever. It may be revealed to us in measure but it is totally of His supply and for our virtue so that after the inward man we delight after the law of God. Faith, temperance on patience are the fruit of the Spirit. Longsuffering, goodness, brotherly kindness and charity are evidences of the life within and a testimony of the disciple of Christ so if these things be in you and abound it must be a evident token of being born from above.

However, there are some seed which fall among the thorns and quickly spring up and there are some that fall among the rocks which spring up rejoicing but they have not root. Therefore only those who endure unto the end shall be delivered. This ‘endurance’ is the same word for patience which comes from the trying of your faith and the tribulations which God sends into your life. These fiery trials and tribulations are the hand of God drawing us from the corruption of the body of this death, which is carnal and sold unto sin, that we do not glory in the flesh or make the arm of the flesh our hope. Those that endure to the end are those who have trials and tribulations until the end and, “if these things are present in you and abound, they make you neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

If you have been born from above, being chosen in Him before the foundation of the world, then shall you walk by His faith and endure to the end these many trials and tribulations but in him in whom these things be not present there is no Spirit, there is no life and no remembrance of the purging of sin because he is none of His.

“Moreover I will endeavour that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance”

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
November 21, 2010