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2 Samuel 23:1ff

“Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob and the psalmist of Israel said, The Spirit of Jehovah spake by me and His word was in my tongue. The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over man must be just, ruling int he fear of God.”

David had been raised up from the least amongst his brothers, the sons of Jesse to be the King over Israel. He had nothing in himself as a man that made him worthy for such a position. He did not audition for the post with a resume, interview or performance record. He was loved of Jehovah from before the foundation of the world, before he was formed in his mother’s womb and before he had done any good or any evil, that the purpose of God might stand in ELECTION. He was anointed in ignorance, cultivated in trouble and discord and elevated against the desire of men (Saul). It was Jehovah God who taught his hands to war and gave him the victory over his enemies. It was the purpose of God, according to His will that made him desirous to fight and kill and it was the Sovereign God who smote the wicked at his hand. David, the man, performed what God had decreed by the power of Him that worketh ALL things after the counsel of His own will.

The account of this subdivision of the record of the gospel, as left for us by the Spirit of God, begins with the death of King Saul. God told David he was anointed King over Israel but there was an obstacle in the way, put there by God. Saul was to be the mentor and school master of David, the Beloved, for it was necessary that he be schooled and God established the ‘desire’ of the people for the good of His King and His people. As the lessons progressed, contrary to the intent of the heart of Saul, David grew mighty and Saul waxed weak. God caused Saul to hate David and to try to kill him to mold the vessel David into the King of Israel. But God also gave Jonathan, Saul’s son, love for this David. Jonathan stood as the heir apparent to the throne and if David was indeed ordained of God King over Israel, Jonathan had to be dispatched. Yet God loved Jonathan as He loved David and had filled his heart with love for his adversary. As vehemently as Saul hated David so as passionately Jonathan loved him. Their souls had been knit together as one in a beautiful picture of the love of the brethren. There was no earthly reason why this should be any more than there was any logic to a Jew loving a Gentile or a Samaritan but when brethren are born from above from that eternal, incorruptible seed, they love each other because they are ONE. Their souls, that inner man who delights in the law of God and keeps His commandments, are of an inseparable union that cannot be dissolved. They cannot be separated from the eternal love of the Father, they are hewn from that Rock and they cannot be separated from each other. But according to the purpose of God, the habitation of Jonathan was to end so the Kingship of David could be revealed.

As the administrations changed from Saul to David, the events were riddled with deceit, lies and murder and the men of the ten tribes, called Israel, departed from David and Judah upon the murder of Abner by Joab. God put it in the heart of Joab to dispatch this adversary and after fierce battle, he slew him with a sword. This act, intended by Joab to be of help to David, was intended of God to divide the kingdom. Yet David did not rejoice in this but was given to grieve. This sign of weakness by the incoming King turned the hearts of the men of Israel and they came to Hebron and said, “Behold we are thy bone and thy flesh” and they made league with them at Hebron. God had removed the adversary, the suspicion, the pride, arrogance and the competition to manifest David was King.

Now unto David were born many sons. The first born was Amnon. Since David was now King, Amnon became the heir to the throne. Yet God revealed to David that his house was not according to the standards of excellence that God demanded, therefore, Amnon would not be King. God caused an incestuous lust to well up in the man, Amnon, for his half sister Tamar, that was so intense that he became sick for the ‘love’ he had for her. He was given the intention and ability to devise a ruse of lies, deception and entrapment wherein he forced himself upon her and raped her. Then that same love that he had was turned to exceeding hatred and he sent her away. This infuriated his half brother Absalom and caused a bitter resentment between them. By the design and power of God, David’s sons hated each other.

While all this was transpiring, David was given a wonderful idea to bring the Ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, the city he had conquered from the Jebusite, that this may be the capital city of the nation. David was blinded to the proper way of transporting the Ark, as prescribed in the law, and no Levite with him was granted the zeal for the law to stop him of this transgression. Davids jubilation in intention turned to sorrow as Uzzah, with good intention for he saw the oxen stumble and the Ark begin to fall, put forth his hand and was struck down by Jehovah’s justice. David’s transgression was a lesson and the death a reminder of the Holiness of God and His law. To add to this the house of Obededom was blessed by the presence of the Ark. Transgression had led to blessing. By man’s design or because God had ‘over ruled’ the affair? NO. It was because these were God’s will. Whatsoever comes to pass is according to the perfect will of God and this includes the intention, devices, means and actions of man.

David’s roller coaster of emotions continued as he was given to properly bring the Ark into Jerusalem and as he danced before the Lord, his first wife, Michal, chided him for his actions. His joy was saddened as his wife “had no child unto the day of her death”. Then, as the hand of God had subdued all his enemies, it was put in his heart to build a temple unto God in this new city. The prophet Nathan confirms that this is of Jehovah but tells him that it would not be done by him because God had made his hands bloody. God had taught his hands to war and given him the victory which excluded him from the desire of his heart. Nathan told him that after David was dead, a son, which was not yet born, would be raised up to build God’s temple and his kingdom would be established forever. God’s assurance was that even though he would commit iniquity, yet His mercy would never depart from him. Such comfort! The eternal mercy of Jehovah God. But how was this to come to pass? Through and adulterous affair between David and Bath-shebe and the murder of Urriah her husband. But first, David needed to confirm the oath which was ‘given of Jehovah’ (Jonathan) to Mephibosheth, kindness and mercy was to be shown to Hanun the son of the King of the Ammonites and the outbreak of hostilities with the Syrians. Only then could David remain at home so that the lust and adultery, ordained of old, could be consummated, Urriah be murdered and the first born of David and Bath-sheba die. This brought the prophet Nathan from God to tell David that his kingdom would be taken from him and one of his own family would disgrace him before all.

David’s consolation of Bath-sheba resulted in the birth of Solomon, the one of peace. But Nathan came and told David that God loved this baby, who not having done any good or evil that the purpose of God might stand according to ELECTION, and that his name was to be called, Jedidiah, ‘Beloved of Jehovah.’ WHAT a blessing to be loved of God not by works of righteousness which could have been or were done but according to His eternal love wherewith HE loved His child of promise!!!!!

This one was to be the King of Peace that was to stand up as the one who would be the fulfillment of the promise given to David that he would not want for a man to sit upon his throne since his kingdom was to be established forever. But first, Amnon, the first born, must needs be killed by his brother Abisholom for his assault upon Tamar. Absalom must needs be recalled to Jerusalem and exalted before the people, where by he stole the heart of the people and then David was to flee the city. Only then could Absalom rape David’s wives and concubines on the roof of the city, before all as prophesied. God chased mighty King David into the caves and abased him before all his people, only to exalt him again in the fullness of time. Joab was enabled to devise a scheme to kill Absalom, even though David loved him still. As the skilled horseman Absalom, rode his mule under an incredible large oak tree, his long and luxurious hair, wherein he took great delight, was caught in the branch of the tree and Absalom was suspended between heaven and earth awaiting the executioners darts. God moved the heart of Absalom in all this wickedness and raised him up to be destroyed and to remove him from consideration as the next in line for the throne. (And the critiques still want to say God is not interested in the little thing!)

So many other things could be spoken of to accurately depict the ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY of God in and through every thought, emotion, intention and deed of which could be assigned the title of good or evil for the pleasure of His good will. This is but a brief sketch of the path which brought Solomon to the throne or should it be better said, this is but a thread of the tapestry interwoven with skill and precision by the hand of the Lord and Maker of all things to set forth the curtains of His temple, which is His church. These garments are pure and white because all His works are righteous and true and He has clothed His Bride in fine linens clean and white.

“Jehovah is my Rock and my fortress and my deliverer. God is my Rock and IN Him I will trust my shield, the horn of my salvation, my high tower, my refuge and my saviour” (II Sam. 22:3).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
April 29, 2012