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II Samuel 8:15

“And David reigned over all Israel and David executed judgment and justice unto all his people.”

Yehovah God sent David forth into the land of the land and gave him victories wherever he went. The record does not say that Israel went forth and conquered the lands but that David, the Beloved King, triumphed over the enemies of the people of Israel. When the land was assigned by lot under the direction of Joshua, the people of Israel could not drive out the inhabitants of the land. Yehovah left these Canaanites in the land to“prove Israel, whether they will keep the way of Yehovah to walk therein as the fathers did keep or not” (Jud. 2:22). King Saul fought many battles and slew thousands of men but he was not given the victory over these antagonists. Only after God had removed him from office and anointed His King, did David go forth into battle and ‘strike, beat, kill and defeat,’ the immigrants (Philistines) of the land.

He “took control of the chief cities out of the hands of the immigrants” and ruled over them (8:1). He defeated those who were of their father (Moab) and set a line of limitations upon them. He subjugated them and having control over them he caused them to serve him and bring him gifts (tribute). Then he defeated the “help of the mighty” (Hadadezer) the son of the“broad way” (Rehob) who was the ruler of the“garrison” (Zobah) at he restored the ‘radiance, flowing’ (river) of his rule. When those who are ‘exalted’ (Syria) came without repentance (for there was silence in the sack-clothes weaver – Damascus) to be the ‘help of the station of the mighty king’ (Hadadezer king of Zobah) David ‘struck, beat, killed and defeated’ the ‘exalted’ ones.

As a result of this mighty and glorious victory, David established garrisons in the midst of the ‘unrepentive exalted people’ and they became the servants of David and brought him gifts (tribute) as“Yehovah preserved David whithersoever he went” (6). David took the implements of brilliance, glory and defense (shields of gold) away from these people and, bringing them into the city of ‘the springing forth of peace’ (Jerusalem), he dedicated the spoils unto the God of Israel. He took their“security, trust and confidence” (Betach), their“nobility and stateliness” (Berothai) and all manner of ‘weapons and divinations’ (brass) and made them completely dependent upon him for everything. He stripped them bare of all their worth and works so that they could not boast of their abilities of beauty.

And when the ‘wanderer of the fortification’ (Toi king of Hamath) heard that the Beloved had defeated all the hosts of the ‘help of the mighty’, he sent his son of ‘honour and nobility’ (Hadoram) to ‘the exaltation of Yah’ (Joram) to “inquire” and“kneel” before the Beloved King. He brought unto David, the ‘implement of wealth longed after’ (vessels of silver), ‘implements of brilliance and splendour’ (vessels of gold) and the ‘implements of weapons, craft and divinations’ (vessels of brass). These were dedicated to the God of Israel because He had empowered, authorized and strengthened David and gave him the victories.

“And David gat a name when he returned from defeating the eighteen thousand Syrians in the valley of salt” (8:13).

David was a warrior. God had raised him from the sheepfold and put His Spirit within him. He wrote His laws upon the heart of the anointed beloved and caused him to walk according to His statutes and keep His commandments. His Spirit empowered the young king to cry out;“Is there not a cause” when the giant blasphemed the name of Yehovah God. He directed the steps of the servant of God and preserved him from the ‘ruling desire of the people’ ( King Saul) until the appointed hour when He raised David up and manifested him as the king over the people of Israel. David made, fashioned and effectuated his name as the Anointed of Yehovah and the ruler over Israel by the actions, conduct and conversation which God had afore ordained that he should walk therein.

David began as the seventh son of the house of Jesse indicating that he was the ‘possessor’ of the ‘complete house’. He was anointed king of Israel before he had performed any deeds of strength or valour and he was made ruler of the people of God without any earthly qualifications. Yet he was a chosen vessel of God who stands as a beautiful type of the true Beloved of God.

“And he put garrisons throughout all of and all they of Edom became David’s servants and Yehovah preserved David whithersoever he went” (14).

When the two children strove together in Rebekah’s womb, God told her that these two were separated from her bowels and that the“elder shall serve the younger” (Gen. 25:23). Esau was the first born and Esau is Edom. He is red like is father Adam. He is of the earth and lives of the field of the land. He has done neither any good nor any evil that the“purpose of God according to election might stand not of works but of Him that calls” (Rms. 9:11) yet God has declared that He has hated Him from everlasting. This Adam stands at odds with the child of promise (Jacob) who is ‘the man who has power with God’ (Israel) because the Father has loved him with an everlasting love (Jer. 31:3). Because Adam is carnal, sold under sin, he is antagonistic to the inner man, who delights after the law of God, and wars against the law of his mind. (Rms 7:23). His affections are of the things of this world because he is of the earth. He does not receive the things of the Spirit because God never fashioned him in such a way to be capable of knowing the things of the Spirit of God (I Cor. 1:14). The eyes of Adam were opened in the garden when he hearkened unto the voice of his wife, took the fruit and did eat. He, seeing his nakedness, devised a plan of action that resolves the problem in his mind as he argued his righteousness with Almighty God and blamed Him for the situation. He was ‘exalted’ (Syria) as he became as one of God (Gen. 3:22) and he is unrepentive. He has no sack-cloth to adorn himself with for ‘the sack-clothes weaver is silent’ (Damascus). Therefore he adorns himself with the glory and brilliance of the leaves of the trees of the fruit of the land, labours to present his worth and value before God and thinks himself wise enough to ‘rightly divide the word of God’.

The Anointed Beloved Ruler of Israel has put a garrison in Adam and all of Edom, even the wrath of man, are His servants. He stands firm because He has taken His power unto Himself and has ruled over all flesh and the kingdoms of this world (Dan. 4:25; John 17:2 & Rev. 11:7). The garrison is an outpost in occupied territory where the army of the king has won the victory. Here the government of the victors is enforced and the order is maintained. The garrison is also where He stands alone for there is none that can help Him. He alone desires and effects righteousness while there is no one of Edom who seek after righteousness. The inward man, that law in the mind of the child of grace, delights after the law of God but Adam/Edom/Esau cannot and therefore does not seek the things which are from above. Adam was formed of the dust of the earth and to the dust he shall return and he is the occupied land of Yehovah God.

David has not called upon the sheep of His pasture to vanquish the foe or rally together to defeat the ‘ravenous wolves who have crept in unawares’ (if these wolves have crept in unawares, how could anyone observe them or root them out?). He does not require of the natural man to preserve or protect His kingdom from those who are of their father the Devil (Moab) or the ‘immigrant tribes of the valley’ (Philistine, Ammon, Amalech). He does not ask Esau, who is a cunning man of the field, to come to His aid and assist Him in the convening, organization or administration of His kingdom. He does not need the children of this world, who are wise in the business and merchandizing of the Canaanites to help with the building, development of financing of that city whose builder and maker is God. The natural man cannot perceive the Kingdom of Jesus Christ because His Kingdom is not of this world.

The Anointed Servant of Yehovah stood where no man could ever stand and He stood there alone. He took unto Himself the sin of His people. He endured the contradiction of sin against Himself, humbled Himself and became obedient unto death. He had trodden upon the wine-press of the fierceness of the wrath of God by Himself for there was none that sought after righteousness and the arm of the flesh of Adam could not assist Him. He stood firm in the breach between the flesh and blood in Adam of His Beloved and righteously fulfilling every jot and tittle of the Law of God, He is set down at the right hand of the Father in testimony to the finished work.

“And Joab the son of Zeruiah over the host and Jehoshaphat the sons of Ahilud recorder” (16).

The Bride of the Beloved one with her Beloved Bridegroom, therefore, whatsoever He has done is performed for her as it is performed for Himself. He loves her as He loves His own body (Eph. 5:28) because she is bone of His bone and flesh of his flesh. She is one as He is one and yet He has not called upon her to stand to champion the cause, vanquish the foe or fight the battle. She goes forth as two armies with banners and His banner over her is love but He has gone forth conquering and to conquer.

The Beloved has already overcome the world (John 16:33). He has defeated all the enemies of the Israel of our God and is set down at the right hand of the Father. The Bride, His church, has overcome the wicked one in Him (I John 2:13) and the ‘anti-Christ’ (4:4). She has been raised up together with Him and is seated together in Him in the heavenlies.

During the time of her habitation here as a partaker of flesh and blood, ‘the father Yah’ (Joab), the son of ‘the balm of Yah’ (Zeruiah), is over the host. He is the sovereign omnipotent God, the everlasting Father and the ‘balm of Gilead’ the witness in the rock regions that is for the soothing of the children as they travel through this barren land. The merchandises, medicines, elixirs and potions of this world cannot calm the troubled soul of the strangers and sojourners and will never cure the incurable wound of Adam because ‘Yehovah has judged’ (Jehoshaphat) and has concluded all under sin. But to each member of the general assembly of the called out assembly of the first born, their ‘brother is born’ (Ahilud) according to the record given (recorded) and all things written have been fulfilled (Luke 21:22). The ‘righteous’ (Zadok) son of ‘my brother is good, beautiful and favoured’ (Ahitub) and ‘My brother is King’ (Ahimelech) the son of ‘my father is great’ (Abiathar) are the priest and king together (Zech. 6:13). Those ‘preserved of Yehovah’ (Serabiah) are written in the book of life of the Lamb, who stands as He was slain from the foundation of the world. The book was sealed with seven seals and no man could open it neither look upon it. Yet when the Lamb, having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth” (Rev. 5:6) was revealed, He took the books, opened the seals and“Yehovah shall count when He has written up the people, that this man was born there” (Ps. 87:6). The names of His children are engraved in the palms of His hands and no man can ever remove them from His Father’s hand, therefore there is nothing which can separate His people from His love and they are more than conquerors through Christ their Lord.

This is the church of Jesus Christ. She is the ‘building of Yah’ (Benaiah) as she is ‘known of Yah’ (Jehoaiada). Those who would attempt to cut off the covenant of Her God and those who run to and fro upon the face of the earth crying, ‘Lo here and lo there’ are under her and serve her in all that they do. The sons of the Beloved are the chief rulers and priests unto Yehovah God in the city of David of the Kingdom of the Israel of our God.

Like the Elder Brother, who sits upon His throne as the King and “He shall be a priest upon His throne” (Zech. 6:13) they have been made a kingdom of kings and priests unto God (Rev. 1:6). He is the Sovereign God and all things are His workmanship for the praise of the Father and the glory of God. His people are his desire and His love is everlasting upon them. They are born from above and therefore are the sons of God. They have the right, the portion and the memorial to the inheritance of God being joint heirs with the First born of many brethren (Rms. 8:17). As He has overcome the world and all the enemies of the truth so they know the truth and, being free, have overcome all things. Unto them it has been given to inherit all things (Rev. 21:7). “Beloved now are we the sons of God” (I John 3:2).

The Beloved King got Him that name above every name because He humbled Himself and, making Himself of no reputation, took upon Him the form of a servant. The Father saw the travail of His soul and being well pleased that all is completed, being finished in all righteousness, has raised Him in majesty and power, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. The seed of the Beloved King has been raised up and He is the King of peace, Solomon. His kingdom is as everlasting as His love for His elect Lady.

The Leviathan has hooks in his jaws and is led about by His will. Satan is brought low being forced to roam to and fro upon the face of the earth and there is a garrison to keep the order of the Sovereign God. The seed of the serpent is commanded and controlled by the purpose of God for the good of His children. Adam is His creation, also. He lives and moves and has his being in the occupied land of the Beloved King. He dwells as the immigrant in the kingdom of Solomon until such time as the habitation of this dwelling is dissolved and he returns to the dust of the ground from whence he came. Then shall the Sons of God be made manifest and the inner groanings of the Spirit shall cease for the bondage of this corruption shall be set at liberty. Then shall they be absent from this body and present with the Lord and they shall appear before their Lord and King in the tabernacles not made with hands which are eternal in the heavens. Then the righteousness of Jesus Christ shall be seen as the beautiful wedding garments are brought into view, not with the eyes of man, but with the untrammeled eyes of truth.

Herein is peace, comfort and joy; “Lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world” (Matt. 28:20).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
December 8, 2013