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Ephesians 2:21

“In whom all the building fitly framed together, groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord”.

The Spirit of Holiness has inspired His servant to set forth the conditions of salvation. He begins with the acknowledgment of the origin, design and purpose of salvation and manifestly sets forth that salvation is of Jehovah God, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of His great love, wherewith he has loved His Bride with an everlasting and unalterable love that head waters of salvation are to be found. This ‘living water’ of eternal life flows from the Godhead, by the power of Almighty God for the blessing of those chosen before the foundation of the world to be partakers of flesh and blood and thereby to be dead in trespasses and sin because of the sin of Adam in the garden. It is the source of life to every tree planted by the rivers of water and is for the healing of the nations, to the Jew first and also the Gentile.

This company of the elect were to be hid in the shadow of the types and foreshadows of the nation of Israel as being naturally “aliens from the common wealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world”. This despised company, which number no man can tell, was ordained to walk “according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience” until such a time when the seventh angel was to sound and the mystery of God was revealed as finished. This mystery is that the Gentiles should be partakers of the same Spirit of God as the Jews being born from above. They are born of that same incorruptible seed as the children of promise who were part of national Israel.

Both of these groups, being one in Him, had their origin in their fathers. The one origin is the natural Adam wherein they bear the image of the earthly. He was formed from the dust of the earth, being male and female, and he was fashioned having his seed in him. The exact number of his descendants was ordered fast and sure from the beginning. Nothing, not even man’s science (falsely called) and all of his fanciful fertilization, test tubes and incubators can add one more to the number. No one pill, procedure or device can prevent the number from being other than what the designation was set for it from the beginning. Neither can one scalpel prevent one of the seed of Adam from the life afore predestined for them. A vessel was afore prepared to house the seed born from above. It was swept, washed and cleansed because of the inner man.

The inner man has his origin in the Heavenly everlasting Father. His image is male and female and His seed is in Him. This seed is called a remnant but the number is as exact as the hosts of heaven which He has numbered and calls by name. He cannot add one to His number for the blood of the Lamb was sufficient for the sin of His people in Adam and if one should be added then there should be no blood. The sacrifice for sin which was offered in the end of the world, was for a specific number. Just as the sin of Adam condemned all of his seed so the precious blood of the sacrifice of the Lamb justified each and everyone of His children of Promise; “By this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged and this is all the fruit to take away his sin, when He maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, the groves and the images shall not stand” (Is. 27:9).

He also cannot diminish the number in any way for in doing so He would not have completed the work that the Father gave Him to do. All that the Father had (His seed) He could not loose for they dwell in the cleft of the Rock which is a sure place. Each one of their names had been engraved in the palm of His hand and He was obligated, by His eternal love, to raise them up together with Him in the last day. He fulfilled the wave offering of the first fruits when He declared His generation and said; “Behold I and the children whom Thou hast given Me”.

The elect children have been chosen in Him in eternity, they are heirs of God and joint heirs with the Anointed One and they have been predestinated unto the change when they shall be made like the Son. They all have been predestinated to be conformed to the image of the risen Lord. They have born the image of the earthly but when the time of this habitation is over, the image of the heavenly shall be revealed. When Eve was deceived of the serpent in the garden, she ate of the fruit and stood guilty of failing to measure up to the standard of God’s Holiness. She had violated His commandment and was separated from Him. Adam hearkened to the voice of his wife and ate and became conformed to her image. Therefore they were both dead in trespasses and sin, their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked before the Creator. Messiah became a partaker of flesh and blood and was made in the likeness of sinful flesh. He was tempted in all points like unto His brethren, yet without sin and upon the cross, He who knew no sin, became the sin of His people. But He was “declared to be the Son of God with power and holiness by the resurrection from the dead” (Rms. 1:4). Being raised from the dead, He was glorified with the Father with the same glory that they had from the beginning and He glorified His bride in the same. His body was changed and He was no longer flesh and blood. The dispensation of time had come and all things were gathered together in Christ, in heaven and on the earth to the praise of His glory. Therefore she is conformed to His image being raised up together with Him, though for now the creature groans within awaiting the deliverance and the revelation of the adoption.

His children, His people, His Bride, His church ARE baptized by one Spirit into One body. They were buried with Him and raised again unto newness of life, not in Adam but in Him and they await the adoption, to wit the redemption of the body. Now, whether they be of the nation of Israel or of the Gentile nation, “being of fellow-citizens with the saints and to the household of God”, they are blessed with all spiritual blessings and cause to be seated in the heavenlies in Him.

This is the “in whom” all the building IS fitly framed together. It is not the “in whom” the house is being framed together or the house that may someday be framed upon some venerated mount in Palestine. This is a building that is framed together upon a foundation that was set on seven hewn pillars which the wisdom of God formed and built by Himself, through Himself and for Himself (Pro.9:1). This is the city that had foundations, whose builder and maker is God, which Abram went out from his father’s house seeking. This foundation is the Word of God in the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ, “the Anointed salvation of Jehovah” is the chief cornerstone. This is the stone that is rejected by Adam and the builders of this word but is elect and precious to God. He has come forth out of confusion (Zerub-bable) crying, “grace, grace to our God” (Zech. 4:7). This building is His body which He built in three days. This is His church which He built and the gates of hell cannot prevail against and this is the Temple of Jehovah which His servant built. The walls are Jehovah’s salvation and the gates are praise unto our God and she is His people. She is not made of the weak and beggarly elements of this world, she is not of this world and she has arisen in Him to shake off the dust of Adam and be seated with Him.

The wise master builder has fashioned this building with such precision that it is ‘laid with harmonious joints’ (framed together). Each piece has it’s own unique location, function and time when it is manifested on the stage of time. This time has a limited duration in which all the labours assigned to the body member shall be accomplished. Each serves for the edification of the body and even the unseemly and uncomely parts are necessary. They are specific and particular members but they are one body (I Cor. 12:12-27). There is complete harmony in the body, each portion supplying the needs of other members in perfect cooperation with each other. Each has an essential purpose, placement and function and all are as faithful in their work as the head is Faithful. The name on His vesture is Faithful and True and it is His righteousness which adorns His Bride, therefore SHE CANNOT FAIL !!!!!

The world will mock and banter about ‘how to do God’s will’ or ‘being effective in your ministry’ but brethren we have not so learned Jesus. His people are the object of His ministry, wherein He has reconciled the world unto Himself and the work of God is performed by His Spirit in them in that they are given to believe. His people are passive recipients of His love, His grace and His blessings. They walk the path He has assigned with the steps He directs because it is He that works in them to both will and do His good pleasure. Adam cannot see these good works and would not recognize them if they were in plain view. Jehovah has chosen the correct materials for His building. He has built His house and filled it with His glory and peace (Hag.2:9). He has made His people willing in the day of His power and they succeed in all He has ordained them to do. They are zealous of good works and they maintain good works because they have been created in Christ Jesus unto good works.

His building is the temple where God tabernacles with man (Rev. 21:3). The inner man is the Holy Temple of God wherein dwells “Christ in you the hope of glory”. The New Jerusalem is His Bride and, as it was in the beginning and shall ever be, He dwells in Her and She in Him, being One.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
January 6, 2013