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Galatians 4:27-29.

The allegory between the two covenants is climaxed with a quote from Isaiah 54:1, “Rejoice O barren one...” There were three barren ones that were brought to mind, Sarah, Rebeckah and Rachael. Sarah had no life in her as the time of women had passed her, therefore, the child of promise was not of the power of the flesh. Rebeckah had no inheritance since she was without child. Therefore the child of promise who God loved with an everlasting love was the inheritance of Jehovah. Rachael had no hope as she plead with Jacob to give her a child lest she died. Her son of promise indicated that it was God who added (Joseph) to His church such as should be delivered and to these He has forgotten their sin and iniquity and made them fruitful unto all good work (Mannaseh and Ephraim). After his name was changed from the ‘supplanter’ (Jacob) to ‘he who has power with God’ (Israel), Rachael brought forth the ‘son of my right hand’ (Benjamin) as a type of the Messiah. All of these types show forth that the New Covenant, Jerusalem which is from above, is not of the will of the flesh nor by the power of mans hands. Why then should the child of this liberty be looking to the dust of the earth to rebuild an earthly temple by mans hands so that God may establish and earthly kingdom? Jerusalem which is from above has descended and now dwells with man (Immanuel) Isaiah 7:14. This happened in time when the virgin conceived and brought forth the Son of the Most High, therefore, the New Jerusalem, the bride adorned for her husband in fine linen pure and white must be here with us today if we be of that household.

Brethren by the grace of God, be not entangled with the yoke of bondage of the week and beggarly elements of the old covenant which Messiah nailed to His cross and annulled by His fulfillment of the New Covenant by a better hope.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes