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Genesis 14:24

“Save only that which the young men have eaten and the portion of the men which went with me, Aner, Eschcol and Manre, let them take their portion.”

Abram provided for the men that went with him to the battle in attempt to rescue his nephew Lot. These events took place in a specific order as set forth in this account which begins with; “And it came to pass”. Things do not just happen. Everything that exists comes to pass in the time slot that God has established for the event. Every portion of the event must be in place and functioning properly for the situation to be manifested in the appropriate manner and so before Abram could re-supply his men the supporting and contributing events must come to pass.

There are presented here the names of five kings and the lands they represented who went to war with four kings and their people. Were these a simple military engagement, then it may be fascinating to recall the tactics used, the ground covered and the gains and losses from the battle, but this is much more. The first king is a ‘sayer of dark sayings’ (Amraphel) and he is the leader of the ‘country of two rivers’ (Shinar). This is not a portrait of heaven since there is only one river that flows from the throne of God in the city of our God. This must be the earth that God replenished after the flood (Gen 10:10) and the land where the tower was attempted and God confused the language of the people (11:2). This is the earth that now exists wherein there are two witnesses, two ways and two manifestations of Adam. This is where the Lord spoke unto His disciples in ‘parables and dark sayings’ (Ps. 78:2) when He told them that it was given to them to understand the mystery of the kingdom of God (Matt. 13:10). It is also the same land where the other river flows in which the heart of the people of the land has been made fat, their ears made heavy and their eyes shut lest they should hear the Word and be converted and live (Is. 6:10).

This mystery is the same mystery that the Apostle spoke of as being hid from the foundation of the world where in the nations should be made partakers of the grace of God. This host, which no man could number (Rev. 7:9) are the redeemed of the Lord. They are redeemed because of the love of the Father for His children and that love is an eternal love (Jer. 31:3). The redeemer is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and whom He loves He chastens and so the next king is ‘lion-like’ (Ariok) and he rules the ‘god that chastens’ (El-laser).

This mystery is of an all inclusive nature and although the priests came forth with the wave offering of the first fruits in his hand to present before the Lord (Lev. 23:10) and again when the harvest was taken in (23:20) the type was a representation of all that the Father had in the palms of His hands. The priests could not have had all the first fruits in their hands because there would be nothing left in the ground to grow and present in the ingathering. When the harvest was taken in the priests could not hold all the stalks of the sheaves in their hand for there were too many but the Lord has engraved the names of all His people in the palm of His hands (Is. 49:16) and no man can pluck them out (Jn 10:29). So the ‘handful of sheaves’ (Chedorlaomer) is from the kings of eternity (Elam). But there is another with Him and He is the ‘great son’ (Tidal) of the nations. This great son is the redeemer who came not for the nation of Israel but for the Israel of our God. He did not come to set up a kingdom on this earth. He came with and in the Father, having His seed with Him and His work before Him to bring judgment upon the wicked and deliver His people from the wrath to come.

Now the opposing kings begin with the ‘son of evil’ (Bera) who is of a ‘burning’ (Sodom) kingdom. He comes ‘with iniquity’ (Birsha) and the ‘merchandise’ (Gomorrah) of this world. He shines forth with the ‘spendour of the father’ (Shinab) but he is ‘red’ like Adam and hairy like Esau (Admah). His ‘lofty flight’ (Shember) and his ‘beauty’ (Zeboiim) set him forth as one who would be like God (Ez. 28:1-10) and even though he is the ‘destructor’ (Bela) he is ‘brought low’ (Zoar) by the King of eternity in his creation and subjection to His will. Herein is the rebellion and the war.

After the King of eternity smites those who are whole and stand large in this world (Rephadims) and extinguishes the rays of the stars and the horns of the wealthy (Ashteroth); after He drives the evil beasts of the field out of the land (Ez. 34:25) and subdues the hot (Ham) passions of formidable fears (Zuzims, Emins); after He has overcome those who are digged from the hole and dwell in the caves (Horites), when the pushing rams and the shaggy goats are brought to the holy fountain of justice (Kedesh Elparan) and found guilty, then was the slaughter completed and the judgment of the King accomplished (14:17). After the enemies were defeated and the righteous Kings had overcome, then did Abram meet the King of Righteousness, who is the King of Peace.

Abram did not have a part in the slaughter and he was not asked for his opinion in the matter but when the survivors of the tar pits had escaped to the mountains, they took the spoils of the merchandise and Lot to the safety of the high ground. Now the ‘exalted Father’ (Abram) assembled his people, born in his house. He equipped them with the necessary instruments, he trained them in the arts of war, he led them out and brought them to the fight and they fought for him. He did not have to conscript anyone or ask for volunteers. His men were made willing in the day of his power to go and do his bidding and when they had rescued Lot and were returning back to Sodom, Melchizedek met Abram.

The King of Righteousness blessed the ‘exalted father’ and the Most High God who had delivered the enemies into his hand. He gave the ‘exalted father’ the bread and the wine which is the blood and the sacrifice and the ‘exalted father’ gave the King of Peace the remnant according to grace. The tithe, in the hand of the King of Eternity, did nothing for the work had all been completed from the beginning.

Many are looking forward to a time when the kingdoms of this world will unite and rebel against the God of the universe. They preach of a time when Satan will lead his army against the army of Jehovah and they will meet in a place called Armageddon and the angel of the bottomless pit will arise to destroy the world. But John saw these as they had been finished from the beginning as they testified to the finished work of Jesus Christ. The destroyer is not at loose in this world. He has been defeated and serves, with all the earth, as the servants of the Sovereign God (Ps. 119:91) who has put hooks in his jaws and leads him about to do His will (Job 41). When Messiah came to manifest His conquest over all things and to demonstrate that He had overcome the world, He presented to the Father the sacrifice for sin which He offered up in the end of the world. The Father gave Him the children whom He raised up together with Him in the resurrection. He did not lose a single one but they are all seated together with Him in the heavenlies safe and secure.

Now the king of the ‘burning’ (Sodom) steps forth to praise Abram. He offers to pay Abram for his services and attempts to praise him for his worth. But the exalted Father does not need the praise of the ‘owner of the furnace’ (Cyrus) for he is the servant of God (Is. 44:28). He does the will of the exalted Father and when Abram refuses his praise and his provisions, The Father makes a provision for his men. These three men that accompanied Abram in the rescue of Lot (wherein the mystery of God is revealed in the redemption of Ruth of Moab by the kinsman redeemer Boaz) were strong servant stones (Mamre, Aner & Eshcol). Their strength is Jehovah God and they are His bond-servants being bought with the precious blood of the Lamb. They are the living stones of the walls of Jerusalem which are hewn from that Great Rock and the Rock is the God of our salvation. They were born in the Father’s house. They were trained by His hand and assigned their labours. He provided their tools, weapons and every need and made them willing in the day of His power. Now He provides for them by the hand of the king of Sodom for the portion that they eat.

Is there still a question of how the children of the Exalted Father live from day to day?

Is there an admonition needed to cause them to walk in the light of the Lord?

All these works were finished from the beginning and here in Genesis (beginning) is a wonderful account of the power of our sovereign God over all things and how He demonstrated His love for His people, born in His house (Gen. 14:14).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
March 24, 2013