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Hebrews 8

A comparison between the first covenant at Sinai and the new covenant.

These both co-exist as the two rivers of the land of Shinar. The one of duty, failure, condemnation and death while the other of grace, mercy, peace and life. The new covenant is older than the first in that it was established when God set forth the ordinances of the sun, moon and stars at creation. It is based on a never ending eternal love which the Father has for His children. Not children in prospect or in the mind of God but children who are as eternal as their head. These children became partakers of earthen vessels which had the first covenant against them. So, in preparation for the children being born from above, the stony heart was removed, a new heart with the law of God written upon it was inserted and a new Spirit was given to cause them to walk therein. This was all ordained of old and was accomplished by the hand of God. No man or group of men could ever realize the need for this preparation, for they are all blind, or even imagine the manner in which it was performed, because mans way is not God’s way. But we are told that if the ordinances of the sun, moon and stars could depart from before God, by their own free will or by the contrivances of man, then would God cast off His chosen seed. If the heavens could be measured or the depth of the foundations of the earth discovered then He could annul to covenant and condemn His people. Since He created these bodies of light, set them in their proper place and by the power of His will set them in motion, then, what can separate us from the love of God. Since God has set the things of this world in the hearts of man so that he cannot find out the things of God is there even a hint of possibility that NASA will ever measure the heavens or that the depth of the deep and the foundations of the earth shall ever be found? Yet man, acting like the god of this world, continues to try to be like the Most High and continues to search.

We have an High priest and HE is seated in the throne of the Majesty in heaven. He is in complete control of all things and His beloved people are forever safe and sure.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes