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Isaiah 39

The angel of the Lord had vanquished Sennacherib and killed 185,000 men of his army. He then returned home and was murdered by his sons. Hezekiah became ill and asked the Lord to move the sun dial back 10 degrees which He did and then along came Mereduch-baladan whose name means ‘Meraduck (Mars the god of war) is lord over all’. He was the king of Babylon (confusion) and he sent a letter and a present to King Hezekiah because he was sick. Hezekiah was not a demonstration of the ‘strength of Jehovah’ but rather the weakness of Adam. How subtle Satan is when he comes with a smile, a helping sympathetic hand and a gift. Hezekiah was taken in this temptation and Isaiah brings him the Word from God, rebuking him and foretelling the direction God had for his family. “Good is the word of Jehovah which you have spoken” may only be uttered by one of the household of God.

Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and so are his minister’s transformed into apostles of Christ. Smooth talking, well educated, cunning words and tantalizing wisdom just as the serpent in the garden they come in among the assembly and many times, as God decrees, our flesh is stimulated to call them friend and brother. Beware such false prophets for they enter in as wolves in sheep’s clothing with deception and evil works. We shall fall for this after the flesh, that no flesh should glory in the sight of God but God is faithful. He will not permit us to be tempted past that which He has made us able to bear and will with these common temptations make a way for escape. Just as He brings us into these temptations He makes a way through them that we may be able to bear them. The flesh judges all things sensually but the just shall live by His faith. Beware of these false prophet and do not trust those bearing gifts.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes