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Isaiah 40:11-19

God’s testimony to His people of His greatness.

It is impossible to imagine with our temporal limited minds the expanses of the great oceans of this world, or the sum of all the rivers, streams, brooks, creeks, springs and underground aquifers’ that are contained on this globe but our God has measured them all in the palm of His hand. Man spends great sums of money and time in research of the seas trying to do what God said he could not do, that is, comprehend the depths and expanses of them. Like Adam in the garden we still are attempting to be like God.

Nor can we begin to speculate as to the vastness of outer space and the heavens which our God has measured with a span. Or try to guesstimate the fine particles of the dust of this earth, from whence He created man. Yet He measured out the exact portion of this ingredient of creation as a chef would an herb or spice. That mountain of statute and might He has weighed in a balance. Not a balance to see how much it (Satan) weighed but to show that it is precisely in accordance with His will. This is that mountain that was want to ascend against the throne of the Most High God. That fiery mountain that was cast into the sea, whose name is ‘wormwood’. It was weighed in the balance and found wanting for it could not measure up to the perfect standard of Holiness but God has weighed it as being according to the good pleasure of His will. It must be an exact balance for an unjust balance is an abomination before the Lord. And the hills are also from which a vantage point or false hope of supremacy and strength may be found are also in that just weight before the Lord. He has no one who controls Him or His breath (spirit), He needs no counsel or advice. No one can give unto Him for He is the sum of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He is the Great King over all the earth.

Stand fast ye inhabitants of Zion. Hear the good tidings ye vineyard of the Lord of peace. Praise Him ye protected inhabitants of Praise. Behold your God!!! The inhabitants of this world are nothing before our God. All nations are as a drop of a bucket and full of emptiness. There is not enough righteousness or sufficient sacrifice in all the world throughout all of time to appease the standard of excellence of El Shaddia. Behold you King! And behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon His children that we should be called the Sons of God.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes