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Isaiah 56:2

“Blessed is the man that doeth this and the son of man that layeth hold on it, that keepeth the Sabbath from polluting it and keepeth his hand from any evil.”

The blessing of the Lord is a major topic in the religion of the world. There are either people telling you that the Lord has a bag full of blessing slung over His shoulder that He would just love to give you or they are telling you how to call down a blessing from God. The one teaching portrays God as an impotent fool who is trying to get people to like Him and, if they would only let Him, He would be very generous and benevolent to them. The only reason that the blessings of prominence, fame and prosperity have not come down is because the recipient will not allow them to be delivered. The banner over this cesspool is, “Let go, let God”.

The other, which is not another but is indeed twin sister to the first, portrays man’s tenacity and persistence as the conduit by which the blessings are delivered from above. All you have to do is find the blessing that applies to you, claim it as your own and then remind the absent minded ruler of the universe that He owes it to you and you will have showers of blessings. This putrefied dung heap is called, “Name it and claim it”.

Both these sisters are daughters to the flesh glorifying family of works. Their credo is that God will bless you when you do good and follow His word. So to them the man who does these wonderful things set forth here will be blessed of God for his works. This is a revenue generating and rewards earning system that will culminate when before the throne of God the dutiful worker will recite before the Hosts of heaven their accomplishments and then in a most magnanimous gesture of false humility, cast these crowns of glory before the feet of Almighty God. They will allow Him to receive the glory that is due unto them because they have done all these marvelous things for Him.

Sound familiar?

Jehovah God has spoken to a select group of people and instructed them to observe, preserve and keep justice and do righteousness. He did not address the masses of the nation of Israel for He has just set forth the judgment against them for the wickedness of their ways. He did not offer any amnesty to any who would amend their ways and follow after justice and righteousness, He spoke to a group of people who were alive, had ears to hear, knew what justice and righteousness is and were enabled and empowered to do it. This is a blessed man: A man who has been given the light of glory and the revelation of God to know what is good, holy and pure and to walk accordingly. He has the Spirit of the Most High dwelling within because he has been born from above, separated from his mother’s womb and in the fullness of time; God has manifested Himself to His child, being a partaker of flesh and blood. This child cries out, “my father” as he hungers and thirsts after the spiritual food from above. He delights after the law of God, written upon his heart, after the inner man who is renewed daily and he is faithful because his Father is faithful. He has the mind of God in him and understands what justice is, therefore, he observes, preserves and lays hold of judgment and does righteousness.

The Spirit also gave a note of hope to this remnant according to grace in the promise that the salvation of Jehovah and His Righteousness were near at hand and ready to be revealed. Soon Jehovah would manifest that which was completed before the foundation of the world and He would roar out of His Holy Mountain bringing vengeance and judgment to the wicked and deliverance from the house of the strong man to His children. The day of Jubilee was about to be revealed and this was as much a comfort then as it is now as His children await the day of deliverance when we shall be freed from the bondage and corruption of the flesh. The fact that the Spirit set these words of hope and comfort down is evident that the children are as weary of this subjugation to vanity now as they were then, as they “hope and quietly wait for the salvation of Jehovah” (Lam. 3:26).

This man who has been blessed to walk straight forward, walks that way because he is a son of God. He acts exactly like His Father who is the same yesterday, today and forever and there is no shadow of turning in Him. As the Father is so is the son and this blessing is also upon the son of Adam.

Adam, by nature does not know the things of God and cannot find them out by searching. He is tempted by the lusts of the flesh and led astray by pride and ignorance. But he is subject to the younger seed which is born from above. He has no freedom to follow his ways because the Spirit of the Most High dwells within the earthen vessel causing him to walk according to the commandments of God. He is MADE willing in the day of the power of God, who works in him both to will and to do all of His good pleasure. The blessing upon this son of Adam is in ignorance since God leads him about and he knows it not. The earthen vessel is cleansed by the blood of the Lamb from all unrighteousness and all the deeds of the flesh are covered by the atonement. He enters the time of his habitation at the direction of God, he walks the path set for him, performs the daily routines of life and the good works that he has been ordained unto and completes all that is set before him with no praise or glory to Adam. When he has complete the time of his habitation he is an unprofitable servant and he returns to the dust from whence he came, but during that habitation, being washed in the blood of Christ, he observes, preserves and keeps the sabbath from profaning it and keeps his hands from doing any evil.

Does he do this willingly after his Adamic nature? NO! That nature is contrary to the ways of God. He does not have the mind of God or the ways of Jehovah in his nature. These are foreign to him but because of the power and presence of the Godhead, who makes him willing in the day of His power, he walks by the illogical, unprovable and irrational principle of faith, proven by the evidence of things unseen. This is not of himself, for it is the faith of the Son of God who loved him and gave Himself for him. Did Christ shed His blood for the elect seed who cannot depart from the Holiness of God? No, they were never in jeopardy of punishment of the wrath of God. But the earthen vessels, who were dead in trespasses and sin in Adam, needed to be cleansed to receive that seed from above, so, the houses was swept and cleansed of all leaven, the camp was purged from all leaven and all of the inabilities of Adam to measure up to the standard of the Holiness of God were covered and accounted for. Adam walks keeping the sabbath from polluting it and his hand do no evil, because the Lamb stood as it had been slain before the foundation of the world.

Does this mean that Adam is now righteous and has eternal life? NO! Paul said that in him, that is in his flesh, dwelt no good thing and that because of the presence of the Spirit, he recognized the evil that was present in him. Yet as a vessel afore prepared for glory, that sin that dwelt in his members, that warred against the law of his mind, was removed and imputed unto the Lamb and when the tabernacle of this dwelling is dissolved and the time of habitation is ended, this earthen vessel shall return unto the dust from whence it came and then will be manifested that tabernacle not made with hands, being pure and white, which is the righteousness of the saints. The inability of Adam to ‘hit the mark’ was forgiven and covered in Christ Jesus and every act of Adam that was forgiven and covered must and shall be committed during the time of his habitation. Before the child of Adam, that chosen vessel, was born, his sins were forgiven and after he was born he performed every sin that the blood was shed for.

The sabbath is not the seventh day of the week and there is no such thing as a ‘christian’ sabbath. The sabbath of God is that time in which He had completed all His work and He rested. He did not rest so that He could get up the next day and go back to work, He finished ALL His work and there was nothing left to be done. Christ is now seated at the right hand of the Father because He finished ALL the work that was assigned to Him (before the foundation of the world) and the children are ALL seated together with Him in the heavenlies because ALL the work is done. Nothing more needs to be done can be done for the Lord has ransomed His people Israel and He has had mercy on Zion. Anyone who would attempt to add to the work of God preaches that there is something left to be done or who tries to detract from that perfect work profanes, defiles, pollutes and desecrates the sabbath of Jehovah. His name is not written in the book of life of the Lamb. The child of grace is at rest because of this fact and he is content with the course set before him. He understands that all that befalls him is for good and that the hand of his Father is upon him in love. He finds that “whatsoever state he is in therein to be content” (Phil. 4:11) and his soul is satisfied and at peace with his God. Since this child is not born of corruptible seed, nor by the will of man but rather by the power of God from above, he cannot fall short of the perfection of Holiness (I John 3:9), nor deny his Father nor fail to be obedient and faithful. He is One with the Father, has the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in him and is blessed to walk, like Ezekiel’s vision, straight forward “and they turned not as they went” (Ez. 1:17).

Does this mean that His people are enjoying their time in the habitation of the flesh? NO! And when He directs our eyes to the wind and the waves we are full of the doubts and fears of Adam once again which remind us that this is not our home. We long for that city not made with hands wherein shall never enter anything unclean, anything that loves or make a lie, no sorrow, no pain and no death. As the Spirit enables we shall endeavour to consider the strangers and the eunuchs who walk as children.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
February 19, 2012