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Isaiah 62:1

“For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a burning lamp.”

The words of the preacher indicate that “there is a time for every purpose and every work” (Ecc. 3:17) and Jehovah God sets forth that He has a purpose. This purpose is according to His eternal unchangeable will and is brought forth by the power of that same will. It is a purpose that is centered and solely concentrated upon His parched area (Zion), which the world cares not for and passes by it as ‘forsakened and desolate’, and the coming forth of peace (Jerusalem). It is because of this purpose, which He purposed in Himself for there was and is no other to perform this purpose, that He will not be still or remain silent. He has come forth from before the foundation of the earth, in the power of His might, and has performed all things for His Beloved, His seed and the everlasting joy that they have in Him. He created the heavens and the earth for His people. He placed His glory in the firmament above and in the depths below to demonstrate the power of His might as Almighty God. He created man in His image to shew forth the Oneness of He and His Bride. He separated the woman from the man as revealed the weakness thereof as Eve was deceived and Adam transgressed the Holiness of God, that He might shew mercy to His elect remnant and deliver them from the bondage of the corruption of sin. The Lamb of God stood as it had been slain before the foundation of the earth as the propitiation of the sins of His people and for the double shame and disgrace that He endured, His people possess in their land, double, everlasting joy shall be unto them. This plan, purpose and execution of the will of God is upon the Holy One of Israel and the seed. It is accomplished because He has loved them with an eternal love. It is not because they are an asset to God or because they make Him more Holy, Righteous and pure. He loved them for His name sake, because He loved them and would keep the oath he spoke with the fathers. Therefore He chose the nation of Israel, as the earthly type of the heavenly truth, to be His people and separated them from all the kingdoms of the world (Deut. 7:7). He chose His people when they were in Him before the foundation of the world, before they had done any good or any evil because He is not a respecter of persons. He gave His oath, He gave His promises and He caused all things to come to pass according to His immutable will, for good.

When God finished the work of creation, He rested because all work was completed and there was nothing left to be done. Yet He did not predestinate a final destination and leave the course and methods up to those strangers and sojourners in the foreign land, He ordained from old each and every step of the course He laid forth and he assigned the labours necessary for each to enact and complete His design. It is for this reason that He will not be still nor take His slumber. His power, the power of His will, is actively causing all He has designed to come to pass so as to prove that He is God. He finished the works from before time began, He told His people through the mouth of the prophets, the things that were not yet done and spoke of them as being completed, so that they would not say, ‘look at the work of our hands’ and that they would know that He is Jehovah God. No one else could perform his most Holy will because no one, other than those born of the Spirit, has the mind of God. No one knows His ways, has taken counsel with Him from before time and advised Him of a course to follow and no one who does not have the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in them knows the beauty of His Holiness. Therefore, until the righteousness of Zion and the salvation of Jerusalem come forth, He is not idle or quiet.

This is not the righteousness of a parched desolate area but of the people of Jehovah that reside there. They have been despised and rejected of the religious world and they have fled for refuge to a place prepared for them. This place is a wilderness and a solitary place which has no allure to the eyes of Adam and is totally unprofitable to the flesh. But this place is the garden of God which blossoms like a rose and is happy for the children of the King that reside there. It is a place of protection from the evil beasts of the field, the dragon and the serpent who would do harm unto the woman (Rev. 12:14). Here the seed of the woman find comfort and sufficiency, justice and truth for the King has given unto her all her labours in truth and has carved out an eternal covenant for her. His love is eternal, His will and purpose are eternal and the covenant is eternal therefore the seed must be eternal also.

The salvation of Jerusalem is because of the shed blood of the Lamb. He was wounded for the transgressions of His people and by His stripes they are healed. There was none to help, none who had the power or any who had interest in the matter, so He brought this salvation unto Himself, by His Holy arm and His right Hand He got Himself the victory and delivered His people from the sin that had enslaved them. Because He has completed all this work of redemption and because there is nothing left to be done, hence the keeping of the ‘Shabbot’ of God, His people have been justified by His faith and have peace with God. This came not by the will of the flesh nor by the arm of Adam for all his works of righteousness are as filthy bloody rags before the perfect Holiness of God. The testimony then is of a perfectly completed work and the salvation of Jerusalem. She has been delivered from the body of death and the corruption of sin and “to her was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white, for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints'’ (Rev. 19:8) in the same manner that Her Husband was arrayed, “with garments of salvation and the robe of righteousness as a bridegroom decketh Himself with ornaments and a bride adorneth herself with her jewels” (Is. 61:10). The voice of Her Beloved had come and she had awakened, put on Her strength, shook the dust off of Her (which is Adam who was formed from the dust of the earth), put on Her beautiful garments (Is. 52:1) and is set down with Her beloved in the heavenelies in the Anointed Salvation of Jehovah (Eph. 2:6). And God brought this all to pass according to His Holy Will.

When these wonders were made manifest and the light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of the people Israel, when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, He shown forth in the splendour of His majesty and as a burning torch, He showed forth truth and righteousness. All the world saw this and all the nations had part in it for He is the light of the world. His burning torch reproves the deeds of the flesh and reveals the weakness and corruption of the flesh. He did not come forth in a hidden or secret manner when He made known the mystery of God and yet He came in the form of the servant to do the will of the Father. The Father gave the Son the seed, of which He lost none but did raise them up when He had offered the sacrifice for sin, and He called them by a new name. The mouth of Jehovah called out the name of His sons and sealed them with His name in their foreheads and they, being Kings and Priests unto God, are a crown of glory in the hand of Jehovah. The same hand that has all the names of His Beloved engraved upon, that has the nail pierce and that no man can snatch His children from. This is also the hand in which He has the seven Spirits of Jehovah which are the seven churches safe and secure in the right hand of God (Rev. 1:20). These are also a crown or royal diadem in the hand of God which He has set upon the head of Joshuah, the high priest, that ‘fair mitre’ (Zech.3:5) which He also set upon the heads of the ‘strength of the goodness of Jehovah’, those whom ‘Jehovah knows’ and upon whom He has shown His ‘favour’, those who are the ‘treasure of Jehovah’ for a reminder in the temple of Jehovah, which is His Bride, His body, His church and His people (Zech. 6:14).

Jehovah did not leave anything up to anyone else. He purposed, planned, ordained and enacted all His will and brought forth the righteous Branch, ‘Jehovah our righteousness’ and finished that work in righteousness. He alone delivered His people. he did not sit still nor slumber and sleep in silence but was the first cause of every cause to bring salvation unto His Beloved and peace. His righteousness, the ability to know truth and equity and the action of doing that which is right, is imputed unto His people and He has clothed them in brilliant splendour and holiness and all the world has seen His salvation.

“Jehovah hath made known His salvation. His righteousness hath He openly shewed in the sight of the heathen. He remembered His mercy and His truth toward the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God” (Ps. 98:2).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
March 4, 2012