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Isaiah 62:11

“Behold Yehovah has proclaimed to the end of the world, say to the daughters of Zion, Behold your salvation is coming; Behold His reward is with Him and His work before Him.”

The Adamic theology of neo-evangelism has developed the system of proselytizing into an elaborate cacophony of sights and sound which agitate and stimulate the natural senses attuned to the frequency of confusion. The more intense the sounds and confusing the presentation the more the eyes of the natural man are attracted to the spectacle of illusion as the ears are soothed by great swelling words. The simplicity of the gospel, which is foolishness to the mind of Esau and illogical to his reasoning, has no place in the carnival atmosphere of the business of selling religion. While the children of the kingdom groan within themselves for the vanity of this existence, the marketplace of religion is a bustling and prosperous place of opportunity and adventure in the transactions of the worth of man.

The main slogan of these moguls of merchandise is duty faith. This is the deluded conclusion that the labours of the hands of flesh can produce sufficient credit to the ability of man for him to find favour with God. The desire of man to be like God caused him to desire the fruit of the tree. At his arraignment for his deed he presumed to dress himself in aprons of fig leaves which were intended to hide the guilt of his action, showcase his natural gifts and talents and to divert the attention of Almighty God away from the fact that sin had just entered the world and death by sin. The first man, without technology or the influence of society and peer did not to measure up to the standard of perfection required by Yehovah God. He failed in his endeavour for it was not the will of God for man to succeed, and so, Adam manifested the inability that God had created him with in the performance of the labours assigned unto him. Nevertheless, each generation of man has zealously followed after this first example of vanity and futility.

The earnest desires to communicate the basic tenants of this doctrine are as varied as the imagination of man. Each derivation is as welcomed as the next as long as the end result is achieved as nothing can interfere with the increasing the fold and the swelling of the coffers. These are the barometers which measure the success of the endeavour as they falsely conclude that God has blessed their good intentions. Thus the anthems of duty, works and reward are sung in full chorus in the hallowed halls, shrouded in piety and humility, as reminders of purpose and goals of man while the children of the market place feed well at the troughs of dead fly infested swill.

The still small voice of the Master which only His sheep can hear is ignored and discarded by the natural ears. He commands His Beloved to “say among the nations, Yehovah reigns; the world also is established that it shall not be moved and He shall judge the people righteously” (Ps. 96:10). He has not retained the services of Adam to make this proclamation for the idea of a completely sovereign God is repugnant to the carnal mind. He has shown forth His salvation unto all flesh for He has redeemed His people from every kindred, nation, tribe and tongue. He scattered His seed throughout the entire world from generation to generation planting each one in an earthen vessel afore prepared unto glory. He has caused His people to grow in the grace and knowledge of His will as they bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness and, walking in the light of Yehovah, they complete the good works they have been created in the Anointing unto. Each one of the incorruptible seed is born of the Spirit at the time appointed of the Father as two nations are formed in the womb and two manner of people are identified. The eternal seed is made subject to the vanity of this world as they become partakers of flesh and blood. During this time, they walk after the course of this world, under the tutelage of the law and after the lusts of the flesh until the time when the Father reveals Himself to His people. Then, as the light of His glory is revealed, they see the corruption of Edom, the impotent nature of man and the complete apathy of the natural man to the perfect Law of God. This causes the Spirit of the creature to groan within for the children know that in them, that is in their flesh, dwells no good thing and that they full well deserve the righteous judgment of God against all the ungodliness of men. While the world continues to sing ‘Victory in Jesus’, the song of Zion is; “Behold, your salvation is come”.

“Not as though the Word of God has fallen to the ground; for they are not all Israel which are of Israel” (Rms. 9:6)

The arrogance of Zionism permeates the testimony of the scriptures and the mindset of religion throughout the ages. The gospel of the Anointed Salvation of Yehovah is unto His people who are born not of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man; it is not because one is a son of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob that they are chosen of God but because they are of the children of promise. God first manifested His divine deliverance through the type in the nation of Israel but He made the fullness of His salvation a mystery which He hid from the beginning. Yet throughout the testimony the evidence is revealed that the people of Yehovah have been planted in ground which He has prepared without the restriction of race, creed or color. And when the voice of the Shepherd sounds forth the sheep hear His voice and follow Him.

His people hear His voice because the seed has eternal life within and shall never come into condemnation for their sin in Adam for they have passed from death unto life. Even though they be hidden in the corruption of the earthen vessel, yet when the hour is come and the voice is sounded, every man in his order, the dead hear His voice and live; “for the hour is coming in the which all that are in the graves shall hear His voice” (John 5:28).

Then having their eyes opened unto the truth and their affections set on things from above, the children bear witness of the common deliverance that they have each experienced. Though each experience this manifestation of deliverance in time yet all have the same experience in the Anointed. The Israel of our God stands resurrected in the Lamb before the foundation of the world, they are manifested in the time appointed of the Father and when the time of this habitation is over they shall all be absent from the body and present with Yehovah, because, the Salvation of Yehovah is come, “having His reward with Him and His work before Him”.

The immutable nature of God demands that His salvation be the same yesterday, today and forever. He did not formulate a plan of salvation which stood upon the outcome of the events of the garden and when Adam failed, God rewrote His plan. Nor did He devise a plan that was tailor made to the nation of Israel, who, having given it their best fell short of perfection. This set back did not force the Almighty, whose will it is that none of His people should perish but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth, to turn to the Gentiles as a second choice to fill His banquet tables and replenish His kingdom. His salvation is the same today as it was in the beginning and thus He commands, “Say to the daughter of Zion, Your salvation is come; behold His reward with Him and His work before Him.

Many have concluded that the so called Great Commission is the authorization of the disciples of the Anointing to go forth into the world and peddle the glad tidings of great joy unto every descendant of Adam. The universal application of the blessing of eternal life is available to who-so-ever wills to come and take hold of it while the shed blood of the Lamb of God is sufficient for all yet efficient to those who believe. Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world as a demonstration of the mystery of the gospel which would soon be explained in the vision of Peter upon the rooftop and the Apostleship of Paul unto the nations. He commissioned them as ‘fishers of men’ “because the abundance of the sea shall convert unto You (Yehovah) and the forces of the nations shall come unto You” (Is. 60:5). He sent them out into all the world in complete deference to the Zionism of the time and He commanded them to preach the same thing to whom-so-ever they were given liberty to preach.

“For my eyes have seen Your salvation which You have prepared before the face of all people; a light to lighten the nations and the glory of Your people Israel” (Luke 2:30).

The salvation of Yehovah is from the beginning for, before the foundation of the world, the Lamb stood as He had been slain. His death paid the price for sin, which had not yet entered into the world though Adam (for the wages of sin is death), the blood identified the house wherein the first-born seed dwelt and cleansed the house of leaven (which is unrighteousness), not yet being formed from the dust of the earth. Yet it pleased the Father to assign this time of habitation as necessary for the good of the body and to cause His seed to be made subject to the vanity of the corruption of His creation.

In the fullness of time, these works, which were finished before the foundation of the world and testified to with types and foreshadows of the heavenly reality, were openly manifested. The Son of God, who is indeed the eternal Father, made Himself of no reputation and took on Himself the form of sinful flesh that He might abolish the handwriting of ordinances which stood against His people (Eph. 2:15). He fulfilled the true Law in all righteousness and completed the work which the Father had given Him. His blood was shed for the forgiveness of the sin of His people before Adam was created for as “God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Rms. 5:8).

The eternal love of God for His children is the first cause of all that He has done and although the natural mind cannot contemplate the reasons or see the good that God has ordained yet all these works were finished before sin entered into the world and death by sin. The power of God unto deliverance, which is the gospel of the Anointed Salvation of Yehovah, proclaims that He has delivered His people and called them with an Holy calling, “not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, but is now made manifest by the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel” (II Tim. 1:9).

And so, when Simeon beheld the babe in Mary’s arms, he saw the testimony that God had kept His word and not one word of His promise had fallen to the ground. He proclaimed to the daughter of Zion that her salvation had come. The fact that this was the sign, that a virgin should conceive and bare a son and all His name Emmanuel, was fulfilled before his eyes for this child who was born was indeed the Son who was given. He testified that the name of this chosen One of Yehovah God was Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace and that the government was upon His shoulders. He announced to all that the promise of God unto David was in their presence for the son of David was upon His throne and of His kingdom there should be no end. The end of the world had come, heaven and earth were to pass away and for the children of grace, all things were to be made new.

“And they shall call them, the Holy people, the Redeemed of Yehovah.”

God avenged His people in the type of Israel when he bought them back from the ‘great house’ by the death of the first born. He did not make the way of deliverance possible for any and all who wanted it, He stretched forth His hand and worked a wondrous work in the land of Egypt as He not only made the land odious from death causing Pharaoh to ‘thrust them out’ but also made His people willing and able to leave. The death of the first born Lamb and the shed blood upon the door posts identified the redeemed of Yehovah as the righteous judgment of God came upon the first born of man and beast in the land and so the redeemed of Yehovah are sealed and identified by His blood.

Were the people of Israel righteous? Not at all! They were a stiff-necked and rebellious people from the beginning who were soon drawn away after the desires of the flesh to forget God, ignore every sign and wonder He sent unto them and discard His Word as unnecessary foolishness; this is the first Adam the natural man.

Yet in type, these people were made righteous by the blood of the Lamb and proclaimed Holy unto God by His grace. He protected them and guided them, giving them His Law in type and foreshadows, which law they could not keep. He gave them the land and the judges to set before them a constant witness to their inability to measure up to His standards of perfection and Holiness. He gave them the desire of their hearts and sent leanness into their souls as He gave the Saul to rule over them and even though they had rejected Him yet He preserved them as the redeemed of Yehovah.

He raised up the Beloved and gave him promises as he put all enemies under his feet and increased the kingdom under his rule. And when the time of his habitation was over, God promised him that he would not want for a man to sit upon his throne FOREVER!

This type was manifested when the King of Peace (Solomon) was raised up in David’s place. He testified that God “who has kept with Your servant David, my father, that You promised him, which You spoke with Your mouth and have fulfilled with Your hand this day” (I Kings 8:24). He further “blessed Yehovah that has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised. There has not failed ONE WORD which He promised by the hand of Moses His servant” (8:56).

This manifestation of the promises of God to His chosen people was not in prospect or in hope of acceptance but was in fact the earthly representation of the heavenly reality that there is and always has been an Holy people who have been avenged by Yehovah by the death of the first born. God is not looking for a people to redeem for His Word demanded that anyone who was redeemed (had his debt paid by another) must be kindred. In the type, God did not redeem any other than Israel nor did He make this redemption available to any other. When the nation came to the mount and He gave them the pattern of heavenly things, He said “if a brother be waxen poor and has sold away of his possessions, and if any of his KIN come to redeem it then he shall redeem that which his BROTHER has sold” (Lev. 25:25). The right of the kinsman redeemer was not unto the Canaanites of the land nor to the neighboring tribes for it was a privilege to the brethren of Israel only.

So it is with the Redeemed of Yehovah. He alone has the right and privilege of redemption to those who are of the Holy seed,; those who are poor by reason of being made partakers of flesh and blood; “I will also leave in the midst of you a poor and afflicted people, and they shall trust in the name of Yehovah” (Zeph. 3:12). This promise of Yehovah was made over 600 years before the manifestation of Messiah and spoke of a people who were left in Israel as a sign of His love. There has always been a people who have been redeemed of the Lord by the shed blood of the First born among many brethren, whom He foreknew and predestinated to be conformed to the image of the Son (Rms. 8:29). These are “elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through the sanctification of the Spirit unto obedience and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ (the Anointed Salvation of Yehovah)” (I Pt. 1:2) as a “chosen generation, a royal priesthood, AN HOLY nation and a peculiar people, that you should shew forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light, which in the past, not a people, but now, the people of God, which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy” (2:9).

“...and you shall be called, Sought out, a city not forsaken.”

The foundations of the Kingdom of God stand sure in that He knows them that are His. He came to seek and to save that which was lost and He has never been found out by observation or seeking. Only those who have the love of the Father shed abroad in their hearts have the unquenchable earnest desire to find and be with their Beloved for they are One. The Father and the Son cannot be separated any more than the breath (Spirit) may be isolated and divided from the body; neither can the Beloved, who is one in Him from the beginning (for thus God created man, male and female created He them), ever be separated from the love of her Beloved. He gave of Himself to protect her from being made unclean by cleansing the vessels afore prepared to receive the seed. He preserves her in the habitation of this dwelling by the power of His resurrection, wherein He was prevented from seeing corruption, and He sustains her by the Word for He is the life and the light of the body.

He came because there was none to help or to uphold, neither was there any who sought after righteousness, therefore He brought salvation unto Himself. No man is capable of shedding his blood for the remission of his own sin, let alone the sin of the Beloved, for there is no one of Adam who is spotless and without blame. No man knows the mind of God to understand His purpose or determine what His will is. Man does not know what he needs as he labours for that which cannot satisfy or sustain; he certainly does not know what is needed to preserve, protect and sustain the Beloved as she walks in the barren wilderness of this land. Nothing done or imagined by Adam or his children corporately could ever purge the conscience of the inherent inability to delight in the Law of God or keep His commandments for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

The Jerusalem, which is now, is a reminder of the former glory of Israel wherein God blessed a people and built a nation; but that has all vanished as the house is left desolate. Jerusalem continues to stand as the representation of the bondage of the people under the administration of condemnation wherein whosoever kept the law made continual confession of being a sinner. The rituals, ceremonies and feast days all bare witness that those under the law are in need of forgiveness for their sin by the shedding of blood and whosoever desires the law strives for the ministration of death (II Cor. 3:7).

The Jerusalem which is from above is clean and spotless. She has neither spot nor blemish for she is eternally one in the Godhead. She is sought out of her Lord and found by her Kinsman Redeemer. He has satisfied the Law of God and redeemed unto Himself a peculiar people zealous of good works. He has made this Holy nation, kings and priest unto God as they reign in righteousness over all. His promise to her as she abides in this foreign land, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” “for I am with you even unto the ends of the world”.

The world has discarded and refused the chief cornerstone of the building of God not made with hands. The natural man cannot see the value of the precious living stones which are the walls of Jerusalem and the pride of his heart prevents him from walking the path which leads unto life. He has no interest in the heavenly kingdom and does not care for anything he cannot touch, taste, see or hear. He is of the earth and his mind is saturated with the cares of this life, therefore he cannot seek after righteousness nor do justice in the eyes of God.

The children of the Kingdom seek that city not made with hands which is eternal in the heavens. They keep the Law of God by the power of God within as His Spirit causes them to walk in the light of Yehovah. They cannot fail because His seed, which is incorruptible, remains and He abides in them. Though the trials and tribulations of this world appear to be insurmountable as they continue to manifest the inability of Adam and the vanity of this world, yet they serve the Beloved all the days of her habitation. They remind her that this is not her home and that she has not been forgotten nor abandoned by Her Lord as she earnestly anticipates her return to the Father’s house.

“Hear the Word of Yehovah, you nations, and declare in the isles afar off and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him and keep him, His flock, as a shepherd; for Yehovah has redeemed Jacob and ransomed him from the hand stronger than he. Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion and shall flow together to the goodness of Yehovah, for wheat, for wine, for oil and of the young of the flock and of the herd and their souls shall be as a watered garden and the shall not sorrow any more at all. The shall the virgin rejoice in dance both young men and old together for I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and make them rejoice from their sorrow. And I will satiate the soul of the priests with fatness and My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, saith Yehovah” (Jer. 31:10ff)

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
November 6, 2016