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Jeremiah 10:13

“He hath made the earth by His power, He hath established the world by His wisdom and hath stretched out the heavens by His discretion.”

The testimony of the scripture is that in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall all things be established. Here in the tenth chapter and again in the 51st chapter, the same phrase appears in the midst of the text confirming the status of the situations in the government of Almighty God. In the first account, the Holy Spirit reveals that there is none like unto Jehovah and in the midst of overwhelming evidences to His majesty and might, “Who would not fear thee, O King of the nations” (10:7). Irrefutable, irrepressible and undeniable proof to the greatness of God, clearly manifested in His creation and further confirmed in the wonders which He performs to confirm His presence and power, would appear to be sufficient to convince even the most hard hearted and stiffnecked people on earth of the Sovereignty of His command. Yet “among all the wise men of all the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto Thee and they are all together brutish and foolish”.

Man with all of his cumulative knowledge and experiences is incapable of comprehending the nature of God. His ways are as far above man’s level of understanding as the heavens are above the earth and the natural man cannot receive anything that is not of the earth and temporal. He is drawn away after the things of this world and his appetite and desires are for the pleasures of this world. He does not have the mind of God, he does not know His purpose and is blind to His works and for all of this he stands guilty before the Just God who demands perfection.

But some may ask, “is God angry with man because he does not believe or does man not believe because of God’s wrath?” God is not a respecter of persons or the works of their hands. Before any good or any evil could be performed, God had already set his mark against Adam and his posterity declaring them guilty for falling short of the glory of God. Before there was even a good intention of an evil motive, God had fixed the number of earthen vessels that He would prepare for the washing of the blood of the Lamb and the glory of the abode of the eternal seed and the ones He would outfit for destruction which house the seed of the serpent. And thus Jeremiah states that “Jehovah is the true and living God and eternal King; at His wrath the earth shall tremble and the nations shall not be able to abide His indignation”. His ways are just and pure and He performs all the good pleasure of His eternal will according to that same will. Any god who has not made heaven and earth shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens BECAUSE, “God has made the earth by His power”.

His power is absolute and fully contained in Himself. He designed the universe and all of existence. He determined the times of habitations and the limitations thereof for all time of every living creature that would come into existence. By Himself, through Himself and for Himself are all things coming to pass and His sovereign will is performed in heaven, on the earth and below the earth. He ordained and controls all power, dominions, principalities and thrones and is seated in heaven ruling over the kingdoms of this world. The witness of all who are granted to be before the throne in Glory is, “We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast and art to come, because thou hast taken to thee thy great power and hast reigned” (Rev. 11:17). He did not ask advice of anyone. He was not influenced by anyone or anything and none can stay His hand or say unto Him, ‘What are you doing?’ He commands and controls the light as the darkness, the righteous as the wicked and causes by His power all things to come to pass. This is the power by which He made the earth.

He established the world by His ability, skill and wisdom. He alone possesses the plan and the purpose for why things are as they are. His desires and intentions are revealed by that which is both seen and unseen and the thoughts of His heart are made manifest in the creation He has made. Everything is exactly as He intends without exception. There does not exists a power, influence or possibility that could alter His decree one iota and since He has stretched out the heavens by His discretion and understanding, only those who have the mind of God can understand what He has done and why.

This comprehension is not in Adam for, “Every man is brutish (stupid and barbaric) in all his knowledge”. When God utters His voice it is as the sound of many waters in heaven and man does not have the ears to hear. All of the course of nature is under the command of the Creator and man has not the eyes to see it and when the power of God is displayed in the lightning, the rain and the winds which are kept in His treasuries, man is foolish enough to think this a force of nature. The best minds of man have been saturated with the things of this world, by his Creator, so that he cannot, by searching, find out the things which God makes from the beginning to the end (Ecc. 3:11). God has purposely made man stupid so that no flesh can glory in His sight. He does not share His glory with Adam nor will He permit any to come unto His that is not equal to Him is perfection of Holiness. The foolishness of the founder that makes a molten image and the carver who digs out a statue and calls them gods is no better or worse than the inability of man to comprehend the greatness and glory of Almighty God. One is not better off than the other because they are all VANITY - worthless and the work to fashion them is a delusion and a mockery. They shall perish with their creators.

“The portion of Jacob is not like unto them for He is the former of all and Israel is the lot of His inheritance. Jehovah of hosts is His name.” (10:16)

God is not a man and even though He created man in His image, He is not according to the nature or characteristics of any who are born of the flesh. He is the One who fashioned all things that exist and He did not create anything equal to Himself. He has chosen His seed in Himself and has assigned an inheritance unto He and His children of power with God. Not because He has elevated Adam from the dust up to the heights of glory but because He has preserved unto Himself a people in the midst of the confusion, wickedness and iniquity that is Holy unto Him.

The nation of Israel took all that God had given them in the pattern on the mount and had done exactly what He said they would do when they came into the land which He had given them. They lived in houses that they did not build and ate the fruit of the crops they did not plant and when they had begotten children and grandchildren and had remained long upon the land, they corrupted themselves. They made graven images, the likeness of things and did evil in the sight of Jehovah God who delivered them, protected them and made them mighty. “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that you shall soon utterly perish from off the land where unto ye go over Jordan to possess it. You shall not prolong your days upon it but shall utterly be destroyed” (Deut. 4:26). Before they had even set foot upon the land that God promised their forefathers, God told them, lest when it came to pass they should say, see the works of our hands, that they would pollute the land, the inheritance and the covenant by mixing in the traditions of man, the gods of the people pf the land and forget the One true Living God. This is how Israel became Babylon (confusion by mixing). Yet from the midst of this confusion, He brought forth the righteousness of His people (Jer. 51:10). Just as He had preserved that tender Branch from the top of the great cedar and planted it in His Holy Mountain (Ez. 17:22), so He preserved the ‘Apple of His Eye’ in the confusion of alliances and confederacies with the nations of the world. And when He came forth from confusion (Zerub-babel) He came “not by might nor by strength but by My Spirit saith Jehovah of Hosts”. He brought forth the Head stone, that precious tried stone of the house of Jehovah, where He would tabernacle with man, and He cried, “Grace, grace unto it” (Zech. 4:6f).

The confusion had come about because Jehovah God had “made the earth by His power, He hath established the world by His wisdom and hath stretched out the heavens by His understanding” (Jer. 51:15). Nothing was out of place then and nothing is out of place now. Two thousand years before the manifestation of the last days, God called forth His people from the Ur of the Caldeans and caused Abram to walk by faith until the time of the coming of the Beloved (David) who would put all things under His feet. Then He established the throne of the King of Peace for another thousand years until the time when he would cause the daily sacrifices to cease and confirm the oath with many who still live by His faith. Now two thousand years later, He is still seated in the heavens as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The kingdoms of this world and every inhabitant thereof are completely under His authority and they perform His will in all that they do.

Brethren there is nothing new under the sun. God is the same and He does not change. He is the cause of all that is and in complete and absolute control over every thought, motive, intention and desire. Herein is the wisdom of the saints. Herein is the patience of the saints.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes,
March 11, 2012