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John 4:1

Thoughts on the woman at the well.

This land was a scourge to the Jewish society because of the events recorded in II Kings 17. The Babylonians had removed the children of Jacob from the land and brought in son good old fashion squatters. But these did not know the God of the land and God was wroth with them. He sent in lions which slew some of them. (Actually this was a merciful act by God for He could have sent in some ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing of the arminian missionary flavor to hound and corrupt them all their lives but instead He just had the lions kill them.) The people of Samaria were brought up in the pagan rituals of Babylon and the corruption of the sin of Jereboam being social and religious outcasts. They were lower than the heathen who ‘knew’ no better and were hated above all men. Yet in the fullness of time Jesus left Judea for Galilee and he must needs go through Samaria. His disciples had gone off to buy some vittles and there He sat by the well of Jacob under the shadow of Mt. Ebal awaiting the woman. Mt. Ebal had an altar on it constructed out of whole stone and plaster (Deut. 11) but there was a curse on it (Deut. 27).

And now the woman came expecting to draw water and be about her daily chores. But unbeknown to her, she was a chosen vessel of mercy whom the Anointed Savior had come to reveal Himself to. He had sought her out and found her as a lost sheep of the house of Israel. She did not find Him, He came to her.

He asks her for water and she is amazed that a ‘Jew’ would speak to a ‘Samaritan’ and that this man would be speaking to a woman. She does not know Him. She knows nothing of her state of affairs or her need for deliverance. She has not been educated to make a wise decision and accept Jesus into her heart. “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that said, give me drink, you would ask of Him and He would have given you living water”. Just like the two on the road to Emmaus, until He reveals Himself, no man can know Him. Even then the natural man does not comprehend or understand as she asks, how can you draw water, the well is deep and you have no pot? Jesus speaks to her of spiritual things and, just like Nicodemus, she is thinking in natural terms. He speaks of the living water that flowed from the garden of God (Gen.1), flowed from Jerusalem in the last days (Zech.14:8), flows from the throne of God (Rev.22:1) and flows out of the belly of him that believes in Him (John 7:38). She wants such water so she never has to come and draw water again and so she never gets thirsty again.

Jesus than commands her to go and get her husband and she says she has none. He then reveals that He is one who sees all things, proclaims the Word of God and communes with God, “Sir I perceive that thou art a prophet”. He does not condemn her because she was remarried 4 time and the one she was with now was not her husband for old things were now passed away and all things had become new.

She then looks to the accursed Mt. Ebel, and says that this is where she was taught to worship God but the commandment of her Lord came forth when Jesus said, “Woman believe me”. Faith does come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God and when the Word speaks to those whom He has given ears to hear they believe and live. He then teaches her by His Spirit that “God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth”. She then testifies of the Christ by proclaiming, “Come see a man who told me all things I ever did, Is this not the Anointed?” The Word of God was proclaimed by a social degenerate, religiously ignorant culturally inept woman in Spirit and in Truth. Just like Saul of Tarsus after the Damascene road experience.

Notice how prodigious the disciples were when they saw Christ speaking to one of His chosen people as they “marveled that He talked with the woman”. Surely grace was not given to one like her!! Man judges on the outside but God knows them that are His; whom He has reserved unto Himself and there is no room for arrogant judgment on the part of one who has been delivered about who may or may not be one of His. Jesus said, you shall know them by their fruit but He knew them personally, being chosen in Him, before the foundation of the world. Remember, brethren, and such were all of us, ignorant, degenerate, blind and so very confident, before by His grace He revealed Himself to us.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes