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“Hallowed be thy name”. – Luke 11

Man has the unquenchable desire to venerate things and worship them. God hid the body of Moses for this very reason for the children of Israel would have hallowed the man and worshiped his dead carcass. The children of Israel worshiped the cow manure that fertilized their fields, poured out drink offerings to the stars of heaven and taught the traditions of the elders as the doctrines of God. None of which is truly ‘holy’ even though it had been set aside and esteemed as such. The same is true for the name of God. It is not holy because man sets it apart or designates it as such but, because God is Holy, so His name is consecrated, sacred and hallowed. Many Jews today will call God ‘Ha Shem’ rather than attempt to pronounce His name and they do so because they believe it is to Holy for man to say. (Since His name was given to Moses to tell the children of Israel who it was that sent him, I doubt that Moses said “Ha Shem” sent me but rather said “Jehovah” or however it is pronounced, sent me). Man abstaining from mentioning the name does not make it Holy and nothing man can do can make God any more or any less than he is, which is, The Lord God Almighty.

God sanctified and hallowed the Sabbath when He rested after the completion of His work of creation. He hallowed the Tabernacle and the furniture therein as each was a type and figure of Messiah that would come. He said His name was Holy as were all the firstborn of the house of Israel, the shew bread, the temple that Solomon built and the heave offering. He had hallowed them all unto Himself consecrating them for His name sake. He alone is the King and His word is true and the cry of the Spirit within a child of grace that calls forth, “Abba Father” is not granting Him permission to be Hallowed but has come before Him because His name is hallowed. This is the one who spoke and all things became as He intended. The word of His power created all things and by Him all thing consist. He has performed the intentions of His heart and as He has spoken so it has come to pass. This is the one whom the children call “Our Father which art in heaven”. The prayer begins at the altar in the smoke of the incense which ascends before God and when the Spirit cast them down to the earth and grants an utterance which cannot be heard, they return again to the One who sits upon the altar from whence they came. This is why He knows the question and has given the answer before the petition is made.

When Korah, Dathan, Abiram and On stood against Moses and Aaron with 250 renown people of Israel, they told them that they took to much to themselves. After all, the whole congregation was hallowed and Jehovah was in their midst, so who made you, Aaron and Moses, the final say and the word of God? God told Moses to have these 250 men bring forth censers, put fire in them and set them before the Lord, and whom the Lord chose on the morrow, he shall be holy by the word of God. After Moses and Aaron were shown to be chosen of Jehovah and the earth opened up and swallowed Korah and his people, God told Moses to take the censers from the fire and scatter the fire yonder, “for they are hallowed”. Then He told them to take the censers of these sinners and make broad plates to cover the altar because they were offered before the Lord therefore they were hallowed. And this was to be a memorial to the children of Israel, “that no stranger which is not of the seed of Aaron come near to offer incense before Jehovah”. The right of offering the smoke of the perfume of the incense before the throne of the Mercy Seat belonged exclusively to those who were of the seed of Aaron, ‘the bringer of Light”. Those who were the heirs of the priesthood whom God had consecrated for the work of the ministry and had made priests unto Himself are the only ones to whom the fire, the censer, the incense and the memorial are given. No man has this right of access or the privilege of service and as it was in the type so it is in the reality before the throne in heaven. The seed of the true High Priest have been set apart by faith and the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus, the very God of peace and no stranger who is not of that seed can even attempt to approach or beg an audience. Each child has been washed and made kings and priest to God by God the Father and when the Spirit, who has the mind of God, grants this most precious gift of intercession to the one who has been born from above, the natural man cannot understand or perceive it. The power of the Spirit may be demonstrated by the flesh just as the ass that Balaam rode spoke at the presence of the Angel of the Lord, but the Spirit is not impressed with the motions of the flesh.

The cry of the Spirit is to the ruler of the universe for that which has been assigned to each child for the particular day. The just live by faith and not by sight. God grants to them that which is necessary for the day including the sustenance, the trials and tribulations and the grace which He has granted. He has tailor made each according to His good pleasure for each child in particular and for His purpose which He purposed in Himself. He then grants the prayer of the saints to come forth by the intercession of the Spirit, “Give us day by day our daily bread”. Not only the sustenance for this frail earthen vessel as He did with Elijah and the widow at Zarapheth but the daily provisions of that ‘Bread of Life’ which was typified in the shew bread of the tabernacle. Each day the bread was set out fresh and the bread of yesterday was for the provision of the priests that served the temple. The Servant of God has built His temple and His children, who have come fro afar, build within and He provides for them the Bread of Life.

Jesus did not instruct His disciples to give God permission to bring forth His kingdom, nor did he say that when His disciples had properly performed the ‘great commission’ God would bring forth His kingdom. He said that the kingdom is come and He did not make any distinction between the kingdom of Christ, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of light for they are ‘thy kingdom’. There is one King and He is the Lord God Almighty. He is seated upon the throne and He rules over the kingdoms of the world, giving them to the basest of men, and His will is performed on the earth as it is in heaven. No one in heaven needs to give God permission to rule or has any control over His will. Here on earth, Satan and all his children are under the command and control of the will of God fro He has put it in their hearts to fulfill His will and give the kingdoms of this world unto that beast and great dragon. His will is performed in the armies of heaven and none can stay His hand.
The love of the Father for His children is singular and eternal. As He grants and commands so they do because they love Him and keep His commandments. His Spirit communes with their Spirit in the sweetness of spiritual things and His children commune with Him through the same Spirit with groanings and utterances which cannot be heard by the natural man. “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly” (Matt. 6:6).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
February 13, 2011