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Matthew 11:19

“Wisdom is justified of her children.”

Throughout all ages and over all the world, wherever the logic of man prevails, there will be a list of do’s and dont’s that have been established to determine if one is righteous or not. The list is equally extensive of the things that a ‘chirstian’ will do and that which he will not do to testify to the world that he is a follower of ‘christ’. The items on the list are visual, tactile and tangible, intended to be seen of men. They are to be worn on the arms of the professing number as the mark of approval of the father. These have their reward!

Here in the record of Matthew, Jesus has sent forth the twelve, including the one who was a ‘devil from the beginning’ and instructed them where to go and what to do. He then told them what would happen to them and what they SHALL do when these things occurred. “And it came to pass, when Jesus had made an end of commanding His twelve disciples, HE departed thence to teach and to preach in their towns” (11:1). In the midst of this teaching and preaching, the disciples of John come to Him and inquire, for John, if Jesus is the Messiah or should they look for another. Jesus tells them to testify as to what they see; “The blind receive their sight and the lame walk. The lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear. The dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them”. These were tangible evidences that the Christ had come in fulfillment of prophesy and Jesus told the disciples of John to report what they saw. The works which the twelve disciples were performing were also tangible evidences that God was doing a work in the midst of the land.

He then turns to the crowd of people and asks them, “What went ye out into the wilderness to see, a reed shaken in the wind? But what went ye out for to see; a man clothed in soft raiment? Behold they that wear soft clothing are in the king’s houses. But what went ye out for to see; a prophet”. Three times He asks them what they were looking for. He did not ask them what they were seeking but what they wanted to see. Now John is the last of the prophets and the law. he is the fulfillment of the prophesy of Isaiah of the “voice crying in the wilderness saying, prepare ye the way of Jehovah” (Is. 40:3). The Messenger of God told his father that he was to be great in the sight of Jehovah and that his name was to be ‘given by Jehovah’ (John). The people flocked to him as he preached that the kingdom of heaven was at hand and baptized them in the Jordon and they marveled as he rebuked the ruling religious class of Pharisees telling them they were not worthy to be baptized. Jesus tells this multitude that this John is the greatest man born of woman yet the least of the kingdom of God is greater than he. Jesus also said that the time of the law and the prophets until John was a time of violence and force in which many were killed for the name of Jesus and yet a little while longer and it would be over (Rev. 6:9, the fifth seal).

Then He upbraids the mass as being nothing more than spoiled little children who think the world owes them gratitude and compliance to their wishes and the great cities as being wicked and unrepentant. John was a sight to see with his long hair, camel hair garments and leather girdle as he ate wild locust and honey. The people said he was possessed by a devil. They did not understand what they saw. Jesus came eating and drinking, doing wonders and miracles and preaching the kingdom of God and they called Him a glutton, winebibber and one who ate with publicans and sinners. Again extremely tangible, visual and public conduct which they could not understand. To this Jesus said, “Wisdom is evinced just of her children”.

Every descendant of Adam has the knowledge of good and evil. When Adam partook of the fruit of the tree, he and his wife knew they were naked before the Lord and the Lord said, “Behold man is become as one of us to know good and evil:”. So, man is without excuse because he has the facts of the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. He does not have the understanding of the purpose of these facts and he does not have the skill, perception or prudence to do anything about it. The understanding of the matter, or the purpose of the subject, is the will of God. All things work together according to the good pleasure of this will and come to pass by the power of this will. The natural man does not have the mind of God to understand this and he is not fashioned to receive the teaching of the things of the Spirit to obtain this understanding. God gives this understanding to His children that they may know the truth (I John 5:20).

But wisdom is more than the computation of facts and the understanding of the purpose. She is the Spirit of God which He gives His children. This Spirit causes them to walk according to His statutes and to do every good work that they have been created in Christ Jesus to do. He gave this Spirit or better said He breathed this Spirit into the ones He had chosen to fashion the tabernacle. They did not know how to build this pattern of heavenly things, they were brick makers for Pharaoh who knew nothing but the mixing of straw into mud to make bricks. God filled them by breathing into them the Spirit of skill that they might complete the work exactly as He had ordained (Ex. 28:3). He gave this skill to the inward man which CAUSED the outward man (Adam) to perform the work (31:6). He then stirred up the hearts of the women with skill, prudence and discernment to spin the hair of goats for the curtains. Everything that God had commanded His people to make pertaining to the tabernacle, which stood as the type of Messiah to come, was CAUSED to happen by His Spirit of Wisdom which He gave to His elect few. Just as when He breathed into the corpse of Adam as it lay on the ground being fashioned form the dust of the ground, so the children of Israel had no choice in the matter but to perform as He purposed.

But wisdom is more. Job said that the reverence and respect of the sovereignty of Almighty God was the beginning, the firstborn of Wisdom (28:28) and although Elihu (Satan) said that wisdom came with experience (32:7), Jehovah declared that He put wisdom in the inner parts and gave understanding to the heart (38:36). Wisdom is as eternal as God for He possessed HER in the beginning of His ways. SHE was with Him before the world was made therefore SHE is the principle thing, the first. God created man in His image being male and female and having his seed in him, therefore God is male and female having His eternal incorruptible seed in Him being equal to Him. He spoke to His Son, Joshuah the High priest and told Him, “If thou wilt walk in My ways and if thou wilt keep My charge, then shalt thou also judge MY house and shalt also keep My courts and I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by” (Zech. 3:7). So the charge of the Proverbs of the King of Peace (Solomon) are to the Son from the Father having His seed with Him. This seed is the children of the Most High God, “Beloved now are we the sons of God” (I John 3:2) and the children of wisdom. She is their sister and their kinswomen (Pro. 7:4), she is the firstborn and she rests in the hearts of the righteous (14:33). She is full of power being virtuous and, being mother to the King pertaining to God, (Lemuel) she is blessed of her children and her husband (31:28). Therefore, “give to her from the hands of her children the works of praise in the city” (31:31).

These are not for man to see and even when he does he will not know them. They are works of righteousness which only the house of the redeemed may do and they, being ordained of old, shall come to pass. Wisdom is then made evinced just by the testimony of her children to all the world, not to convert, convince or change, but to testify of the finished work of the Son for His house.

“There is no wisdom, nor understanding nor counsel against Jehovah” (Pro. 21:30). Every good work that He has ordained comes to pass without the ‘good intentions’ of man, the arm of the flesh or the wisdom of man.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
April 1, 2012