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Matthew 2

With particular reference to King Herod.

Prov. 16:33 states that the lot is cast into the lap but the WHOLE disposition thereof is of Jehovah. Herod was a very paranoid and suspicious person whom God had elevated to the position of King of the Jews. He was a son of Esau and therefore he was at enmity with the seed of the woman from the beginning yet he occupied the seat of David. He had had his first wife and two sons executed for fear that they were trying to take his throne and now an emissary from the east came and asked, “Where is he that is bon King of the Jews” They were not seeking the heir to the throne they were at the palace seeking the King. Christ did not come into this world to become anything. He is the Mighty God, the Eternal Father and the Prince of Peace and He came into this world born King. Herod and all of Jerusalem were in complete disarray. Though the whole country and all of her neighbors were inundated with witchcraft, sorcery and astrology no one had seen the star save a royal emissary from the east. Bethlehem was only about 5 miles away, virtually in Herod’s backyard, and he knew nothing about the birth. No one had seen the heavenly hosts or heard the angels sing save those unto God had revealed it.

Upon discovering that his deal had been ignored Herod went on an rampage killing all the children in Bethlehem and the coast round about. By this act which was ordained of old by God and foretold by the prophet Jeremiah, Herod created a two year hole in history. No one could claim to be Messiah from Bethlehem for all the children, save one, were dead. Herod was a vessel created to perform as the Creator desired and he, with all of his narcissism and paranoia, performed flawlessly for God had put it in his heart to fulfill His will. The WHOLE disposing thereof was of the Jehovah. That is how the sovereign God rules the kingdoms of this world.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes