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“And when you pray...” – Matthew 6:5

Today the taskmasters of the religious world lay hard the whip of duty as they compound the work load by commanding the need for an ‘effective prayer life’. The poor child of mercy is humiliated and banished from the company of the elite as they realize that they do not how to pray.

The discourse that Jesus gave here beginning in chapter 5 was to His disciples and not to the multitude, “and when He was set, His disciples came unto Him and He opened His mouth and taught them”. This was never meant for the general populous or for universal application. These were His disciples and He taught them that they were poor in Spirit, mournful, meek, hungry, thirsty children who were guilty of offending the entire law of Moses. He then elaborates that it is not only the action that constitutes a violation but the thoughts and intents of the heart. He being the true Word and sharper than any two edged sword, was the only true discerner of these thoughts and intents, therefore He spoke as no other man, “For He taught as one having authority and not as the scribes”.

The subject of prayer then is not an action of carnal initiative or action but rather the conversation between a child and his Father. No one else has this privilege or right but those of the eternal seed known as His children. It is to be conducted in secret because the Father sees in secret but rewards openly. But most important is that He knows the need and the petition before it is uttered. The child does not know his or her needs and after the flesh cannot know the mind or intent of God, but, he that has the Spirit can, because the Spirit knows the things of God. Therefore they which are born from above, having the indwelling Holy Spirit, know the mind and purpose of God and therefore, utterance is man according to the will of God. It is not made by the vocal cords of the Adamic tabernacle but by the Spirit that helps our infirmity, the bondage of this earthen vessel, with groanings and utterances which cannot be heard.

When John was in the Spirit in heaven he observed that when the Lamb took the book there were 24 elders sitting around the throne. Each of these had a harp and a golden vile full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. When the seventh seal was opened there was silence in heaven for about an 1/2 hour and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose continually before the throne of God. He then took fire from the altar before the throne and put it in the censor and cast it to the earth and there was thunder, lightnings and an earth quake. The prayers of the saints came from heaven to the earth and they sounded just like the voice of God when He descended upon Mount Sinai. The true prayers of the saints are from God, to God and by God. No man can formulate them or sound them forth because they are of a foreign tongue which only the saints can know.

David proclaimed this in I Chron. 29:10, where he first acknowledges God as the Father. Then he praises His name for His power and greatness which echo the praises of the Revelation to the word. He then states that all that he and his people were offering unto Him was from His hand and by His good pleasure. Finally he states that even though he had put down all enemies and expanded the kingdom to its fullest boundary, he and his people were strangers before Him in a foreign land. They were seeking that city not made with hands whose builder and maker is God. The city of Zion that was established in the last days upon the mountain of God. Yet being strangers in a foreign land they went up year by year to worship the King and keep the feast of tabernacles.

Prayer is the right of the family of God, the child to the Father. All other want-to-bees have no right nor portion nor memorial. The child prays without ceasing because the Spirit never stops making the intercession before the throne and He will never leave His people nor forsake them.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
June 13, 2010