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Psalms 103

“Bless the Lord, O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits”.

What a wonderful expression to be able to extol the greatness of our God; to sing forth His majesty and power and to sound forth His glory to all. But we cannot. We would like to be able to and we see the religions of the world proclaiming that they do it all the time, yet we know that all the words and all the actions of the cumulative force of mankind could not properly and accurately ‘bless the Lord’. Man does not have the ability to understand the things of God or comprehend His ways. God has set His ways far above our ways and His thought are not our thoughts so after the flesh, we have no point of reference to speak of such things. God has set the things of this world in the hearts of man so that he cannot find out the things of God by searching and the natural man does not nor cannot receive the things of the Spirit. Therefore Adam and all of his seed are incapable of giving glory or praise unto the King.

Nor has he the right. John saw the things of heaven, being in the Spirit, and he saw white stones with new names written on them and no man could know the names. He saw a book and heard the lamentation that no man was worthy to open the seals thereof. He saw an innumerable host of redeemed by the blood and no man was able to number them. He heard the song of Moses (the one delivered) and the new song that was sung and again no man could learn that song of praise. He saw the Temple of the Lord and when it was opened no man was able to enter therein. There are no Canaanites in the Holy city for the people of the land are not the people of our God.

Therefore David said “Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy name”. This praise must come from that which is born from above and which dwells within the earthen vessels. Only he that has the Spirit of God within can sing the songs of praise unto the Father for he that is born from above is of God. He has the witness of the Spirit and the manifestation of the love of God which is Christ in you the hope of glory. This is the Spirit that groans within the vessel with groanings and utterances which the flesh cannot hear nor comprehend. He presents our cause before the throne continually and “hereby know we that we dwell in Him and He in us because He hath given us of His Spirit” (I John 4:13).

In order for that Spirit to dwell within that chosen vessel, it must have been afore prepared unto glory and have been washed and cleansed. The iniquity must have been forgiven and the diseases cured for the Holy Spirit of God cannot dwell and be soiled by the corruption of death, therefore there was a redemption from destruction and a crown of life granted. No man can take this crown for it is given to those who have overcome the world and that by the imputed faith of Jesus Christ. This is the loving kindness and tender mercy of the Father to His children who became partakers of flesh and blood and when the Spirit brings to memory His dealings with us, then does the Spirit within extol His greatness and wonder.

Let the world point to the outward show, the beautiful songs, the wonderful orations and the altruistic endeavors as proof of praise unto their gods, man looks on the outward but God looketh upon the heart. When the Pharisees stood in their long robes on the street corners making their long-winded prayers, Jesus said they had their reward for they received the praise of man. Dear friends the Spirit has not so taught His people to praise the true God of heaven and earth in the power and by the means of man yet after the flesh we find ourselves enticed by such antics. True praise and worship of God must come from Him through His Spirit and back to Him as a wheel inside a wheel. His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit and that inward man, who delights after the law of the Lord, returns the praise unto the throne. “God is Spirit and they which worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth”.

This mercy and love of God is eternal and it has been forever bestowed upon His eternal seed ‘from everlasting to everlasting’ (Ps. 103:17). His righteousness is “to such as keep His covenant and to those that remember His commandments to do them”. These are they who have had the old heart of stone removed and replaced with that circumcision not made with hands, with the heart of flesh. They have the law of God written on the inward parts and He has given them His Spirit and thus causes them to walk therein. Once again, man has nothing to do with this for Adam has no right, no portion or memorial.

May the Spirit give His people understanding, peace and hope.
Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes