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Psalm 119:32-40

The writer makes it very clear that the cause of all activity on his part is exclusively from the Lord. The desire which he speaks of in verse 40 can only be the desire that Paul speaks of in which he delights after the law of God after the inward man, that which has been born from above. Adam and all his combined hosts, throughout all ages, could not, singularly or corporately, begin to comprehend the least measure of the standard of the glory and Holiness of “thy precepts” let alone have a longing or desire for them. No man seeks after the things of God because God has put the things of this world into their hearts. The law, commandments and testimonies of God are reserved for His children who have the Spirit within them. Only when He has “enlarged my heart” by removing the heart of stone and replacing it with an heart of flesh can the child of grace walk (“run”) after His commandments. When He has taught His generation the way of His statutes by the Spirit then shall they “keep it unto the end”. So he that endureth unto the end shall be saved is commensurate with those who have been “given understanding” because then will they “observe it with my whole heart” (cp Deut. 6:5). As He causes them to go in the path of His commandments “therein do I (they) delight”.

But the writer knows full well that he dwells in the land of Shinar, the seed within this earthen vessel, until the time of this inhabitation is ended. He has been shown by the revelation of the truth, that he has an heart that is inclined to covetousness and an eye (yea two eyes) that behold vanity. He knows the struggle that when he would do good, evil is present and that which he earnestly desires not to do is exactly the conduct he finds this ‘body of death’ craving.

Therefore, because he reverences and loves his God, he cries, unto the source of every good and precious gift, his heavenly Father, “establish thy Word unto thy servant” for he knows “thy Word is truth”. Since he knows that the flesh is week and his arms are too short to deliver himself, he petitions his Lord to “turn away my reproach which I do fear” and “give me life in thy righteousness”.

No free will, no free moral agents and no temporal conditions, just the pure unfailing love of the Father for His children, in the Beloved, who love Him with all their heart and all their mind and all their souls. That’s the ‘New Covenant’, “Since you love Me (because I first loved you) you will keep My commandments”

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
October 31, 2010