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“Jehovah is my portion”. – Psalm 119:57

Not a slice of pie or parcel of land but that Jehovah God was his inheritance and his lot. The children of Abraham had an inheritance within an exact location with specific boundaries, promised to them years before they were even born. This inheritance was fixed and sure and nothing could change it because “God is not a man that He should lie”. While that land was temporal and the nation limited, yet it demonstrated that the inheritance was not earned. It was based solely upon the promise of God to the children of the ‘exalted father of many’ Abraham. So this writer indicates that his lot, his portion, his inheritance is base by, in and through Jehovah. Because of this immutable surety, he said, “I will keep thy word, I will entreat thy face with my whole heart”.

When Christ was confronted with the question, “Which is the greatest of the commandments?” He quoted from the law of Moses, “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might”. Jeremiah said that those participants of the new covenant were given a new heart on which the law of God was written and that the Spirit of God would cause them to walk therein. Therefore for one to “entreat thy face with my whole heart” they must be members of that new covenant who are the beloved of Jehovah, for they keep His commandments (Ex. 20:6). Because one is a member of the Beloved the promises of God’s Word are applicable unto them and the never failing love of the Father is upon them so the writer says, “Be merciful to me according to thy word”.

He then states that he is ‘companion’ to those that fear God and keep His precepts (63). He is not a casual acquaintance or an associate or even a friend. He is ‘united’ to this group, each and everyone of them. He is one with them as Israel was ‘knit together as one man’ (Judg. 20:11) and as a man and his wife (Mal. 2:14). He knew them because he identified with them in their thoughts, desires, trials and tribulations. He experienced all things, just like they did and they were one with him. This is Christ and His church. He knows the feelings of her infirmities and she knows the love and reverence of the Father. She loves Him as he loved Her and as the Father loves Him. He is her partner, her husband and her Lord and she keeps the precepts of God IN HIM. She is the heir of God and joint heir with Christ therefore when He said, “Jehovah is my inheritance” she had the right, the portion and the memorial to be there also. Just as he desired to do nothing less than complete the work that the Father gave Him to do, just as He did nothing of Himself and spoke no words of His own but delighted in the statutes, precepts and commandments of God, so she hungers and thirsts, without hesitation or delay, after righteousness, mercy and the commandments and constantly craves the teaching from above. “The earth is full of thy mercy, O Lord, teach me thy statutes” (64).

Hopefully this has been a brief glimpse at the eternal vital union of Christ and His church.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
November 7, 2010