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Psalm 132

David said that he sought the place of Jehovah and the habitation of the mighty Jacob. He did not seek a building made with hands constructed in the sands of Palestine for the glory of the Lord does not reside there. There is no ark of the covenant and no footstool under which dwell the enemies of God. He sought that city not made with hands that wisdom built before the foundation of the world. It has seven pillars not hewn by hands just as the seven churches, the seven stars, the seven lamps and the seven candlesticks which are the seven spirits of the Lord. This is the same dwelling place that Abram went out seeking, not knowing where he went and it is the same Holy City which John saw coming down from heaven adorned as a bride for her husband. It is the place where God dwells with man. Immanuel, and in which His people rejoice.

David had brought the tabernacle from Shiloh to Jerusalem, from tranquility to the city of peace. There it was torn down and the temple built as Jesus told the Pharisees He would do in fulfillment of the type. The lawgiver has come, the law is fulfilled in righteousness, the peace of the covenant of God has come forth from Him to whom it belongs (Shiloh) and He has gathered all His people to Himself. This habitation is the body, the bride, the temple, the church of Jesus Christ. It has been our dwelling place from generation to generation for, from everlasting to everlasting, He is God. Each inhabitant is clothed with righteousness and salvation and thy saints shall shout for joy

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes