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Psalm 16:5

“The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and my cup; thou maintainest my lot. The lines are fallen out unto me in pleasant places; yea I have a goodly inheritance.”

The writer of this passage, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, does not claim an inheritance of this world or of any tangible possession. He does not speak of fame, riches or prestige as being something he is waiting for when the possessor of these things should pass away. Rather he speaks in a present tense and proclaims that his appointed inheritance is Jehovah. This is the same Jehovah who created the universe by His Word, sustains it by the power of His will and causes all things to come to pass according to the purpose of that will. This is the self contained, immovable and eternally immutable God who was, is and ever shall be the same. Therefore, the inheritance of Jehovah must be as eternal and immutable as Jehovah Himself and the appointment of this inheritance equally as eternal and unchangeable.

Before the world ever was, God had already appointed a particular inheritance to a specific recipient in an exact amount and order. The lot had been cast, just as the children of Israel did BEFORE they entered the promised land, BEFORE they fought the battles and BEFORE they had crossed the Jordan River, so that it was not based upon might, nor by strength but by the appointment of Jehovah by His Spirit. This lot of the inheritance set forth the exact order in which the children of Israel would occupy the land, the boundaries of their habitations and the trials that they would face in the land. The mountainous regions of the north, where the tribe of Dan was allotted their inheritance, was not the same as the arid regions of the south where Simeon resided, yet the lot, being cast into the lap, was completely disposed of Jehovah for His good pleasure. Can these types stand for anything less that a pattern of heavenly things? Were not these things written of old that the child of grace may learn and through the comfort and patience of the scriptures have hope? (Rms 15:4). So then it appears evident that the One who has appointed the inheritance, holds it together by the power of His will and assigns it to His chosen people, each man in his order. He has set the times of their habitations and the limitation thereof here in this existence as the vessels of mercy, afore prepared unto glory, receive the seed that is born from above. Only this seed has the right unto the inheritance because it is an Holy seed that cannot be corrupted. It is as eternal and pure as the Father and, when ordained of the Father and in the fullness of time, the power of the Most High causes this seed to be born of the Spirit. Hence the child is born from above and is the son of God. (I John 3:2) This child is of the house of the firstborn whose inheritance was set before the Jordan (coming down from above) was crossed. The house of the ‘firstborn’ (Reuben), the house of the ‘troop’ (Gad) and half the house of ‘forget’ (Manasseh) all had their lines set forth for them before the land was even entered. Thus the children of the ‘general assembly of the church of the firstborn’ have a goodly inheritance, from the beginning.

In order for these to have the right of this inheritance, they must be of the family. They then would be granted their proper portion in memorial to the testimony that was set forth. No one can just walk in off the street to a reading of a last testimony and claim a right to inheritance and only that portion that has been appropriated may be granted to those demonstrating this right. Those who have been born of corruptible seed cannot demonstrate the family lineage. They have no memorial in the finished work of Jesus Christ and because they have not been born from above, they have not the Spirit of God and are none of His. These claim to worship the same God as Nehemiah, yet they laugh the child of grace to scorn with his ideas of walking by faith and despise them for their ignorance and simplicity. These have no right, no portion or memorial in the inheritance of Jerusalem. Only those who have the fullness of the Godhead indwelling them are those who have been born from above. These have the testimony of the Spirit of God within the inner man, wherein they delight after the law of God and wherein that Spirit bears witness with the Spirit, from faith to faith, that they are the sons of God. And if children than are they heirs of GOD. Not heirs of the sands of Palestine with the buildings made with the hands of man but heirs of God (Rms. 8:16). Jehovah is the appointment of their inheritance. And not only heirs of God but co-heirs with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Not different children but all sons and all having equal right, portion and memorial because they are One in Him as He is in the Father.

These children, the sons of God, have been born or produced from among the incorruptible seed. This is that good seed that the Master of the house planted in His field and brought forth wheat (Matt. 13:24). All the seed is pure and Holy and is brought forth by the Word of God. This Word is alive and full of power. It was in the beginning with God and is God and He became flesh and dwelt among us. It is by this Word, which God said would not return unto Him void but would complete all that He sent it forth to accomplish (Is. 55:11), that the seed is made manifest as the sons of God. This Word is stablished firm and sure eternal in the heavens (Ps. 119:89). The fact that all has been completed stands as the wonderful testimony which is everlasting founded forever and will not decline that each child of grace possesses and is blessed (Ps 119:2). Each that has the testimony, keeps the commandments of God with their whole heart because He has put His Spirit within them and causes them to walk in His statutes. They are all partakers of that New Covenant. They rejoice in the testimony, they speak of it in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in their heart before God. They know, love and mediate upon His testimony and delight after it.

This is the inheritance of Jehovah. It is based upon His eternal love and His immutability, therefore the sons of Jacob, whom I have loved, are not consumed (Mal. 3:6). None but the eternal seed have access, part or desire in this inheritance and none but the children have it. The seed of man is rotten (Joel 1:17) and the seed of righteous works is corrupted by God (Mal. 2:3). All flesh is grass and the glory of man like the flower, they cannot endure. But the Word, by which the gospel is preached unto you, endures forever (I Peter 1:25).

May the Spirit give us understanding and peace.
Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
September 4, 2011