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Psalm 19:10

“More to be desired are they than gold, yea than much fine gold: sweeter also that honey and the honeycomb.”

The desire of the attributes mentioned in the previous verses belong only unto Jehovah. They have nothing to do with Adam or his protege. The desires of Adam are for the things of the earth and he has neither the appetite nor the ability to appreciate, let alone desire, the things of God. God has revealed Himself and the power of His Godhead to all flesh and there is not a descendant of Adam who is without excuse before Him. He has demonstrated His grace, mercy and long suffering upon all and yet without the eternal seed within, there is no understanding. In the garden, before Adam took the fruit and ate, he was without the knowledge of good and evil. He violated God’s word and disobeyed His commandment not knowing good or evil. Then as soon as his eyes were opened and he became like unto God, he did not seek the forgiveness of God, nor did he request an audience with Him to confront the problem and find a means of resolution. NO, as soon as Adam knew good and evil, his desires were upon the things of this world. He fashioned a fig leaf apron in attempt to cover his nakedness, he tried to hide himself from the presence of God and then he blamed God and the woman that He gave to him in an attempt to exonerated himself. Adam, the father of us all, had no desire for the Law, Testimony, statutes, commandments, fear or judgments of Jehovah and no is the nature of all his children. Man does not seek after God, he seeks after his own glory and worth so to discuss how that the things of God should be desired by man is complete futility. There is not a one who seeks after righteousness or understands justice and the ways of God and it is presumptuous arrogance to try to instruct a son of Adam that he should desire the pure, Holy, clean, eternal truth and righteousness of Jehovah.

However, for one who has been born from above there is an inherent characteristic of the divine nature that causes the child of grace, born from above by the Spirit of Holiness, to hunger and thirst after righteousness. The fullness of the Godhead dwells in the chosen vessel for the seed has been hewn from that great Rock and that Rock is Jehovah. The nature, essence and character of Jehovah is demonstrated in His law, testimony, statutes, commandments, fear and judgments of Jehovah and the child is the same as the Father. The Father, being eternal and having His seed in Him, causes the seed that should serve Him to walk in the light of Jehovah by the Spirit that dwells within and the sons of God delight after the Law of God after the inward man. Adam has no right, nor portion nor memorial.

Not only does Adam have no part in the perfect Holiness of Jehovah, but he despises the very existence of it. God has revealed Himself in His creation and given inexcusable proof of the power of His Godhead. And when man knew God, he glorified Him not as God, neither was he thankful unto God for all His mercy kindness and blessings. Adam changed the glory of God into the image of man, birds, beasts and creeping things and in the vanity of his imagination, his foolish heart (one without wisdom) was darkened and he professed himself wise. “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient” (Rms 1:28). And so the natural man, after the seed of Adam, not only does not desire the things of God but he despises them and dismisses them as foolishness.

The desirableness of the characteristics of God are far greater than the brilliance and splendor of gold. It exceeds the glory to such an extent as if the first had no glory at all and to refine that first glory to make it shine brighter does not compare with the dimness of the latter. Refinement of gold represents perfection, morality, superiority and strength and to take the nature of Adam, in all his glory, and shine it up, is to wash, polish and high buff the pit from whence you were dug. Adam came forth from the dust of the earth and nothing of the earth can improve upon that condition. He minds the things of the earth, is drawn away after the lusts and desires of the flesh and is in bondage to the week and beggarly elements of this world. He has no power in himself nor any desire within his breast to rise above the limitations of the tabernacle of Edom and in that dwelling he attempts to be like the most high. Only the incorruptible seed, which does not commit sin, can and does long after the things of his Father for in them he lives and moves and has his being.

They are also more desirous than honey. Honey is made from the pollen of the flower. The bees collect the pollen and it is converted to that sweet and sumptuous delicacy that will restore the health of man. But all flesh is grass and the flower is the glory of man (Is. 40:6). It cannot endure, it is temporal and when God breaths upon it, it fades ways. (Ps. 103:15; James 1:10f & I Pet. 1:24) and when the Spirit of Jehovah presents Himself to it, it withers and dies. Even though the sweetness of the glory of man flows and drips like the honey from the honeycomb, there can be no comparison to the glory and beauty of the nature of Jehovah. When Moses approached unto the mount the glory of God permeated his flesh and it shone to the extent that the people were afraid of him. Yet the flesh of man could not retain the glory of God and it faded away. So in comparison, which indeed there cannot be, the greatness, slender and beauty of the person of Jehovah is incomprehensible and undistinguished to Adam but the desire of the heart for one who has been born from above.

“Moreover by them is thy servant warned and in keeping of them is great reward ” (11)

One who is a child of promise has the testimony of Jesus Christ and keeps the commandments of God, so this is not an admonition for the keeping anymore than it is a way to become a servant. One who is born from above is the bond servant of God and with a heart made willing and able by the indwelling of the Spirit of the Most High God, they are instructed, trained, taught and guided by the nature and essence of the Godhead. They do not keep these laws of God in order to be blessed by Him for obedience they are blessed to be obedient and to walk according to the statutes which He has written upon the heart of flesh that He has placed within them. The great reward is not something that they hoped to get someday when their works are measured against the standard of God, as is taught today, but rather has already been applied to those who have overcome this world by the faith of the Son of God who loved them and gave Himself for them. These are given to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. They shall not be hurt in the second death, but shall eat of the hidden manna, be given a white stone and a new name which NO MAN can know. They shall have power over the nations and be given the morning star, be clothed in white raiment (which is the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ) have their names written in the Lamb’s book of life and Messiah shall confess their new name before the Father and His angels. He shall make them a pillar in the dwelling place of God and they shall no more wonder for He will write upon them the name of God, the name of the city of God, which is the new Jerusalem which has come down from the sky and this shall be a new name which He shall proclaim. Finally, to those who have overcome all things because he has fought the battles and won the victory, He shall give unto them to be seated together with Him IN His Father’s throne (Rev. 2 & 3). These are not things that have not happened yet for He has blessed all His children with spiritual blessing and caused them to be seated together with Him in the heavenlies (Eph. 2:6) but rather they are finished and shall be made manifest when time shall be no more.

The children of the King hunger and thirst after the doctrine of Jesus Christ and while they have been made subject to the vanity of the flesh, they look forward to that day when the tabernacle of this dwelling be dissolved and they shall be clothed upon with that building not made with hands eternal in the heavens. God promised the nation of Israel a land flowing with sour milk (cheese or butter) and honey. Milk is made from the chewing of the grass and the honey from the flower thereof the book was sweet to the mouth but bitterness to the belly. It satisfied the taste buds and pleased the flesh but it could not satiate the belly or the emotions and desires of the child of grace (Ezk. 3:2 & Rev. 10:9).

“Beloved now are we the sons of God”

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
October 16, 2011