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Psalm 19:12f

“Who can understand his error? Cleanse me from my secrets. Keep back thy servant from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me. Then shall I be upright and I shall be innocent of the great transgression.”

No one who is born unto Adam knows what sin is. We may be able to give a definition of sin as being the inability to measure up to the standard of the Holiness of God but Adam does not know what that standard is. Everything of Adam pertains to the earth and although the heavens declare the glory of God they do not educate man to the Holiness of God. We may be able to say that sin is the transgression of the Law of God and since the Law of God is perfect and complete any thing less would constitute sin but again Adam has no point of reference as to what perfection is. And lastly one might recite that whatever is not of faith is sin, but once again does Adam know faith? The only one who understands ‘the inability to measure up to the standard of the Holiness of God inadvertently’ (errors) is the One who created it for His purpose and controls it according to the good pleasure of His will. God is the only One who can ‘discern the thoughts and intents of the heart’ (Heb. 4:12). He alone knows where the hidden things (secret) of the passions and desires of man dwell because He assigned them their habitation and limitations. He, according to His Holiness, has given this nature to man in which ego, pride, arrogance and presumption infest every thought, word and deed showing man to be corrupt, frail and empty.

Therefore the writer cries unto Jehovah to acquit him of these faults and short comings and to prevent them from having the dominion over him. He does not set out to right the wrong or clean up his act. Rather he sets his plea before Jehovah God that he would not be obligated to the natural instincts and attributes of the carnal man. He petitions the King upon His throne that he not be a subject in the jurisdiction of pride and that, even though he inhabits an earthen vessel and has been made subject to the vanity thereof, the lusts and desires of that flesh would not have the mastery over him. This is what Paul spoke of to the church at Rome. He began by stating that since Christ died and rose again, death had no dominion over Him, therefore He cannot die again. He then demonstrates how this applies to the eternal seed, the elect children; “for in that He died, He died unto sin ONCE. But in that He liveth, He liveth unto God. Likewise reckon yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rms. 6:9ff). The only ones who are freed from sin by the death of the Anointed are they who are in Him from the beginning, through His death, burial and resurrection and upon these sins has no mastery. They do not live under the jurisdiction of and by the control of sin or the law (7:1). The villainy and wickedness of the nature of Adam does not rule and have dominion over the redeemed of Jehovah as He orders their steps in righteousness (Ps. 119:133).

But the writer also addresses the only source of power and authority to perform this matter in a pure and Holy way. He does not set forth exhortations to man to clean up his ways and seek after God, he does not lay down a new or expanded set of rules and regulations on how to live a righteous and sober life, but rather he stands before the Majesty whose kingdom is a kingdom of eternities and whose jurisdiction is in every habitation, dwelling, time period and generation (Ps. 145:13). When this One rules from His throne that His servants are to be kept from sin, even the secret attempts to be like the Most High God, His power causes His edict to come to pass, for where the Word of the King is there is power (Ecc. 8:4). When the Lord God Almighty has decreed His eternal decree, because His Word cannot change, then is the servant of the King, pure, perfect, whole and innocent of the great transgression that Adam and all his race stand guilty of.

When Adam took the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and did eat, his eyes being opened, he and his wife fled from the presence of God because they were naked. He presumed to keep this event from God as a secret. Then he attempted, now being like God having the knowledge of good and evil, to prepare a covering for them both and finally in all pride and arrogance, like unto Satan himself, he accused Jehovah of being the cause of this predicament. Father Adam, after the nature that he was created, assumed that he knew what was needed, attempted to usurp the place of God and tried to bring God down to the level of man a sinner. This is the in-born nature and ever present characteristics of Adam.

The child of grace is not of Adam. He is that seed born from above, born of Jerusalem which is from above and free which is the mother of all the elect family (Gal. 4:26). The edict from the throne of God and the nature of the seed born from above prevents, withholds and keeps back the servant of the Most High from the vanities of the flesh. Although He has made His servants subject to this corruption during the time of their habitation in the body of this death, yet His Word has freed them from the authority and made them more than conquerors through Christ which strengthens them. They walk, not after the flesh fulfilling the lusts and desires thereof but after the Spirit of Holiness and by faith, in the Kingdom of Jehovah whose dominion is for ever and ever. And for this all praise, all power, all majesty and glory be unto Him both now and forever (Jude 25).

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Jehovah my strength and my redeemer” Ps. 19:14)

When the Word of the King was sent forth it accomplished all that the King intended for it to do and He did not return unto the Father void. He said that He came forth to do His will and He finished the work in righteousness. Now is He seated at the right hand of the Father upon the throne of the Father ruling over all flesh (John 17:2) and there is rejoicing in heaven (Rev. 11:15-17). He has acquitted His chosen family, He has set them free from the bondage of sin and death and He has decreed that they be not brought under the obligation or the rule of the nature of Adam. Therefore they delight after the perfect law of God after the inward man (heart) and they meditate upon His ways, statutes and commandments for they are life to them and they sustain their souls. They all have the mind of Christ in them and they speak the same thing, which is praise unto our God. They are not boiling over in the passions of man, in strivings, contentions and disputes for they all seek the peace of Jerusalem. They have been made accepted in the Beloved and nothing they can ever do can separate them from that eternal love, therefore they sing that new song, the song of Zion. The world and all its religions attempt to persuade and convince others of what is correct both in doctrine and order and this is why so many disagree. The children of the redeemed are taught the truth by the Spirit within. They know the truth and have been made free by the truth. They live in the truth and by Him they have their very being.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
October 22, 2011