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Psalm 57:1

“To the chief musician, Al tash-chith, Mich-tan of David, when he fled from Saul in the cave.”

This time in the life of David is a wonderful example of the dichotomous existence of the child of grace. This Psalm is addressed to the “chief overseer, the superintendent” or “the preeminent one” in a plea to “not destroy the Beloved for his blemish when he fled in the cave from Saul”. To consider that King David had a blemish or a dark mark against him is to understand the nature of the children of Adam in relationship to the child of grace born from above. David fled from King Saul for fear (I Samuel 23:26) and hid in the cave of the wilderness of Engedi. Here three thousand men accompanied the King in his attempt to kill the man who would take his throne. Saul was not concerned with affairs of state, a balanced budget or the ‘gallop’ polls, he knew that David was to be the next King of Israel and he wanted him dead. Even though God had told Saul that it was His will that Saul no longer be King nor any of his children, Saul strove to change the prescribed course.

Now three thousand men in their most stealth attempts and training could never hide themselves in a cave. Sound is amplified so intensely in these caves that even the drop of water may be heard at great distances, yet David and his men hid undetected in the sides of the cave while Saul and his advanced guard took up camp in the front. Did no one check the cave for any harm that may befall the King? Where was his protection? And how is it that no one heard David as he cut off the skirt from the robe of the King? Saul must have been a very heavy sleeper for as David cut the skirt, the King slept. But this was not the blemish of David.

David was the youngest son of Jessie and when Samuel came to the house and anointed him with the oil and proclaimed him King of Israel, the action was witnessed by Jesse, his six sons and the rest of the house. At this point the Spirit of Jehovah came upon David and gave him a continual inward testimony that he was to be King (I Sam.16:13). The Spirit of Jehovah strengthened and taught David the art of war and caused him to triumph over his foes. He made him a leader of men and gave him to act and speak with wisdom. he drew out the hearts of the people after David and kept him safe for many years but now when the desire of the people tried to kill him, David was afraid.

Had he not felt the oil upon his head and heard the words of the prophet? Did he not slay Goliath and cut off his head with his own sword? Did he not hear the cheers of the crowds as they said, ‘Saul has slain his thousands but David his ten thousands’? What more was needed to remind this man that he was chosen of Jehovah? What was it that caused David to fear his deliverance from Saul and to hide himself in the cave? What is it that causes every child of grace to doubt and fear? Is it not the bondage of the corruption and weakness of the flesh? Is it not the inability of Adam to understand the hand of the Master as He causes His creation to unfold precisely as He afore ordained?

Belief is of the Spirit and faith an evidence of the indwelling Spirit. Man does not have faith for it is a gift of God. David’s blemish for which he cries out for mercy is the acknowledgment of the inability of Adam to trust, believe and be content in the ways of God. David cries out; “Be merciful to me O God, have pity upon me” because the life within manifested the death without. The communication of the Spirit is from faith to faith and is of spiritual things which Adam has no ear to hear. David is confessing that he is flawed after the flesh and in need of mercy from God

No matter how many mighty works and wonders are performed in the sight of man, the natural man cannot know the things of the Spirit. The ways of God are not the ways of man and even though a magnificent and wondrous work is performed in the sight and presence of natural man, yet shall he see but not perceive, hear but not comprehend and know but not understand the manifold wisdom of God.

“for my soul trusteth in thee”

The inner man delights in the law of God and upon this heart are the statutes and commandments of God written. Adam is of the earth and he craves the things of the earth but the incorruptible seed is born from above. This seed is the generation of Jesus Christ and is hewn from that great Rock. This is the seed that should serve Him and be called His generation. They knows the Father and because of the eternal love of the Father, they wait upon Him and trust in Him. If they are none of His then they are not in Him and their trust is in the arm of the flesh and the sustenance of this world. but since they are born of Him by the power of His Spirit they live move and have their being IN HIM.

The things of this world are seen and therefore temporal. That which is seen shall end when the time of this habitation is ended but those things which cannot be seen are eternal. They cannot be proven by the logic or powers of the flesh and are therefore understood by faith, which is the evidence of things unseen. The trust of the soul of the child of grace is not in the visible and tangible for these things are contrary to the Spirit. There is no peace, no comfort and no meat in this world that can satisfy the heaven born soul. The waters are bitter, the land is foreign, there is no food and there is no permanent dwelling place. This being, the inner man, has his affections drawn out after the things from above, that New Jerusalem which is come down from heaven wherein dwell the redeemed of Jehovah. Here is the truth, righteousness and the immutability of God that gives the inhabitants contentment, comfort and peace.

“yea in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge until calamities be over past.”

The shelter of the shadow of the wings of Almighty God is a dwelling place for the Kinsman redeemer. He has redeemed His people unto Himself and has promised them that Jehovah God will give them “full reward”, which is life eternal, because they have been made to trust in the protection and authority of His wings (Ruth 2:12). This is the dwelling place for those who are the “apple of His eye” who are concealed from the wrath of God (Ps. 17:8). Here is the everlasting perfect loving kindness of Jehovah who has loved His people with an everlasting love of old and “therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings” (Ps. 36:7) and because He has been the help in time of need for His elect family, “therefore int he shadow of thy wings will I rejoice” (Ps. 63:7).

This loving-kindness is what was spoken of when Jesus rebuked Jerusalem. He said, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem that killed the prophets and stoned them that were sent unto you, how oft I would have gathered thy children as a hen gathers her chickens under wing, and ye would not” (Matt. 23:37). Man who is born of the dust of the earth and the seed of the serpent does not desire the protection of God and he rejects the overtures of peace and forgiveness which the long-suffering of God afforded him. They are condemned for before the foundation of the world, created as wicked reserved unto the day of judgment, dwelling in vessels outfitted for destruction which go estranged form the womb speaking lies therefore they do not believe, they reject the goodness and mercy of God and they will not have anything to do with His love.

A child of grace has the love of the Father. They love Him because He first loved them, therefore they cry unto the chief overseer for mercy. They know they are in need of mercy and they know that Jehovah God will send from heaven (not from earth) and will deliver them from the power of him who desires to swallow them up. The world hates the children of light and the prince of the power of the air desires to overthrow just one of the little flock, but it cannot be. Jehovah knows them that are His. he knows everyone for whom He bled and died and HE knows every sin of His people. No man can pluck them out of His hand for “God shall send forth His mercy and His truth”. The inner man is firmly established for he is built upon that Rock and the gates of hell cannot prevail against him. He is the church of Jesus Christ and although he confesses his weakness in doubts and fears, crying out, ‘Lord I believe, you must help my unbelief’, he knows that he will never be destroyed because of the mark of the corruption of this flesh. He knows that the Lord will never leave him nor forsake him and even though he is hiding in a cave fearing for his life, “I will praise thee O Lord among the people, I will sing unto thee among the nations for thy mercy is great unto the heavens and thy truth above the clouds”.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
March 3, 2013