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Psalm 60:6

“God has spoken in His Holiness, I will rejoice.”

The Word of God is not a book or a creed or any work of man. It is alive and full of power, equal in every way to the fullness of the Godhead. There are no idle words or misspoken phrases as God speaks according to His will and declares the truth. The fact that every word uttered by the mouth of Yehovah is truth eliminates the efforts and function of man for all men are liars. As God has eternally purposed in Himself, so has He decreed, as he has decreed so He has spoken and as He has spoken, so His will has come to pass. All things, whatsoever are or ever shall be, are accomplished by the power of His will which is in complete and perfect harmony with the purpose which He has purposed in Himself. Therefore this is not a phrase which speaks only of something God has said or will say and the reaction of the hearer but rather the continuous nature of the Word of God and those who have ears to hear;

‘God, who is eternal, has spoken His eternal Word, in His, ever perfect Holiness and I am rejoicing, I am dividing and I am meting out’.

The natural man of David is the logical subject of this situation if it were not for the fact that the natural ears of man cannot hear the Word of God. The limitations and weaknesses of the children of the flesh exclude any member of the Adamic race from being able to see the wonders of God, hear the witness of His creation or understand the testimonies of the signs and wonders He has interwoven into the fabric of creation. The heart of man is filled with the passions of exploration and discovery as the beauty of the Masterful hand of God is on full display in plain view for all to see; “Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, Whosoever you are that judges another” (Rms. 2:1). So if man cannot hear this voice of the mouth of God how then can this one be continually rejoicing because God is speaking?

There can be only one who is equal in the Godhead who can fit the description as presented here. He is the Servant of God who knows the Word, hears the Word and speaks the Word of God for He is the Word of God. He came into the world as that prophet who should come (Deut. 18:15) to proclaim the Word of God. Had He come to give forth His word then He would not qualify as a prophet. If He came and spoke in His position as the ‘eternal Father’ (Is. 9:6) then He would not have been the Servant of the Most High and if He presented Himself in the glory that He had in the Godhead, then he would not have been of ‘no reputation’ and humbled as a servant (Ph. 2:8). He came forth in the lowly form of a servant, born of a woman and made under the Law, in perfect fulfillment of all things written in the Law and prophets concerning Messiah. He is not only the living word which is the power of God unto salvation but He is the completion of the Word and the testimony to the truth in God.

This Word became flesh and dwelt among men in the demonstration of God’s love for His people of the work that was finished before Adam was created. The time allotted for the filling up of the sin of man had been completed and the time had come when the Deliverer was to be revealed. He came forth as the lowly servant of God and dutifully performed all that was ordained of old and when He gave up the ghost unto the Father, He declared, “It is Finished”. The race had been run, the work was made manifest, the blood had been shed and the Law had been satisfied, therefore His portion is with the great and His spoil is among the strong for by Him were many justified, for He bore their guilt (Is. 53:12).

Therefore, when the Father saw the travail of His soul and was satisfied, when He made His soul an offering for sin, then He raised Him up in an open declaration that He is the Son of God, but He was not alone. He came forth from heaven having His work before Him and His reward with Him. The seed is always in Him and whatsoever He does is for His Beloved. He laid down His life in manifestation of the eternal love He has for His brethren for they are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. Just as Adam could not deny his wife in the garden and became partaker of her sin, so the Beloved took upon Himself the sin of His Bride. Although he had no sin, yet He became the sin of His people in Adam, so that He should lose none which the Father had given Him, but raise them up together in Him. Then He declared His generation and the name of Yehovah in the land of the living, saying, “Behold I and the children whom Yehovah have given Me, for signs and for wonders in Israel from Yehovah of Hosts, which dwell in mount Zion” (Is. 8:18). This is the joy that was set before Him when He humbled Himself and this is the reward for which He is ever rejoicing.

“I am dividing Shechem and meting out the valley of Succoth”

Many have attempted to categorize the Psalms as ones that are ‘Messianic’ and then the rest of the Psalms. Yet if the body is one in the head as the Anointed Salvation of Yehovah is one in the Godhead (I Cor. 8:6) then that which is unto the head is also unto the body. He came forth having His seed, His Beloved, in Him and there was never a time when He and His beloved are ever separated, therefore they are buried with Him in baptism and raised up together in Him unto eternal life (Col. 2:12). When He divided the burden upon the shoulder (Shechem), He took away the burden of sin of all those who laboured and were heavy laden and laid His yoke upon them (Matt. 11:28f). He endured the contradiction of the sin of all His people and they each endure the same contradiction in themselves. As He has fulfilled the Law in all righteousness so they also keep the Law of God having the testimony of Messiah in them. As he has been justified through His faithfulness so they have been and as He has been glorified in the Father with the same glory that he had in Him before the foundation of the world so are His children glorified in Him and are seated together with Him in the heavenly places.

When the fullness of time was come, the decree of the Father was that a body be prepared for the virgin to conceive and bare a son. This body was flesh and blood and was the fullness of man, therefore He that was born of woman was the Son of Man. He was furnished completely with all things necessary to perform all that he came to do with the time and limitations of His habitations ordained of old. In other words, the Creator measured out all necessary components commensurate to the design to facilitate the purpose as He had decreed. He meted out the lowly booth (Succoth) wherein He would take upon Himself the form of a servant made in the likeness of sinful flesh; “for then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He Himself likewise took part of the same, that through death He might destroy him that had the power over death, that is, the devil” (Heb. 2:14).

The equality of this statement demands that each and every vessel which God has afore prepared, whether unto destruction of unto glory, has been precisely ‘measured out’ to fit the time of habitations, the labours assigned and the purpose for which God has also ordained their presentations upon the stage of time. Unto each of these He is dividing the shoulder and measuring out the lowly booths that the praise be unto His name and no flesh may glory in His sight.

He has also measured out the proper earthen vessels or ‘lowly booths’ of each member of the Adamic race. He has properly equipped each one commensurate to their station in life and the particulars of their habitations. Vessels of dishonour that have fashioned as the habitation of the seed of the serpent do the works of their father, the devil. These children of wrath have been reserved for the day of destruction where the worn never dies and the flame is never quenched. Vessels of honour have been afore prepared unto the glory of housing the incorruptible seed, born from above. These are the sons of God which have been created in Christ Jesus unto good works. They have an heart of flesh wherein the Law of God has been written and the Spirit of Holiness which causes them to walk according to the statutes of God. Their eyes have been opened to see the wickedness of this present evil generation, the vanity of the world and the vileness of the sin which dwells within the flesh.

Those who have the common experience of the sensitivity to the wretched man of the body of this death are enabled to bear each others burdens as they endure the contradiction of sin. They have the same fears and anxieties as they confess; “Lord I believe, help my unbelief” (Mark. 9:24) and they wrestle against the same thrones, principalities, power and dominions of the spiritual wickedness in high places. These have a common frame of reference because they have the same Spirit within. Therefore the love of the Father has properly outfitted these lowly booths with such as is needed to comfort one another with the same comfort wherewith he has comforted them in their tribulations. The reality of the true body, which is His Bride, is demonstrated in the manifestation of the local assembly where each member of the body supplies the needs of all others. Thus He has equipped His called out assembly for the trials and tribulations He has ordained for good, to them that love Him, to the called according to his purpose.

“Gilead is mine and Manasseh is mine”

Gilead is the ‘rocky region’ that is normally associated with the mountains and the hills. These natural landmarks are considered places of protection as a stronghold against invasion. They are places to be looked up unto from the lush and fertile plains where the crops grow and they are an ideal place to build a house to flee unto when the trouble comes. These all are under consideration in the declaration of Gilead for Yehovah God is the Rock of the salvation of His people, the foundation on which His Temple is built and the place from whence comes the ever present help of the Lord (Ps. 121:1). It is also the testimony of the corruption of man and the eternal promises of God.

The rocks and stones are a testimony to the landmarks which God has set as heap of witnesses to His people. They have been assembled by Abraham when he was obedient in the offering of Isaac unto the Lord. The testimony was given that the Lord would supply Himself, a sacrifice and indeed the Ram was found caught in the thicket (Gen. 22:9). Moses built a heap of the witness and called it ‘Yehovah our banner’ (Ex. 17:15) and Joshua took twelve stones from the Jordon River and set them up as a declaration of the deliverance of the house of Israel. He also set one in the middle of the river as a testimony to the mystery of the gospel and set one on Mt. Ebal (Josh. 8:30). Each of these natural ‘heaps’ stood as a reminder of the work which Yehovah had done for His people

‘Gilead’ represents His testimony and not that of any man. He set His testimony in the heavens and His creation manifests His handiwork. This testimony is to the decrees of God whereby He spoke and all things were created. They are witness to the fact that all things were settled in the mind of God before they were manifested in time. This is the Gilead of a sovereign God who does the pleasure of His heart and no man can stay His hand.

Gilead also is the other side of the two edged sword that proceeds from the mouth of He that is on the white horse. He came for conquering and to conquer and he has overcome the world. He set the heap of the witness between the villainy of man as Laban and Jacob met on the hill. Each accused the other of the deceitfulness and treachery that they had been accustom to and when the matter could not be resolved between them, they swore and oath; “Yehovah watch between you and I while we are absent one from the other”. The religious world has turned this into a benediction of sorts but it was intended as a warning between two thieves. This Gilead is the Lord’s for He ordained it for good. He caused the usurper to steal the blessing and then procure the birth-right. He sent him forth into the land of Padanaram where he met the unscrupulous Laban. Yehovah caused the lies and the deception which led to Leah being the first wife, the years of servitude for Rachel, the cattle the barrenness of Rachel’s womb and the fruitfulness of Leah’s. He brought these things to a climax when he sent Jacob away ion the night with Rachel stealing her father’s idols. These things did not happen by chance for they were all interwoven necessary elements of the testimony that “I Yehovah do all these things”

Manasseh is also His. He gave Jacob the son of his old age and gave him great love for this child. God gave Joseph the dream and the arrogance to proclaim it before his brothers whom God had equipped with anger and hatred. He caused Reuben to halt the murder and Judah to desire a profit and when Joseph met his brothers those many years later, he told them; You meant it for evil but God meant it for good. He was sold for hatred and raised up as the salvation of his family. This is where God caused the abundance and prominence of Egypt to be the back drop for the birth of his son whom he named, Manasseh; for God has caused me to forget the toils of my father’s house. Yet Manasseh is a paradox, for each time Joseph spoke the name of his first born child he was reminded of why he named him Manasseh. Thus all things connected with the experience belong to Yehovah God who declares the end from the beginning and calls those things that are not as though they had already been. This is the Holiness of God and His eternal testimony.

“Ephraim is the strength of my head;”

The strength of Zion is the power of God. The power of God is unchallenged as He does His will in the armies of heaven and gives the kingdoms of this earth unto the basest of men. His benevolence is because he created all things and has power over all flesh. He grants unto His people such things as they have need of and the testimony of the lily stands sure. God knows the needs He has given His people and He supplies those needs in the appropriate time for the glory of His name. No amount of pleading, begging or promising can curry favour with the Almighty. As He has equipped the earthen vessels so He supplies them for He is the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills and the Lord and giver of all things.

Ephraim is also a type of the mystery of the gospel. A child is born of a man supposed to be dead and a foreign wife but the seed remains in him. He is identified with his people in the trials and tribulations of the ‘great house’ and he is delivered from the one who is stronger than he just like the natural children. Ephraim is made like unto the first born in the blessing of Jacob for the abomination of Reuben (I Chr. 5:1) and as first born is heir of the house of Jacob.

But Ephraim is a land of two rivers also. He is a cake unturned and wholly given to idols. He is the abomination of natural Israel for in his abundance of merchandise he forgot Yehovah God and turned to Tyrus, Egypt and Syria. The natural nation of Israel is an empty vine and their house is left to them desolate and by the abundance of wealth and fame Ephraim is smitten, their root dried up and they shall bear no fruit (Hos. 9:16). The curse of Messiah is upon this fig tree and it shall never bear fruit ever again though the world seeks to make it into an international marketplace. It is withered and cast into the fire and the merchants of this world who have lived deliciously with her weep and wail for her destruction.

“Judah is my lawgiver”

The name Judah means ‘praise’ and so all that God has ever done or ever shall do is praise unto His Holy name. There is nothing that does not praise the Lord and though man tries to manufacture this praise in his song, his speech and his presumed worship the only true praise is of an ‘empty hand’. The only hands that are pure enough to be presented before the throne of grace are the ones with the names of the Beloved engraved upon His palms and the nail pierce sealing it as indelible. No one can change the names that have been written in this book and all whose names are in the book of life of the Lamb have eternal life. This book was written before the foundation of the world when the Lamb was slain and the sacrifice for sin was finished. No man can snatch any out of the Father’s hands and all that the Father gave unto the Son He has lost none but he has raised them up in the last days.

Though Judah had his tryst with his daughter-in-law wherein she proved herself more righteous than her lecherous father-in-law, yet he stands as a type of the children of hope. They do not praise God in their natural man or the deeds of his hands but all the works and actions of man are ordained unto the praise of God. He called all His creation exceedingly good when He finished His work in the seventh day and that includes the light, the darkness, the peace and the evil necessary for His purpose to be accomplished.

David is of the tribe of Judah. He is the young lion’s whelp who established the nation and defended it with passion. He is the crouching lion who waited for the prey and destroyed them with his armies and he is the old lion who was a peace in the land for all his enemies were under his feet. The scepter did not depart from the Lion of Judah until Shiloh, or peace came. This was Solomon the King of Peace. His kingdom was established of Yehovah as an eternal kingdom and the increase of his government had no end. This of course was only in type with the man Solomon but the fulfillment was in the King of peace the Lord our Righteousness. He was delivered up for our offenses and raised again for our justification. Therefore being justified by His faith, we have peace with God. He was born of the line of Judah and He stands as praise unto the Father. He finished the work of the salvation of His people by fulfilling the Law in all righteousness and he is seated at the place of authority (right hand) in the throne of God.

“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God, that you might know that you have eternal life, and that you might believe on the name of the Son of God” (I John 5:13).

The world wants assurance and the religious street hawkers demand the time and the date when you were saved. The testimony of Yehovah God is in an innocuous little lily but it stands tall in the rejoicing of His people who have been given all wisdom and spiritual understanding. They know the corruption of the flesh and how that the Spirit reveals it brighter and brighter each day. They know that this is the testimony of the Lord though the flesh fights against it daily. Therefore brethren consider the lilies of the field.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
August 9, 2015