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Psalm 62.

The heading of this Psalm states, “To the chief musician, to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David”, if I may be indulged to translate, it reads, “To the preeminent, to the rejoicing a melody of the Beloved” or, ‘A song of the chiefest rejoicing of the Beloved’. This is the song which John spoke of in the Revelation which no man can learn or sing because it is by the Beloved to His Beloved and for His Beloved. It begins with Only upon my God my soul has hope for He is my salvation. The natural man with all his religion may lip sync the words and fake the repentance but he cannot sing the Song of the Redeemed because he does not and cannot know of such things. These are conveyed from faith to faith and are taught exclusively by the Spirit of Holiness in praise to our God. He alone is my rock which is my fortress and my deliverance. This is the Rock which sustained 600 thousand Israelites as they wondered through the wilderness for 40 years, every day supplying life sustaining water in a barren wilderness. The same water that flows from within the child of grace (Jn 7:38) and from the throne of God and the Lamb in the heavenly Jerusalem (Rev. 22:1). This Rock is the foundation for that church in the wilderness, the church of the Firstborn, the house built upon the Rock fitly framed together growing up to an Holy habitation of God, the foundation of His church which the gates of hell cannot prevail against and the chief cornerstone which the master builders disallowed. He alone is my Rock. He alone defends His people and He alone delivered them from the wrath that was to come in those last days. Man attempts to cast down His excellency by delighting in lies; they bless with their mouths drawing unto God in pretense but they curse inwardly. Paul said he found that in his flesh dwelleth no good thing and that when he would do good evil was present. Yet it was not him but the sin which dwells in him, for he delights after the law of God after the inward man. So in the outward appearance none could tell these two apart for man looks on the outside but God looks upon the heart. Even the angels could not tell the difference between wheat and tares but he that is born from above delights after the law of God for it is written upon his heart and His Spirit cause him to walk after it. My soul only has hope in God, my expectation is from Him for He supplies my daily bread (though after the flesh I call it Manna) and He alone is my refuse from the storm.

Hear the conclusion of this as taught by His Spirit, power is to God and to you Lord is mercy. You supply every man all he needs to perform that which you have assigned him to do. Now that’s a Sovereign God! Therefore my soul has hope, rest and waits upon Jehovah.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes