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Psalm 65:4

“Blessed is the man thou choosest and causest to approach unto thee that he may dwell in thy courts. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, thy Holy temple.”

There is a most powerful delusion in the character and nature of Adam that is his daily motivation and the passion of all his children. It is flaunted and preached by every philosophy as the basic tenants of belief and carried about as the champion of will and might and the goal of every mans life. It is power. The power to know the facts, the power to understand the situation, the power to decide on a course of action and the laudable status to be obtained for making the right choices in life.

This insatiable desire and life-long ambition was given to Adam in the garden as God gave him dominion over all of His creation. He was assigned the labours of dressing the garden and keeping it when God set before him the edict of the two trees. God did not give Adam a choice, for the steps of his path had already been appointed, but rather God set before him a condition that was designed to prove him. God also brought unto him all the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heavens to “see what he would call them and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof” (Gen.2:19). Adam was empowered with the highest level of intellect that was ever in man and he was assigned the task of deciding what names should accompany each creature.

The power of decision is a God given delusion. He has sent to man this strong delusion and given them to believe this lie (II Tim. 2:11). God knew the course of action that Adam was to walk for it was precisely according to the good pleasure of His will as He assigned it to Adam. He knew what He had created and did not need Adam to inform Him of who and what He had created. He created the hosts of heaven and calls them by name, He set the earth upon nothing and established it’s course, He weighed the mountains and measured out the volume of the seas in the palm of His hand, surely He does not need anyone to tell Him anything. Yet He set before Adam the nature and desire to make choices and Adam acted accordingly. When Eve came to him and gave him to eat, he could not refuse but willingly chose to hearken unto the voice of his wife, to take the forbidden fruit and eat. This choice was not coerced of God and was not made under any duress. It was according to the will and nature of Adam as He had been created. It was in obedience to the logical conclusions of his cognitive abilities and in complete disobedience to God. He fell in the garden because he had not the mind of God to understand nor the power of God to obey. This is the Adamic nature, that law in the members that wars against the law of the mind of the inward man of God, born from above.

There is no blessing come from God that is in reward for conduct or as incentive to good behavior. The blessings of God are unto His people to enable and empower them to walk aright before Him and to keep His commandments. If one has not the royal heritage then they are remiss of the royal privileges. If they are children of the King then they live, move and have their being in the King and enjoy the blessings of that position. It is this select few, being too numerous for any man to number, that have the distinction of being beloved of Jehovah. They are the Beloved of the Lord, being eternal in Him and are therefore chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. Because of this everlasting love the members of this family are proven to be precious stones tried and approved of God.

This assembly, His Bride, His people, are blessed to walk before the King in the same love wherewith He has loved them and draws them (Jer. 31:3) and causes them to approach unto Him. No man can come unto Messiah unless the Father, who sent Him, draws that man unto Him and He has raised that same man, in the resurrection of Christ, in the last days (John 6:44). Since Messiah has been lifted up, as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so He draws men unto Him from every kindred, nation, tribe and tongue (John 12:32), therefore, Messiah and the Father are One.

Those members in particular of the body of the general assembly of the church of the first born walk uprightly before the King of glory in Spirit and truth because He has put His Spirit within them. It is the Spirit of Jehovah that brought forth the incorruptible seed into the habitation of this dwelling. It is the Spirit of God that conveys to them wisdom and spiritual understanding from faith to faith and it is the Spirit which causes them to ‘advance straight’ along the path that has been assigned unto them. These are the blessed of Jehovah who dwell in the courts of Almighty King.

The courts here are not outer appendages to the main building, wings off the formal gathering rooms or waiting areas for those who desire an audience with the King. The courts are an ‘enclosed area’ such as a walled city. It is a contained and protected area where only certain have the right to enter and remain. This area is a settled place of abiding or dwelling. It is not open to transient population, sight seers or spectators for only those who have the proper credentials of a royal birth right have access and only those assembled of the King may remain. The walls of this enclosed are of the dwelling of the blessed of Jehovah are salvation and the gates are praise unto our God. The walls are fashioned of living stones, the foundations are the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone. He is the Rock of our deliverance which is rejected of the world and accounted as worthless, therefore, the praise of God is in parched land (Sion) (Ps. 65:1) and it is accounted as foolishness by the wisdom of this world.

The heavens declare the glory of Jehovah, the firmament shows forth His praise. All of creation was formed to the praise of God yet this praise is not of the earth and therefore is not from the earth. God is Spirit and they that worship Him must do so in Spirit and truth and this worship is in Sion. Here the vow or covenant is performed, here the guilt is adjudicated by the shed blood and here the Bride, dresses in the righteousness of the saints, sings praise unto God. This is where the prayers of the saints ascend before the throne in the smoke of the ‘sweet savor’ and here the sin has been purged away by the sacrifice for sin in the end of the world. Now, being justified by the faith of the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us, we have peace with God and are

“satisfied with the prosperity of thy house, of thy Holy temple”

This is the spiritual dwelling place of Jehovah God which is His body. He was raised up in victory and His bride was with Him. She has overcome the world in Him and she is the consecrated dwelling place of God. He has built His temple upon Himself and the gates of hell shall never prevail against His house. This is the house of the first born with all rights and privileges of the royal seed. He was faithful above all the house as the one who built the house and all His children are faithful in Him. Therefore they abide in Him and bring forthe peaceable fruit of righteousness that is necessary to supply the needs of the brethren. This general assembly has been so properly and perfectly fitted together that it matures into the full measure of the stature of Her head as all the members dwell in the unity of the truth. Therefore;

“the pastures are clothed with flocks, the valleys also are covered over with corn. They all shout for joy and sing” (Ps. 65:13)

The pasture of the Good Shepherd is full of His sheep. They hear His voice and they follow Him. He is the wall around them and He protects them. He is the gate and the gatekeeper which is the going out and coming in of the sheep. He leads them in the footsteps of the flock to the shepherds tent where He feeds them and causes them to rest (Song 1:7). Here He has prepared a banquet table for them and His banner over them is love (2:4). He has removed the chaff from the harvest and made the valleys ‘white’, purged from all trespasses and sin. Every member of this exclusive flock has experienced a common deliverance from sin and a common contradiction of sin against themselves, therefore they can sing the songs of deliverance, the song of Moses.

They also can proclaim the joy of the salvation of Jehovah as they dwell in His courts. The word for this dwelling is from the root word that means the sounding of a trumpet. Since the voice of God is the sound of the trumpet and the proclamation of His Word is the sound of many trumpets; since the trump of God is the Word of God those who are blessed to shout the joy of His salvation dwell in the sound of the trumpet or in the Word. As they dwell in the Word, so the Word of Messiah dwells richly in them in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord (Col. 3:16).

Beloved brethren, “behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God” (I John 3:1).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
February 03, 2013