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Question on "The Banner of Hope" Vol. 7, No. 1

Dear Elder Chet,

Will you please elaborate on the first full paragraph on page 22, of the Banner: “This inner man is..... “

Does it refer to the Flesh of God, i.e., The Lord Jesus being Jehovah, the fullness of God will be Flesh?

And the last sentence: the Bride “shall see HIM in HER/HIS flesh.” Does that refer to the Fullness of the Godhead being both male and female in Flesh?


Dear searching and seeking Brother,

The inner man is that which is born from above. He inhabits the earthen vessel afore prepared for him but is not of this earth. Adam, like Esau, is the first born. He is of the earth and is sustained by the things of the earth. Jacob, the child of promise, is the second born. He is born of incorruptible seed by the power of the Spirit and he is sustained by every Word the proceeds from the Father’s mouth (Matt. 4:4). Just as Adam grows naturally by the nourishment of the bounty of the field, so Jacob grows in the grace and knowledge of His will (2 Pt. 3:18) by the things of the Spirit which are communicated from faith to faith. Adam is drawn away after the lusts and desires of the natural body while the inner man delights after the law of God (Rms. 7:22) and as the outward man perishes with the age and corruption of this world so the inward man is renewed daily (2Cor. 4:16) by the incorruptible Word of God which richly dwells in him.

Moses instructed the children of Israel that they must love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and might (Deut. 6:5). This is not only impossible for Adam to do but it would be repugnant to the perfect Holiness of God to be polluted with the hands of flesh. The heart of stone must be removed and an heart of flesh put in (Ez. 36:26). The law of God is written in the inward parts and the Spirit causes the inward man to walk according to the statutes and commandments of God (Jer. 31:33). The wisdom and spiritual understanding is imparted in the inward parts (Job 38:36) and the truth dwells therein (Ps. 51:6) only unto the seed of the woman, who is Jerusalem which is from above, the mother of us all (Gal. 4:26). Thus the children have the testimony of the salvation of Jehovah and they keep the commandments of God after the inner man (Rev. 12:17)

This body is not of flesh and blood for the blood is the life of the natural body (Lev. 17:11). When Christ arose, He did not have a body of flesh and blood (Luke 24:39). He arose with a changed body and He is the eternal life of the body, even His church. Therefore when His Bride was quickened together with Him and arose with Him unto newness of life, she had eternal life in Him and her flesh, which is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. Since the image of God is male and female, she was in her flesh and not another’s which is the same as His risen and glorified flesh.

Beloved NOW are we the sons of God even though it does not yet appear what we shall be, because we see through the eyes of natural Adam. But we know that when He shall appear, we shall be like Him. When the manifestation of the sons of God appears and the bondage of this corruption is cast off never to be recovered again, we shall bear the image of the heavenly. The seed has been sown in corruption (Adam) and shall be raised incorrutible when this mortality shall be clothed upon in immortality. We, if we are the children of light, are not seated in the heavenlies naked before the throne of Jehovah God. We have been clothed in the fine linen clean and white, which is the righteousness of Messiah. These are our outer garments and they the same as the garments placed upon Him when the sin and iniquity were removed (Zech. 3:4).

I know this is very brief but I hope this helps.
Your insufficient brother and servant in Christ,

Dear Elder Brother,

Thank you for bearing with me. I have a hard time bearing with myself,and it’s a wonder that you can. So, PLEASE forgive me, but paragraph 3 above is still difficult for me to grasp. I think I understand that Christ’s resurrected Body is a whole new Body. It’s not the same flesh He died with. Now, we TOO will have a new, different body in resurrection. But, is Christ’s new Body a Body of Flesh, and will ours be a new body of flesh, also? The part: “... she was in her flesh and not anothers, etc.” still has me confused.



No apologies needed. The Spirit gives us such food as He has prepared us to digest and it comes in the exact quantity necessary to sustain us.

Luke 24:33-43 indicates that the flesh of the risen Lord was not like unto the flesh of Adam. His bride is raised up together in Him and presently possesses the same flesh. It is not bound by time nor space and will not be manifested until the outer shell has finished the time of his habitation. This is the spiritual body not born of the will nor mechanics of man and it IS of flesh.

When God came to Adam in the garden, He prepared a skin for he and Eve before He excluded them from the garden (Gen. 3:21). Adam had fashioned a covering for them out of the leaves of the trees of the garden of God but God clothed them with ‘coats of skins’. Now Job knew that when that ‘hide’ was torn away (Job 19:26) yet he would not be naked before the Lord and stand condemned as Adam. He knew that when the skin was removed as it returned unto the dust it came from, he would stand in the flesh (skin) of the new man born from above.

When Joshua the High Priest stood before the throne of God, having become the sin of His people, Jehovah, being satisfied with the travail of His soul, commanded that the ‘filthy garments’ be removed and a change of raiment be given (Zech. 3:4). The sin of Adam was removed and the garments of righteousness applied. The same is the case for the Bride who,like Eve, was clothed upon by God with ‘fine linen clean and white which is the righteousness of the saints” (Rev. 19:8). She is adorned in Her wedding garments even though the time of Her habitation in the foreign land has not been finished and She is seated together with Him in the heavenlies. He dwells in Her and She in Him. He is adorned as a Bridegroom for His Bride and She as the Bride for Her husband in the flesh. Her flesh is His flesh and that flesh is neither a reconstituted, reanimated or resurrected Adamic flesh. The body prepared for Messiah was flesh and blood and it was like unto Adam, yet without sin. He needed no ‘coats of skins’ like Adam did for He came forth in the power of His will as the righteous servant of Jehovah. When He who knew no sin became the sin of His Bride, that outer covering of flesh and blood was polluted and needed to be laid aside. It was changed, not the Godhead within but the outer garments was changed. It did not return unto the dust for it did not come from the dust. Therefore Jehovah did not suffer His Servant to see corruption, yet it was changed from flesh and blood to flesh and bone and that not of this world.

The Bride does not change the corruption of the earth into incorruption, as many resurrection theories claim. The seed was sown in corruption (the earthen vessel) and it shall be raised incorruptible as it was in Christ and shall be at the end of the time of this habitation. Peter was awaiting that time when he wrote; “knowing shortly I must put off my tabernacle” (II Peter 1:14) and Paul knew that each child awaited that time when the flesh and blood of Adam would be no more and the manifestation of the sons of God would be made clear. This is the adoption, the redemption of our bodies (Rms. 8:24).

I hope that the Spirit will use this scribble I have set forth and that truth may be seen.

Your unworthy servant in Christ,