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Revelation 14:1

“And I looked and, lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with Him an hundred and forty four thousand, having His Father’s name written in their foreheads.”

This is not a representation of the crucified sacrifice whose blood was shed but of the victorious risen Lamb of God. And since He stood, risen, He must have therefore completed the work set before Him and have been manifested as the Son of God being risen from the dead. If He then be risen from the dead then He must have also completed the work and have lost none that the Father gave to Him. They were buried with Him in the similitude of His death in His baptism and must been risen together with Him for they are one with Him and cannot be separated from Him. Since they have been bought with the precious blood of the Lamb and sealed in their foreheads with the glorious name of His (the Lambs) Father, they must be His children, the seed that should serve Him and be called His generation. These are they which have the testimony of Jesus Christ and who keep the commandments of God. They are the subjects of the New Covenant and have the Spirit of God within.

But here it states that there are 144,000 who have been redeemed from the earth (14:3). This 144,000 is the same as was seen in 7:4 from the 12 tribes of Israel. But notice that the original 12 tribes are not mentioned and the firstborn of Jacob, Reuben, is not the first mentioned. The first tribe mentioned is the first tribe in the arrangement of the tabernacle of the wilderness. The angel of the Lord ascended front he east (7:2) and the first tribe in the east, the direction of the rising sun and the Risen Son of Righteousness with healing in His wings is Judah, Praise. All things that were done by the Lord were to the praise of the Father. The words He spoke the works He did and the sacrifice He made were not of Himself but were of the Father, by the Father and for the Father, and He came to do His will.

There are two tribes that are not mentioned in the list of the redeemed. This is not to infer that there were no children of hope in these tribes but that their names were omitted by the Spirit for the peace and comfort of the saints. The first one missing is Dan, the judge. Since Christ came and fulfilled the law in all righteousness and the accuser of the brethren was defeated and cast out, there can not be any more judgment. He who knew no sin became the sin of His people and therefore there is now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

The other tribe that is omitted is Ephraim, fruitful. When God created Adam He told them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. He never told His children, His bride, His church to be fruitful and multiply. Since He is the vine and His children the branches how can a branch cause the vine to multiply? The vine cause the branches to grow and to bring forth fruit and every branch that bares fruit He prunes that it brings forth more fruit. Every branch that has completed the time of its habitation and does not bare fruit, He takes it away. Joseph’s name is in the list because his name means added, and the Lord added daily unto the church such as should be saved, no man or his inventions.

These 144,000 were redeemed or bought back. The two aspects of redemption are to buy back that which was previously owned and to raise up the inheritance if a brother in the kinsman redeemer. The first as a business transaction could not be performed if the prior ownership did not come first. God said that all the firstborn that open the matrix were His. Not for anything that they had done but because they were of the house of the firstborn and they were to be redeemed with the blood of a Lamb. These 144,000 and the innumerable host with them (7:9), were the firstborn (14:3) who had been justified in the resurrection of the Lamb (Rms. 5:1) and they were without fault before the throne of God, being washed in the blood of the Lamb (1:5).

The second aspect of redemption is that of family. According to the commandments of the kinsman redeemer, one could not raise up seed unless it was to his kin. Anything else would be fornication. But to the family, if Christ be the kinsman redeemer of His people they must have always been His people or the purchase is invalid.

All of these redeemed sang the song of deliverance or the song of Moses. The song which extols the name of Jehovah, which the beast and the dragon blaspheme and praise the Sovereign Eternal God. This is the only true gospel and it cannot be sung in a strange land or to the captures of the vanity of this world. They cannot sing it, they cannot know it and they cannot hear it and to attempt to sing it unto them is foolishness. Only the redeemed of the Lamb may know it and they sing it before the throne of God forever.

“Here is the patience of the saints; here are they which keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (14:12).

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
December 26, 2010