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Romans 8:20

“For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of Him who subjected the same in hope”

When God fashioned Adam out of the dust of the earth, He made him subject to the parameters of the natural realm. Adam’s food was of the herbs of the field, his drink was the waters of the ground and his domain was over the creatures of God’s creation. God had fashioned him according to exact designs and specifications according to the good pleasure of His will and ‘programmed’ him to function according to the intended purpose. Man had no freedom of will to design himself or change any of the nature that was given to him. God gave him what he needed, withheld that which was not necessary and Adam performed exactly as he was programmed, just as The Almighty Creator had ordained. Therefore by nature man functions after the desires for the things of this world for the purpose of maintaining the flesh in his own preservation and the propagation of the species according to the time of his habitation and the limitations established for him.

God set him in a garden that He had prepared for him to meet his needs and to sustain him. God gave him the herbs of the field and the fruit of the trees to eat but forbade him from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (no, not calamity but wickedness). He assigned him a job as He brought the beasts of the creation to him to be named and He gave Adam dominion over all His creation. Man had no freedom of the mind or the will to relocate his habitation, change his lifestyle or refuse the work assignment. His station in life was perfect for this duty. Then God separated the woman from him, thus separating the divine image of God, and gave Adam an helper that was compatible and equitable for the duties that were yet to come. Man did not choose his wife or provide God with the specifications to fashion her. He was given this one who was ‘bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’ so that the ordained events must come to pass.

When Adam took of the fruit from the hand of Eve, he ate it freely in that no one forced it down his throat contrary to his will. He wanted the fruit, listened to the voice of his wife and followed the desires of his appetite in complete disregard for the command of God and in complete obedience to the will of God. By this demonstration of the natural inability to measure up to the standard of the Holiness of God, which is as eternal as the law it pertains to, entered into the world upon all the posterity of Adam and death, the separation from God, by that sin. Therefore all men are subjugated to the lusts of the flesh, the inability to measure up to the standard of the Holiness of God and the separation from His presence. Adam had no freedom of will to refuse to prevent the deception of Eve by the serpent, to ignore the overtures of his wife when she gave it to him to eat or to refuse to perform the deed. And when God dispatched them from the garden He placed man under the obligation of the bondage of eating his bread by the sweat of his brow.

This is the pattern and standard wherein all mankind abides. We eat and are not filled. We drink and are soon thirsty. We sleep and desire the next nights slumber. If any has the freedom of the will to oppose these forces let him refuse to eat, drink, sleep and breathe and let him design the time of his habitation and the freedoms thereof. This is not lofty theology or high minded sentiments to ponder; these are the facts about all who are born after the flesh and were formed from that lump of clay.

But the Master Potter fashion two vessels from that same lump. One is unto honour and glory and the other is unto wrath and destruction. Both are alike in the weaknesses and natural subjugation and from the outward appearances no one could tell them apart anymore than one could identify which five virgins were wise and which were foolish until the end when the light was revealed. Both are also in bondage to their inherent inability obey the commandments of God, walk by faith according to His ways and to love the brethren of the Holy seed. It is only when that seed is born of the Spirit, born from above that the distinction becomes evident. The manifestation is not for the natural man to see and recognize for he cannot receive the things of the Spirit neither can he know them. It is manifested at the time appointed of the Father and testified to by the witness of the Spirit within from faith to faith. This witness identifies the seed as the children of God, mortifies the deeds of the flesh, quickens the mortal body and frees them of the dominion of sin. It also reveals a contradiction of sin against itself and the warfare becomes evident. Though this one has been separated from his mother’s womb by the sanctification of the Spirit, being born anew, yet in the fullness of time the Spirit testifies to the sin within the natural members that wars against the law in their mind.

Many of today’s well meaning religionists have ventured an idea that one can rid themselves from this bondage of corruption by surrendering these sins and vices unto Jesus. This would then give then the victory over sin and enable them to live a victorious life. But Paul wrote, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (and not spirit press) that this subjugation was CAUSED by the same one who gave the subjects of this condition, hope or the earnest expectation. Since hope is something that man cannot see and the substance of faith then the making of the creature (that new creature in Christ Jesus who became partakers of the flesh and blood and the sin of Adam) subject to vanity is the same one who created the vessel that the sons inhabit. God has determined that it is GOOD, RIGHTEOUS and HOLY that His children be made subject to the worthlessness of the things of this world, the lusts of the flesh, the pride of life and the lust of the eyes, while never being tainted by it, no not even to the smell of the smoke form that fiery furnace, that His children shall live by the evidence of that which cannot be seen and be sustained in the expectation of the glorious liberty which shall be revealed.

The worlds religion is identified by the logic and reasoning of man. Freedom of mind and will gives man the ability to set forth the works and accomplishments of his hands so that he may appease his rendition of God and impress him with his works. This humiliation of the children by the perfect will of God is opposed by religion and cast aside as being archaic and abusive to the intelligence of man. Yet the Spirit reveals that it is necessary and profitable for the creature as he waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, for when He shall appear, we shall be like Him. This earnest expectation is essential to the children of God and it is for good because we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to the called according to His purpose.

So then dear brethren, whatsoever state you are in is for GOOD as ordained of the Father. It is He who knows the His plan, His ways and his purpose and He works all things after that same purpose. The condition we find ourselves in is not pleasant or glorious or comfortable but it is the place that the Father has assigned for us to be in and as Adam could not change his station neither can we for we are saved by that earnest expectation which cannot be without the affliction of the subjection to the weakness and vanity of the flesh.

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
November 6, 2011