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Romans 9:14

“What shall we say then, is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.”

The mere idea that there could be any blemish upon the name and work of God is unthinkable yet many call this the necessary conclusion of the doctrine of the election according to grace. The idea that God has, before the foundation of the world, eternally decreed, willed and enacted the election of a remnant and has bestowed upon them His love, mercy and grace, infuriates the majority of religious minded people. Yet Paul has stated, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that before the birth of Jacob and Esau and before either had performed or even intended to perform any act of good or evil, that God had fixed His love upon Jacob and His hatred upon Esau. And not only this but He had blessed Jacob, with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies and had hardened the heart of Esau against Himself. This is where the accusation of injustice arises.

Not to many people will cast forth this anathema against God for His love and mercy towards Jacob. There is not to much commentary that speaks to the fact that God has delivered Jacob even though he did not want it, seek it or ask for it, but the same cannot be said for the opinions about Esau. God, as is falsely concluded, has condemned Esau without even giving him a chance to seek the forgiveness of God and solicit His mercy and this is normally followed with the hypothetical question that begs forth, ‘You mean to say that God would not save Esau even if he asked for it?’. Herein the conclusion of injustice is cast forth, not against God directly, but against the doctrine of the sovereignty of God.

Let it be firmly established and concluded that there can be no injustice with God. His righteousness is the same as His truth, His Holiness and His purity. If there were one iota of blemish in any area of His Holiness then He would not be Holy. Just as Jesus told the leaders of Israel, if you offend in the smallest of points you do violate the entire Law of God. All the works of God are justice and truth, His name is Faithful and True and He is the Way the Truth and the Life. He could no more violate His perfection and Holiness than He could deny Himself. His will is as eternal as He is and the power of that will is what causes all things whatsoever to come to pass. His love is eternal and is settled in the covenant of the Godhead upon all his chosen people for their deliverance, redemption, cleansing and resurrection. His Law is eternal and pure and the violation of it is called sin. All who have been born of Adam are guilty of sin in Adam and Adam is guilty of the commission of sin as ordained of God. God created all things according to His purpose which He purposed in Himself. He created all things for Himself and properly equipped each passive participant of the creation to accurately and completely perform exactly what was assigned unto them. He set each member of the created family in a proper habitation and assigned a station in life for them, a labour to occupy them and a course for them to walk. Then he empowered each one to complete every jot and tittle that was assigned unto them without any possibility of failure, thus causing them, both Jacob and Esau, to walk according to the good pleasure of His will.

To the one He prepared a vessel of clay that was suitable to house the wicked seed of Satan which He had created and reserved unto the day of destruction. This vessel was outfitted to be destroyed. He established the ways of these wicked ones to go forth from the womb speaking lies. He made their feet swift to shed blood, made them delight in the vanities of this world and delivered them over to a reprobate mind so that they could not find out the things of God by searching. And He called this creation good and rested on the seventh day.

To the other He prepared a vessel from the same lump as the first and prepared it for the glory of receiving the incorruptible seed which was born from above. He swept and purged the leaven from within and set His seal on it to identify it as the habitation of the sons of God. He ordained that they should walk and maintain good works. He set a course of rising ups and falling downs for them in trials and tribulations without any possibility of failure. He established each step of the way during the time of the habitation being empowered by the good pleasure of His Holy will.

Now if God has purposed to perform this in the power of His will can it be imagined that there is something which is not done? Or can it be imagined that He has done something which He did not first desire to do? Or that he shall not perform all the intents of His heart? His will is as immutable as His love and His power, therefore He cannot change and the sons of Jacob are not consumed. How then could it be inferred that He desired to bring many sons into glory or to condemn the seed of the serpent to eternal judgment and had set forth the plans and procedures to perform this masterful work but had not the power to perform it. What kind of God would that be? So He must have purposed in Himself to love one and hate the other based solely upon the good pleasure of His will and then by the power of that will caused all things to come to pass. So where is the injustice?

If God desired to show forth His power and to declare His name throughout all the land and the means for this was established to be through a vial and tyrannical man as a type of Satan, He MUST of necessity first raise this man up to the place where His will can be properly performed and His judgment brought to bare upon this subject of hatred. Thus He did with Pharaoh as He both completely outfitted him for the job, endured with much long-suffering to cause him to walk the path ordained for him. Can this be grounds for an accusation of injustice? And what if God ordained that a band of wicked hands should be gathered together for the purpose of slaying the Lamb of God, is God to be charged with injustice?

But no one will accuse God of injustice when He, willing to make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, according to that same power and will, performs all things after His love for His children, working in them both to will and to do His good pleasure. In justice cannot exist in God. All His works are completely in accordance with His will and fall out precisely as He intended including the sins of man and the wickedness of Satan and his seed.

Man has no right to raise any aspersion against the throne of God calling His ways unjust when he has not the mind of God nor know His ways. God is seated in the heavens because His work is done and has been since the foundation of the world. He rules over all of His creation as His will is performed each and every moment of the day and all to His glory and honour. Let feeble man raise his crippled polluted hand in the form of a fist and cry out against the ways of God calling what he will. Our God has created all things by Himself, for Himself and through Himself. He is the author and finisher of all things and His children sing the praises saying, “We give thee thanks O Lord God Almighty, which art and wast and art to come, because thou hast taken to thee thy great power and hast reigned.” (Rev. 11:17)

“What then shall we say, unrighteousness in God? It cannot be”

Your servant in Christ,
(Elder) Chet Dirkes
July 31, 2011