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Dear ________,

I do hope I am not intruding but I have had some continuing thoughts on the questions you posed. I know when one asks a question there is a normal expectance of an answer. I also know that I can ramble on at times and never come to the point.

You asked about the reality of freedom from sin. The neo groups of today's psuedo-christian movements have developed a great system of exhortations and admonishments that strive to give one 'victory' over sin and thereby live a 'victorious chistian life'. Frankly I would not pollute the stable floor with such filth. Nowhere in the scriptures do these concepts appear as I think you are well aware of. Yet like the Egyptian taskmasters of old, the juggernaut of carnal religion rambles on crying, "up ye be idol. Make ye brick without straw and let not the tally suffer". Human nature is akin to this and follows along thinking itself righteous. Notice well that the first thing that Adam did after he obtained the knowledge of good and evil by partaking of the fruit was to do something. He first fashioned coverings for he and Eve and then he hid himself. The Adamic nature, dead in trespasses and sin is a workmonger and has been from day one.

Sin, by definition, is the inability to measure up or hit the mark. This can be found in any Hebrew lexicon. Actions as described in the scriptures such as lasciviousness, concupiscence, idolatry, adultery, murder, seditions, strife, heresies ...etc... are proof of sin, but sin is the transgression (inability to measure up to the requirements) of the law (and no not Mt. Sinai. The tablets of stone with the handwriting of ordinances were given to manifest the inability of man to keep God's Holy law. And notice well that before Moses gave the law to the people of Israel he broke the tablets of stone, proving that man could never keep it, for by the work of the law shall no flesh be justified). And whatsoever is not of faith (the evidence of the Spirit of life) is unable to measure up to the Holiness of God's law. Adam was created with this inability. I know that sounds hard but consider that if Adam had the ability to obey God then free will is sovereign. For Adam, without the knowledge of good or evil, chose, of his free will, to go contrary to the way and the intent that God had made him. Since God created him with the power to obey, for which He said it was good, Adam demonstrated his power over God and did that which was evil. Such reasoning flies in the face of the integrity of the sovereign being and impugns His Holiness. If this doctrine is correct then why was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world? Because God looked down and saw that Adam was going to disobey and made His plans accordingly? Not so! For then God's word did not stand but rather man's actions dictated creation. God did not call those things which are not as though they already had been, man's free will dictated how things should be and God lied when He claimed that right to Himself. And if it were so, what kind of God, who could have stopped Adam yet did not, but rather allowed the vileness and corruption of sin to enter into this world that He created and set judgment against His only Begotten? That is blasphemous and is readily available at the deli counter of you local religious society.

No, God created Adam without the ability to keep His law so that NO flesh could glory in His sight and by Adam's actions, sin entered into the world and passed to all his posterity, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Thus sin ruled, reigned and had dominion over all flesh. Man wallowed in the cesspool of wickedness and he saw nothing wrong with it but rather enjoyed it (Jer. 5:31) for it was according to his nature. Only the precious blood of the Lamb of God could redeem His chosen vessels from the curse of sin, which is death, and make them accepted in the beloved. Thus when one is awakened unto righteousness (no not the new birth but as Paul put it, "When it pleased God who had separated me from my mothers womb to reveal His Son IN me") then and only then is there an awareness of what sin is and how sinful it is. The law, which is spiritual, is revealed and he that has an ear to hear, hears how vile and corrupt he is, in the flesh (for in me dwelleth no good thing) in the light of the pure Holiness of God. With an uncircumcised heart he now feels the conviction of unworthiness and truly knows, "Oh wretched man that I am!" Then he sees the conflict within, the warfare and the contradiction of sin against the Holy seed within, which is Christ in you the HOPE of glory. And why does this happen? Because ye are not your own, ye have been bought with a price, not with corruptible things like silver or gold (those things precious to man), but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ the Spotless Lamb of God. THEREFORE, sin shall have no more dominion over you. That's the reality of freedom from sin. It is not felt in the flesh, it is known by the Spirit. It drives the child to cry Abba Father be merciful to me a sinner (publican), depart from me a man of unclean lips (Isaiah), behold I am vile (Job), Lord help me or I drown (Peter). Only the living know such things and this spiritual understanding is evidence of reality. Consider, if one was still in the hold of the dominion of sin, would he have such an aversion to it? would it gnaw at him daily how that he cannot do that which he wants to do, which is praise his Heavenly Father? Those who live peacefully under the reign of sin are at ease. They sleep well in their beds of wickedness. While the child of grace can find no certain resting place in this present evil generation and longs to discard this mortal globe and go home. This world is not his home. He is a stranger and a pilgrim. He does not find comrodery with the children of disobedience nor does he find delight in the trinkets of the marketplace. Solomon said that all was vanity (emptiness) and a vexation to his soul. He knew it was better to dwell in the house of mourning than in the mirth of this world. The Lord has left in the midst of this world a poor and afflicted people (afflicted because of the body of this death) chosen in the furnace of affliction (the furnace of the refiners fire which purges away the dross and reveals the precious jewel within). We live in a wilderness where there is no water to quench our thirst for we thirst after righteousness. The only water for us is that which flows from the throne of our God in the New Jerusalem and is living water. We are hated by the world because it (they) are of their father the devil, whose end has come. They love the darkness while we have been translated into the kingdom of light.You will never find a carnal tangible proof that sin no longer reigns for sin still dwells in our members. But you will know with all wisdom and spiritual understanding that you are dead to sin. We are able to be obedient because He was obedient. We are faithful because He was faithful above all the house and He cannot deny Himself. We are righteous because His righteousness was imputed unto His children making them heirs, and joint heirs with Him. We die daily to sin and the lust and desires thereof by His grace and we live by the faith OF the Son of God. "What see you in the Shunamite woman? As it were the company of two armies." The body of this death and the treasure within, without spot nor blemish. Those who are still children of disobedience, without hope and dead in trespasses and sin cannot see such things.

I know I have rambled on. I pray that the Lord will give you discernment to cast out the wisdom of the flesh and feast on the truth of His word.

Your servant in Christ,
March 2006