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The below is in response to an article and teaching of a modern periodical. TA

Since ALL Israel shall be saved after the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled and the 'kingdom of God' be here on earth;

1) This must, of necessity, mean that Judas Iscariot, who was a devil from the beginning, would be considered a child of the election of grace = universal salvation, for if a devil shall be delivered, then ALL shall be delivered; for by what standard is the devil then condemned?

2) Since all shall BE saved, then when He (Christ) comes in to His kingdom (the kingdom of God here on earth) [doesn't that mean that the kingdom of heaven isn't His kingdom? And shall the kingdom of heaven pass away before the kingdom of God may come?] then shall the apostles sit on twelve thrones and judge the children of Israel. Shall a saved one be judged a second time? If Israel was included in the atonement according to the mercy of God Since Christ has endured the righteous judgment of God against the sin of His people, by what judgment shall 'saved' Israel be judged? Who shall judge the apostles since they ALL were of Israel? Shall they judge themselves? Shall they accuse, convict and acquit themselves? If so based on what?, since the shed blood was insufficient to deliver them from the wrath to come. How then stand the Elect Gentiles? Is their surety sound? If the Father saw the travail of the soul of His Anointed and was well pleased, why must there be another judgment? What words of comfort can be spoken then to the people of God (Israel)?, their warfare is NOT accomplished and Isaiah lied when he said he spoke the words of God saying, "Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people, saith your God. Speak comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her,"... (when I am done blessing the Gentiles I shall judge you a second time).

3) The saved Gentiles, who were 'aliens from the commonwealth of Israel', shall enter into the rest of the Lord, but the chosen people of God, that 'elect nation', shall spend eternity toiling the soil of the land of Canaan.

4) Sinners after the manner of the Gentiles shall inhabit the heavenly Jerusalem, whose walls, of precious stone, are salvation and her gates are praise, the streets paved with gold, the river of life flowing from the throne of God and the light of His glory shinning continually where there shall be no more tears and no more sorrow. The 'apple of His eye' shall have to win a war to remove the 'Dome of the Rock' mosque from off the temple mount, then build a carnal temple, by the arm of the flesh, with materials that shall rot and corrupt according to ordinances of the creation (perhaps they shall cover these 'week and beggarly elements' with gold dug out of the earth [adam]to preserve them) and shall have to attend to the handwritten ordinances according to the pattern given on the mount. They shall have to breed and slaughter sheep and set forth the stench of death once again lest they fall from the status of being the chose house of Israel.

5) The earth shall continue FOREVER, for if the promise was of this ‘terra firma’ then it shall continue from generation to generation.

6) Children shall be born in this kingdom for the statutes of the Lord shall be unto His people, each in his generation. If there were no more children then there would be only one generation. (Sounds like the condition of the seed that was washed and declared His generation in the re-generation before the throne of God when He declare, "Behold I and the children which Thou hast given unto me".)

7) Since the parable in Mathew speaks of the kingdom of heaven (13:33) and the same parable in Luke (13:20) speaks of the kingdom of God then, even if these are two different parables, the kingdom of heaven is like unto the kingdom of God. (since A=B then B=A)

I shall refrain for now. My head is spinning from such blasphemy against the sufficiency of the glorious purpose of the Godhead which He purposed in Himself and fulfilled in the fullness of time when He became flesh and dwelt among us. May God remove His children from such unprofitable vanities.

Your servant in Christ,

Banner of Hope
Volume 1, No. 1 - May 2007