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Crawfordsville, Ind., August 20, 1901.

Dear Brother Beebe: – The SIGNS for Sept. 1st came yesterday, and we have read it all and found much comfort in it. I greatly appreciate your father’s editorial; also Elder Durand’s article, as it is a clear presentation of the creature made subject to vanity, unwillingly, but in hope of deliverance. Many have applied this to Adam, strange to say; for he sinned willingly, and so do all his posterity in nature, neither are they subjected by the Lord in hope, but his dear children on earth are. I am thankful that brother Durand has showed this.

My wish is, that the brethren may liberally respond to your very liberal offer, to send the SIGNS to five persons for one dollar to the end of the year. There are many to whom the precious SIGNS would thus come as a rich favor, freighted with the truth as it is in Christ, and they would thereby be instructed, edified and confirmed in the truth as it is in Christ, and know how unfalteringly the dear old SIGNS maintains the doctrine of God our Savior, ascribing to him the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Of this I am sure, dear brother, that, could every Baptist everywhere, who is born of God, read the SIGNS one year, it would be greatly to their good, and to the promotion among them of unity in the Spirit, and the glorifying of God and his grace in their hearts. This would be a work of righteousness, and the effect would be peace and assurance in the faith and hope and love of the Lord.

Believing this, cheerfully do I hand you one dollar, to send the SIGNS to the five persons named, who do not take it, with the request and hope that they will then subscribe for it. I wish I could have you send it to ten or twenty persons, as you propose, and that I could persuade every one of your patrons and friends in the truth, who are able, to do likewise, for they would thus do a good work. Many of them will gladly do so.

The Lord, whom you serve in his truth, sustain and bless you, in this noble cause, so that in ministering to his “little flock,” you may also be ministered unto and your hands be held up. My heart assures me that it will be so. Blessed be his dear and holy name! Moreover, my heart moves me to say this to you for your cheer, my dear brother, that in all this world of sin, error and sorrow, there is not another band of dear spiritual kindred in Christ so blessedly, and truly united in heart and soul in the truth as it is in him as the loving family of God that reads the SIGNS. This is not said in any boast, nor do I guess it is so, for having traveled extensively among them, and seeing nearly all the Baptist periodicals, it has long been a joy to my heart to find that all the Baptists who read and receive the SIGNS are well established in the faith of God’s elect, trusting in the Lord Jesus alone for salvation, praising his reigning grace for it all, and dwelling together in unity, love and peace. This is the very best evidence that the blessing of God rests upon the faithful and precious SIGNS, and its best vindication from all that has been said and done against it. The SIGNS is on the Lord’s side. Its watchword is, “THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON.” It makes mention of the Lord’s righteousness, even of his only. It ascribes salvation to our God, according to the riches of his grace in Christ Jesus. It teaches the sacred obligations of the saved in Christ to “walk in love as the dear children of God.” It advocates no yea and nay gospel, but the gospel of full salvation in Christ, the Mediator of the new covenant, through his abounding grace to sinners, to the praise of the glory of his grace only, now and forever.

So, my precious kindred in our most precious Christ, let us with loving hearts and willing hands help our dear brethren Beebe and Chick to send the SIGNS into the homes of many of the poor in spirit, whom God hath chosen rich in faith, and it will help them after a godly sort to the joy of their hearts. “But to do good and to communicate forget not; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” God bless The SIGNS OF THE TIMES.

In fervent love to its loving friends, yours to serve in the truth,

Signs Of The Times
Volume 69, No. 22
NOVEMBER 15, 1901.