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Crawfordsville, Ind., Nov. 18, 1900.

Dear Brother Beebe: – Ever since reading your timely and excellent editorial on “Striving about words to no profit,” the desire has been in my heart to express to you my satisfaction and comfort in it, and my gratitude to the Lord and you for it, for it will do much good, and was a word spoken in season. My wife also very much enjoyed it, and we do not think anything could be more effective and suitable for the time. The Lord says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” This Scripture is being fulfilled among us. It does seem to me that the SIGNS was never more needed and useful than at this time, nor more true and faithful, and the Lord is certainly with you in conducting it to his honor and glory, in faithful maintenance of his revealed truth in the salvation of his people, and in instructing and edifying them in the truth as it is in Christ. How very sad and afflicting it would be for the friends of truth and welfare of the Old School Baptist cause, if they did not have the faithful SIGNS. Yet many of the so-called Primitive Baptists would feel a fleshly triumph in seeing it fail, no doubt, and some of them near here. But may the Lord sustain both you and it, dear brother, and my faith is that he will. Brother Chick is a capable and faithful co-editor with you, and his writings are excellent and appropriate. That on Worship was truly good. Then your father’s editorial on Absolute Predestination, in the same number, was as good as could be, and I am thankful it was republished just at that time.

I am thankful to see the defense of Elder Chandler in the present number of the SIGNS. I know him personally, and he is an humble, worthy and true minister of the gospel, but has been persecuted for the truth’s sake.

With thankfulness I tell you that orders for Priesthood have come in very encouragingly, with frequent expressions of approval of the work from those who have read it. So that I feel assured the cost of publication will be met in a reasonable time.

I hope you are in comfortable health now, and that the health of Elder William has been restored. In loving fellowship your brother,


Signs Of The Times
Volume 68, No. 23.
DECEMBER 1, 1900.