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A Beloved servant of the Lord, whose voice during his sojourn on earth often sounded praise unto God, pouring forth the doctrine of sovereign, eternal and almighty love, and the efficacy of the atonement of our Lord Jesus in removing all guilt from every soul for whom it was made. The little band of believers at Oak Grove, Barren Co., Ky., who often perused his writings and sometimes had the privilege of sitting under the sound of his voice, will feel thankful for the blessed privilege as long as life and reason remain. He was a minister of wonderful power and intellect, but we can only think of him as the beloved disciple walking so close to the Master that the beauty of the Lord our God was upon him. The peace that passeth all understanding gave to his face an expression of wonderful sweetness, and he made the religion he lived so precious, and so greatly to be desired, that all things of a worldly nature sank into nothingness in comparison or beside it. It is not that what Elder Bartley said was so different from what other ministers of our faith and order have said before, his peculiar charm of manner and speech, his abiding faith that with him Christ was in very truth a living presence; it was the grace of God in him. The most effective preaching is not always that which comes from the pulpit; it is that which comes from the lives of those who claim to be the people of God. Ye are our epistle, known and read of all men.

“Soldier of Christ, well done;
Praise be thy new employ,
And while eternal ages run,
Rest in thy Savior’s joy.”


Signs Of The Times
Volume 76., No. 14.
JULY 15, 1908.