In this set is a compilation of writings from Elder Daniel Parker. Included are his views on the "Two Seeds". I have made these available, not because I agree with them, but because not very many people have actually read them. Yes, there is a lot of and has been a lot of speculation and misconception about his writings out there, but very few people have actually either taken the time to read them or have had the availability of them to read. So, here is your opportunity to read his writings to make your own judgments and stop relying on what other people say. These that I scanned in the year 2006 were passed down from Elder J. Poole to Elder R. Lackey and then to Elder C. Dirkes who loaned them to me to read.

These writings were re-typed out in the 1920's by a gentleman named Ben H. Irwin. There are a lot of typographical errors contained in each of the letters. I don't know whether Elder Parker had the spelling errors or if Mr. Irwin did, nevertheless I have left the spelling of the words the same as it is in the copy that I have. For instance, the word "enmity" is also spelled "emnity" several times. The word "apprized" is spelled "aprized" as well as "aprised" throughout the letters. Also, sometimes two words were joined together as one word. I don't know whether it was on purpose or a mistake, but again, I have left them as one word since it was that way with the copy that I took it from.

I will warn you that he is sometimes hard to follow. You will probably need to read a section and then go back and re-read it to try and grasp what he is saying.

I do hope that you will find this informative at least. Again, let me reiterate that I am not in agreement with the writings contained herein, nor am I in any way promoting these writings.

In hope,
Tom Adams